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My married man.

 Lastnight I met up with this married guy I’ve been fucking for the past 4 months. We met up at our regular spot, I got out my car and climbed inside his.  As he asked me about my day, he began to spread my legs apart.. I shyly told him no being I had just came off my period but.. he ignored my plee and began licking the folds out of my pussy and sucking my juices in between. And making my clit his number one priority.
As the moans escaped my mouth,  I felt a sudden touch by my ass, once again I told him no.  He knows I’ve never done anal before, so he would add his finger in my ass while we fuck sometimes.  But this night was different. Even though I told him I didn’t want to, he told me my ass was his tonight. He slid it in with the help of his saliva and began FUCKING the life out of my tight and tiny asshole. I screamed in pain but it only turned him on more and seeing him turned on, turned me on even more. “BABY STOP, BABY STOP PLEASE, BABY IT HURTS TO MUCH” were the only words that could escape my mouth. It was insanely painful but at the same time amazingly pleasurable. At a point I tried to grab hold of his hand to make him stop but he just kept going and going! I cried out to him to stop but knew my cries only meant to keep going. He knows my body to well even better than my boyfriend of 5 years. 
I screamed out his name lastnight louder than I’ve ever screamed out my boyfriends’. He owns my asshole and he knows it. I can’t wait to break my asshole virginity to him. I’m typing this message while I’m next to my boyfriend as I am reminiscing about lastnight. I know he will never really be truly mine but for now I’m loving every second of it. 

I love your blog! Your posts are the reason why my eyes are always glued to my phone at work.. while I’m in my car , while i’m in the shower.. and while I’m my bed at night. ❤

– Wow, thank you for your confession. That was quite a story itsmydirtythoughts! But please, don’t read my blog while you drive, okay? I don’t want dead followers. Kisses and Love. 

Story Time With Slut ProblemsThe following sto…

Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from wordgasmic

Hey Jennie,

My new story.

One night high

Sria came back from a hike around the hill resort she was staying at. She walked past the reception and noticed a couple checking in with their kids. The wife was talking to the receptionist as the husband was looking after the kids. She noticed him checking her out as she walked past them. She was in track pants and a t-shirt, but even in that attire her curves were unmistakable. She decided to hang around the lobby reading magazines. She noticed that the guy couldn’t help, but look at her from time to time. 

Sria got up and stretched a bit, giving him a better look at her voluptuous figure. She talked to the receptionist about some random stuff and smiled at the guy’s wife. She smiled back while talking to her husband, that’s when Sria came to know his name was Rohan. He was reasonably fit for a father of two and the slight grey in his hair was incredibly attractive. Sria checked him out a bit before heading back to the room.

She knew she probably had a couple of days at least to tease Rohan. She went back up to her room and sat in her balcony facing the lawns. Soon enough Rohan and family checked into a room which was opposite her, she could see the kids running around in their room. She decided to get a little naughty, took her track pants off. She was wearing boxer shorts underneath, so it wasn’t very obvious what she had on her mind. 

But she knew one look at her legs and it would be difficult for Rohan to fight back thoughts of her naked body. She waited there patiently, staring at the hills all around them, checking her phone. Finally Rohan and the kids appeared in the balcony, he saw Sria sitting there and he couldn’t help but ogle at her. She had reasonably long legs with flesh in all the right places. She had put her feet up and her boxer shorts had gone up, showing her thighs a lot more than necessary. 

Rohan caught Sria staring back at him and there was a naughty look on her face as if she were asking “Do you wanna see more?”. 

He knew he’d be in trouble if his wife caught him staring, so he decided to get back into the room and stay there.

Soon it was night and Sria decided it was time to take the teasing to the next level. She knew Rohan wouldn’t be able to stay away for too long, so she decided to torture him a bit more. She took a long bath in the tub, just to relax. Once she got out, she stayed in her towel, with her curtains open.

 She walked around the room in that for a long time, she could have sworn she saw the opposite room’s curtain moving every now and then. She knew her teasing was working, she ordered room service and finished her dinner with a glass of wine. The look on the room service guy’s face was priceless when he saw her just in a towel. 

She then decided to take the towel off, she wore a checks shirt, leaving the buttons open and a red thong. She checked herself out in the mirror, her breasts dying to be touched and sucked, her ass waiting to be touched and caressed, her entire body hoping for a man’s touch and everything that came along with it. She came and sat in the balcony, for a while. There was nobody around, so she saw no harm in going the extra mile.

She came and sat in the balcony, pushing her shirt aside to give a good view of her breasts. In her heart she knew Rohan would be watching, so she touched herself between her legs. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them, trying to lick her erect nipples. She then ran her hand all over her body, touching on all the spots which turned her on, trying to imagine it was Rohan touching her. 

She then spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit, feeling the warm sensation build inside her. She was hoping he’d get the signal and make a move, for all the teasing that came his way since afternoon. She sat there playing with herself, getting wet, yet there was no sign of any movement in the opposite room or balcony. 

She decided it was enough for the night, disappointed that she wasn’t sexy enough for him and went back into her room. She was pissed at him for not making any move, after all not everyday you get a hot young thing playing with herself right in the opposite balcony to tease you.

After a while she heard a knock on her door, she couldn’t care less to cover up, so she buttoned her shirt a little and went to open the door. She opened it and before she could say anything Rohan pushed her back inside, shut the door and pushed her to the wall. 

“You were supposed to just watch and enjoy the show, not come barging into my room” she moaned as he kissed and licked her neck.

 "If you tease somebody like that, there’s only one result.“ he replied as he pushed her shirt aside and cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard.

 "What if your wife looks for you, what if we get caught” she questioned him.

 "I don’t care, I won’t be able to rest till I have you to myself" he dismissed her doubts.

 His hands were moving all over her body, feeling her up, touching her everywhere just the way she had hoped they would. He sucked on her lips, biting them gently as she sucked on his tongue. She pulled him closer and buried his face between her neck and shoulder, as he started sucking and licking, biting.

“Oh Daddy! Ever since I saw you this afternoon, I decided I wanted you at any cost. Please use me whatever way you want, don’t hold back daddy” she moaned as he dug his teeth into her neck. 

He propped her up against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding onto him tightly for support. He moved downwards onto her collar bone, licking and sucking on it, then making his way further down. 

Her moans were growing louder as he started sucking on her erect nipples. She held his hair and pushed him into her tits, as he licked and bit them.

 "Oh Daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad, please use me as your toy Daddy" she moaned. 

He took her boobs into his mouth, sucking and licking, his saliva making them wet, turning her on more and more. He put one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit over her thong. His other hand pulling her hair and hurting her as he devoured her big titties.

“Oh God! Fuck me already!” she cried out loudly as he continued sucking her pussy and rubbing her clit, teasing her more and more. 

She took off his t shirt and threw it aside, sucking on his hairy chest as he carried her and threw her on the bed.

 "You’re a rough fucker daddy" she teased him as he climbed on top of her. He made his way down from her tits, down to her pussy, teasing her with his fingers, rubbing it, before he buried his face between her legs. The first touch of his tongue on her pussy made her moan so loud, he was afraid somebody might hear them. 

He waited for a few seconds and then continued sucking and licking her, rubbing her clit as hard as he could.

 She was tugging at his hair, pushing him deeper moaning “Oh Daddy! Please fuck me, I want you inside me. I can’t wait any longer”. 

He lifted his face up and looked at her saying “Not so soon slut! I will have you when I want to”.

 He continued eating her out, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips wide, sticking his tongue deep inside him and tongue fucking the shit out of her. 

“Oh God, yes!” she cried out every time her clit throbbed at his touch.

He decided her pussy had had enough, so he got up and made her sit with her back to the headboard. He knelt on the bed placing his cock right in front of her face. 

“It looks angry and ready for me daddy!” she sounded so excited. 

He pinned her hands down and without any notice, started fucking her face. She almost choked on his cock at his first thrust, she somehow controlled herself and adjusted to his furious pace of fucking her mouth. Her eyes almost popped out as he hit her cheeks and throat hard, going harder with every thrust, her tits were bouncing up and down as her body shook vigorously at the pace of his face fucking.

 She wanted to say so many things to him at that moment, but she couldn’t as her face was trying to withstand the brute fucking his cock was dishing out.

 "How do I taste my dirty little slut, do I taste like you imagined I would, when you were out there in the balcony teasing me? Oh Yeah, I was watching the entire time. I saw what a slut you were being, teasing me so bad. I finally decided you deserved a reward for being a nasty little slut and here I am" he said looking into her eyes.

He fucked her mouth harder and harder while pulling her hair, his hands slapping her tits hard as he neared the explosion. He could feel it build up in his balls and he didn’t want to deny himself or her anymore. With a loud grunt he sprayed it all in her mouth and a little over her face.

 The feeling of his warm seed on her face felt like a just reward for all her efforts since the afternoon. She opened her mouth and showed him all the cum on her tongue before swallowing it. She then used her fingers to suck the cum off her face, not wasting even a little of his precious seed.  He lied down next to her admiring her as she licked every last bit of his cum, then pulling her closer and kissing her.

 "Oh Daddy, you taste so good, I wish I could taste you like this everyday. I will be your dirty little slut at work and suck you off below your desk. Nobody has to know, please let me be your slut at work daddy" she whispered in his ears.

He loved how kinky she was and before he knew it, she took his limp cock in her hands, stroking it, making it harder. He was slowly getting erect again and she licked his shaft from the balls right up to the dickhead. He started working with his fingers on her pussy again, the wetness still in tact. He rubbed her clit and fingered her a little, her moans starting to get loud again as his hands were working their magic on her. She was now stroking him hard, getting him ready for the final assault on her wet pussy.

 She was pretty wet too now and soon she was moaning “Fuck me daddy, please..Don’t make me wait any longer”.

 He finally decided to give her what she wanted, he got up on the bed and tried to bend her over on all fours on the bed. 

She stopped him and looked him in the eye and said “Not here, I want you to fuck me in the open”. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, we could be seen” he argued. 

“If you want to fuck me, then you gotta fuck me in the balcony or I can shout now, create a ruckus and have your wife screw your happiness”, she sounded naughty but he knew he couldn’t take any chances.

He took her hand and walked her into the balcony, bending her over it, entering her from behind without any warning. She moaned slightly as he covered her mouth so her voice couldn’t go far. 

He whispered into her ears “You are very dangerous, yet I still want you so bad. Tomorrow morning, we are total strangers. Is that understood slut?”. 

She nodded her head yes as he went deep inside her, all the way till his shaft was fully inside her. He pulled out slowly and thrusted harder this time, hitting her pussy hard, his balls slapping against her ass. He was squeezing her tits from behind as she was bent over the railing, his body on top of her, his cock inside her. Both of them were sweaty and panting as the cool breeze couldn’t cool down their hot bodies. 

He picked up the pace and was now pounding her as hard as he could, going deep inside her, hitting her pussy walls hard, making sure he reached every nook and corner of her. Her body was shivering with pleasure to the force of his stroking and she couldn’t believe what a slut she had turned into for an older married man.

She continued moaning muffled by his hands, his hands now holding her waist and just drilling her pussy like an animal. 

“Oh Fuck! Just like that, fuck me harder daddy” she moaned in whispers as his cock was hitting all the right spots inside her, the pleasure spreading through her entire body from between her legs. 

The sound of his cock thumping against her wet pussy filled the air along with her low moaning.

 "Oh Daddy, I want to fuck you every night you’re here, you’ll fuck me every night won’t you?“ she asked. 

“Of course I will, you dirty little slut” he replied now rubbing her clit vigorously. 

The double attack on her pussy and clit felt like a burden too much to handle as she could sense the climax approaching. She whispered “Daddy, I’m close. I want you to spread your seed inside me, I want to have your babies”. 

“Okay little slut , I will” he whispered back and picked up the pace more, now pounding her as hard as he could. 

Her hands on his ass pushing him deeper into her, her hair being pulled back as he bit her neck, fucking her like a man possessed. It almost felt like his balls could explode any second now, he kept up the assault on her pussy and clit, soon enough she cried out “I’m cumming” as the orgasm hit her entire body, leaving her breathless. 

Right on cue, he sprayed his seed deep inside her, finally letting go. “Fuck daddy! You fuck so good” she turned around and kissed him. 

“You aren’t so bad yourself little slut” he kissed her back, sucking on her tongue. They stayed in the balcony naked, sweating, breathless but completely satiated for the night.

– I love how you’ve become a regular contributor here wordgasmic! You continued to grow as a writer with each new story.

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Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from wildeness 

Babysitting Adventures Part 1

It was a cold night, walking to Elizabeth’s babysitting house that just happened to be in my neighborhood. Liz was my best friend, and first to get a job from the two of us, and she invited me over so we could play videogames because the kids were already sleeping. I looked at my watch and it said 8:45pm, it was still early. I told my parents that I would be studying, but they knew I wasn’t, I didn’t even bring my backpack.
“Be back by 10” is all they said. But I knew that meant at least 11. I was happy, but nothing had prepared me for what was about to go down.
When I got there, she told me she was texting with Josh, her little crush. They had been talking for a few weeks now, but nothing happened yet. They were talking about going to the lake to hang out on Saturday, but Liz was unsure if her parents would allow it. She liked him so much that she was considering inviting him over to hang out with us. I told her “do it!”
She asked him, he said that his parents said no. As the night went by, Liz and I found an open bottle of wine in the fridge, and we decided to taste it. We each had a glass, and we were surprised that we started to feel drunk. Neither of us had ever drank before, and this was starting to get really fun. We snuck in the master bedroom looking for interesting things, we had no idea how much of a freak these people were. In a drawer next to their bed, we found a vibrator, a huge dildo, a fake pussy, and lots of condoms and lube. On the other side of the bed, there was plenty of lingerie, porn magazines, and bondage toys. It kind of scared us so we closed it back up. But Liz wanted to try on some lingerie.
“You’re crazy!” I told her.
It didn’t faze her, she took her clothes off and tried on a lacy teddy with a thong.
“Oh my, I feel so sexy!” She said.
“You look sexy!” She did.
“Ok, now you try this on” she said to me and threw a one piece body suit at me. I hesitated, but Liz came close to me and slowly began undressing me. I couldn’t stop her. I began feeling hornier than I had ever felt before. We were both virgins, and having a little fun with each other wasn’t gonna change that, or so I thought.
After putting on that tight suit, my pussy began gushing juices like never before. Liz noticed, and we both giggled.
“I’m sure Josh would love to see you like this.” I said, as I took my phone and began snapping pictures of her. For a 16 year old, she was way ahead of the pack, with full size breasts and a perky ass, she filled those panties and teddy really nice. I was really starting to wanna kiss her, and she was enjoying the photoshoot.
“Don’t you dare send him any pics”
“Why not? Maybe then he will find a way to come over.”
“Well, maybe I don’t want him to come over anymore” she took the phone off my hands and kissed me.
It felt incredible. I felt things that I had never felt my entire life, and as I embraced her body wrapped in lace, I gave into all of those feelings and rode that roller coaster.
We fell onto the bed and kept making out, feeling each others tits and ass as we rolled around on the bed. I went down on her first, her pussy was clean shaven and so sweet to suck on. Her juices tasted amazing, and it pushed my hormones over the edge. I spun around and sat on her face, still eating her pussy in a sixty nine position. She went straight to licking my clit, and it almost caused an instant orgasm to erupt out of me.
Her phone began ringing. It was Josh, she ignored it. We resumed our fun, and Liz took the vibrator and handed it to me. I sucked on it to get it wet, turned it on and put it over her clit.
“Ohhhh” she moaned loudly.
Her phone rang again, we ignored it assuming it was Josh again.
I stuck the vibrator in her pussy, and she stopped me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“I’m a virgin, would this mean that I will lose it?”
“I don’t know, but isn’t it worth it?”
She smiled and let me fuck her with the vibrator.
“Ohhh, ahhhhh!” She was squirming and waving her legs around uncontrollably. I knew she was about to cum, and I licked her clit as I jammed the vibrator all the way in her pussy.
“Fuuuuuck!” She screamed as she came on my mouth.
Her phone kept ringing.
She had the biggest smile on her face, and then she rolled me over on my back and spread me open. She took the vibrator and began fucking me with it. It felt amazing!
She licked my clit while taking my virginity from me. Ohh I was about to cum when we heard someone enter the house. We both stopped and looked at each other not knowing what to do.
“Liz?” He called out.
“Oh shit!” She said, and began to take off the lingerie. I followed her, adrenaline pumping, heart racing, and just before we could get fully dressed, the man walked in the bedroom.
“What the hell is going on here?” He yelled.
“Ummm, I invited my friend over…” said Elizabeth, choking on her words.
“We Just…” she didn’t know what to say.
He knew what was happening. The drawers were open, and we were half naked.
“Get dressed!” He said.
She quickly put her clothes on, but I took my time.
I kept wondering if we hadn’t heard him come through the front door, he might have caught us tongue deep in each other. Would he have the courage to join us? I went far. I started to think about dropping to my knees and sucking his cock right there. Then have him fully take what was left of my virginity, all while Liz watched, or even joined us. Boy I was horny, and desperate to cum. He noticed how I was looking at him. As I finished getting dressed, Liz took my arm and headed out of the bedroom saying:
“I’m so sorry Mr. Hans, this won’t happen again!”
“Wait a second.” He stopped us.
“Are you a lesbian?” He asked.
“No, not really.” She replied, rather coyishly.
“I don’t see how that matters.” I intruded.
He looked at me with despite.
“You little smart ass, I’ll teach you what is really good.” He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He began to unbuckle his belt and I looked at him with my eyes filled with lust. Liz was in shock, and couldn’t say a word. He dropped his pants and ripped my shorts right off my body. He bent me over on the bed and lifted my ass up to his cock. Then he pulled my panties to the side and rammed his big cock in my tight pussy.
Ohhhh fuck! I screamed in my head. My emotions were all over the place, and I didn’t know how to feel. One part of me wanted this bad, the other part was screaming for help.
“Stop it!” Elizabeth screamed.
“Shut up you little slut, or else you will catch this dick too!”
Ohh fuck, his dick felt so good in my little pussy. He stretched me open with his thick meat and fucked me hard on that bed.
“Ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh!” I began to moan as he tore me a new pussy.
Liz started to notice that I was actually enjoying this. She approached us and couldn’t stop staring at his cock piercing my pussy. She got on the bed and grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. I was getting real close to cumming, and she helped him drill me from behind.
“Ohhh, ohhhhh, Fuck!” I kept moaning and screaming. The man took his dick out and stuck it in Liz’s mouth. She sucked my pussy juices right of his cock and then he stuffed me again.
“Ohhhhh Fuck!” I yelled, as my body started to spaz out.
“Ohhhhhhhhh!” He fucked me even harder as I came on his dick! Then he threw me aside and grabbed Liz. He quickly undressed her, and She mounted him while standing. Her legs went around his waist, arms around his neck as she sat on his cock. He bounced her up and down, gliding in and out of her pussy. I watched it in disbelief. I rubbed my torn pussy hole while he drilled her right in front of me.
“Ohhhhhh, yeah!” She was moaning.
As he got closer to blowing his load, he put her down, holding on to her hair. We both knew what was gonna happen next, so I came close to him. She was on her knees and he was standing right in front of the bed, where I laid my head. We had our tongues out while he stroked the jizz out of his massive cock. He dumped his load all over our faces and we sucked his cock together, kissing each other and sharing his hot creamy cum.
When he was done, he slapped our faces really good with his heavy cock, and then told us to get dressed.
“But you ripped my shorts.” I told him, while wiping some of his jizz off my face with my fingers and then licking it.
He nearly melted.
“Get something out of there”. He pointed to a dresser.
I happily walked over and grabbed a new pair of shorts that surely belonged to his wife.
“Don’t come around here again.” He told me. “Unless of course you want another pounding.”
I smiled.
“Oh, and Liz, I forgive you, just don’t let it happen again.”
What a sarcastic prick!
As he left the room, we looked at each other and laughed ecstatically.
What a way to loose our virginity!

~John Wilde~

– This was cute! Thanks for the story wildeness 

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Story Time With Slut ProblemsThe following sto…

Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from naomirose69

The following is a story I wrote about an afternoon I had with my current boyfriend years ago. I love writing out the details of my sex life… Let me know what you think! 🙂

The Best Ass-Fucking Chad Ever Gave Me

Chad and I had decided to make a day of it and have some anal sex! I was really excited… also kind of nervous… as I always was when I knew I was going to be having some anal sex. Especially with Chad and his giant dick.

He had written me out a schedule for the day and got me drinking some wine to help! A little alcohol always helps “loosen” me up. Mmmm. It was a really great day.

I was enjoying the wine, enjoying writing the naughty story, and even more I enjoyed the playing with myself til I came over and over again. I used my fingers, and then my glass toy in my ass to cum. It was fantastic. I always LOVE cumming with some anal play. 

Chad ordered me to answer the door for him dressed all sexy and with a glass plug in my ass. I really enjoyed having him tell me what to do… And when he texted me and said he was five minutes away, I was very excited. I kept on drinking my wine and checking out the window for him… 

Once I saw him at the door, I opened it and he immediately took in my appearance and commented on how sexy I was. I bent over, flipped up my skirt, and showed him the plug in my ass like a good little girl. He moaned, spanked me, and told me I was just that… A good girl. His good girl. I enjoyed being a good girl for him the most… 

We went to the bed room right away and got down to business. 

We started making out and he began undoing his pants. Gawd… I love it when his zipper undoes. He’s so fucking sexy… And I just plain love cock and as soon as his zipper is going down, that means I’m getting some. Mmmmm. 

I started to suck his nice, big, hard, dick. I loved the way it felt in my mouth. I always love having that fuckstick in my mouth. Lately, I’ve been getting to put it in my mouth right after it’s been in someone else’s pussy. It’s so fucking naughty… I just love it… And I love thinking of and seeing his cock balls deep in another girl. 

He then told me to stand up and bend over. Naturally, I complied to his will right away. He started to rub my pussy… finding out it was nice and wet and ready for him, he slammed his cock deep inside my pussy. Holy shit… it was intense. It’s amazing how much difference one little plug can make. It makes me soo much tighter. 

He fucked me like that for awhile… good and hard. Fuck, I love when he takes me from behind. Okay, I just love getting taken from behind, but he fucks me so well. Mmmm. 

Chad then laid down on his back, and asked me to ride him. I took off my skirt and shirt, and climbed on top of that cock. 

God, I love sitting on top of that dick. And I really love watching Lily ride that cock too. It’s really hot… And I know how good it feels to me, so I just keep thinking about how she feels the same. What a glorious fucking cock. 

Anyway, I rode that dick good and hard with a little glass plug in my ass… I rode it good and hard til I came… super loud, moaning his name.

Mmm… After I came good and hard, I collapsed on his chest, breathing heavy… And he started to fuck me good and hard like that. I was moaning into his ear the whole time as he drilled me. 

He then told me to get on my knees… Mmmm, I couldn’t wait. He pulled the little glass plug out and lubed up my favourite glass anal toy. He slowly inserted it into my eager ass… and passed me the Hitachi… which I eagerly turned on and put on my clit. 

He then slowly worked his big cock into my very tight pussy. I was moaning and loving every second. Mmmm. Once he finally had his cock balls deep, I started squirming… trying to get him to fuck me hard. It didn’t take long, and then he began to slam into me…. Slowly at first… and then getting faster and faster. Harder and harder. Holy fuck, I was loving it. 

I loved feeling him slam all the way into me, and the glass toy at the same time.

He fucked me hard like that for awhile… But then I told him it was a bit much. The glass toy was unforgiving… not flexible at all… so it’s hard to take deep sometimes… Plus I really wanted to feel his cock in me. I had been playing with my ass for awhile, and now Chad had been fucking me with something in my ass for awhile… I was ready to feel that huge cock deep inside my ass. I was really hoping the pleasure factor would keep up.

Gawd, I fucking LOVE getting fucked in the ass… I just don’t want it to hurt… I want it to be pleasurable and pain-free. I was so hoping it would be like that this time… with his cock balls deep in my ass.

He slowly worked his giant dick into my ass while I was bent over, doggy-style on our ramp (sex pillow). Taking his sweet time, like I asked. It was soo intense… but at the same time, it felt absolutely amazing. Once it was all the way in, I just asked him to hold it there. Holy. Fuck… His dick was ALL the way in my ass… and it felt AMAZING. I can’t remember that happening before… 

He just held it there… Nice and still… while I used the Hitachi on my clit. It felt so incredibly pleasurable. I will never forget that feeling. I just enjoyed the sensation of his huge dick deep in my ass… I focussed on breathing, and relaxing, and enjoying the moment. I focussed on the sensations of the Hitachi on my clit… feeling the vibrations throughout me. I was absolutely elated at the fact that his cock was all the way, deep in my ass, and it was feeling great. I slowly worked up to one of the best orgasms I’ve ever hard. It was absolutely amazing. 

After I came nice and hard like that, Chad began to fuck my ass. And when I say fuck my ass, that’s exactly what I mean. He actually fucked me. And fucked me quite hard. Probably the hardest he’s ever fucked my ass. 

At times it was definitely too much… It was just so intense, his huge cock, filling my tight ass… Going in and out, over and over again. I was being sooo loud. I was screaming, and squealing, and moaning. He was loving it… and so was I.

I even tried to pull away a few times, but Chad just grabbed my hips and kept on fucking. 

At one point, he pulled out of me, told me to flip onto my back, and he straddled my face and rubbed his dick all over my face… He rubbed it all over my face and I loved it. I worshiped that fucking cock. I didn’t care that it had just been in my ass… I just worshiped it like a good little girl.

After he rubbed his cock all over my face, he flipped me back around and started fucking my ass hard again. He was pulling my hair and spanking me… Generally being as rough as he normally was when he fucked my pussy. And I was taking it… and mostly loving it. But it was definitely getting to be a bit much. I told him so, and he said he was going to cum in my ass.

I moaned in response and just kept fucking squealing as he pounded into my tight ass, over and over again. He kept fucking me good and hard until he shot his load deep inside of my tight, now sore, ass… Mmmm… it was so fucking intense having him cum all the way in my ass like that. 

I can’t wait to do it again. 

– This sounds like a really fun time! I’m glad you were able to get it written down so you’ll always remember it. Well done, naomirose69

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Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from authorgarsmechant 

I’m a bit nervous submitting a story to your site. I’m pretty sure I’m not in your league as a writer. However, I also know that if I don’t submit something at some point, I’m always going to feel that way, and I probably won’t improve much.

So, here it goes: A silly little story that hits all of the standard porn stereotypes that I could in 3,500 words or less.

Please attribute it to me, and link to my Tumblr at, if you deem it worthy of publication.

A Special Delivery

By Gars Méchant

(M/F, MILF, cheating, total fiction)

I decided I rather liked my girlfriend’s parents. They were a happy, successful couple. When we first met in the restaurant, Brittany introduced her father as an executive at an accounting firm, and I found out her mother, Bethany, was a housewife.

Both seemed to approve of me. I guess it didn’t bother them that I drive a package delivery truck, as long as I was using that job to work my way through college.

Bethany left an impression on me. She and Brittany looked, and acted, more like sisters, giggling and sharing secrets.

We all exchanged phone numbers before leaving the restaurant, so, they explained, Brittany’s parents could contact me in an emergency.

“So you can ‘track the package?’” I joked. Both laughed at my lame joke. We headed our separate ways, with Brittany happy that things went so well. I was rewarded that night for doing my best in front of her parents.

It wasn’t until a week later anything unusual happened. As I was out making deliveries, I noticed a text message come in. I took a look, and for a moment, I thought Brittany had sent me some lingerie shots. After looking at them for a few moments, I realized they weren’t of Brittany though; they were her mother! A few moments afterwards, I got another text from her saying, “Oops! Wrong number! Please delete.”

I replied, “Of course. No problem.”

I didn’t delete them. However, I did assume it was a simple mistake. They were probably meant for Brittany’s dad, I thought. No big deal.

Then, a week later, I got another set, with the same “Oops! Wrong number!” message. That was getting suspicious, I thought. It’s not like Bethany would be likely to confuse my number for her husband’s. I mean, his name is Tim, and mine is Jason. Those names don’t sit next to each other in most people’s contacts. I started to wonder what I would do if I got another set of erotic pictures from Brittany’s Mom.

Then roughly a week later, I got a set of actual topless pictures from Bethany, again with the lame “Wrong number!” excuse. This couldn’t be a mistake. Who accidentally sends lingerie pics and nudes to the same wrong number three weeks in a row?

And what pictures! I thought when I met her that Bethany was a MILF, and I was right! She was just as hot as her daughter in virtually every way.

I parked my van to look over the latest pictures, all six of them, carefully, enjoying every pose. I flipped through the earlier pics again, and decided that maybe Bethany deserved a response, something more than a simple “No problem.”

I waited almost a full minute after sending Bethany a picture of the erection she gave me before texting her: “Oops! Wrong number! Please delete it!”

She texted me back, “Of course. No problem.” A few minutes after that, though, I received another text from her: “Nice to see my daughter’s needs are being taken care of so well! ;)”

I decided not to reply to that. I had already taken quite a risk, and I wasn’t sure how any response might be received.

Over the next couple of weeks, she texted me three more sets of increasingly explicit pictures, eventually sending me pictures of her completely nude, and spreading her obviously wet pussy, each time explaining that they were for another number. After I responded appropriately to the third set, I started to wonder if I was missing the message: It was obvious that she was having a blast teasing me. She might even be hoping that I might come over. But could I have missed something obvious?

The next week I decided to take the route that covered Brittany’s parents home, and wait to see if something happened.

Each time I went into the depot, I checked the manifest. I saw nothing interesting for the first two days, just the addresses in the area you would expect. On Wednesday, though, I saw what I was looking for: Bethany’s name and address on a package from an online retailer. Would I get a message from her today?

Around 11:30, I received a text message, with pictures, from Bethany. There were six this time, showing her stripping down and fingering herself on her sofa.

This time, I replied with a picture of my boner over the label of her package, making sure her first name and part of her address were visible, but not prominent. I didn’t tell her this time that it was for a different number, or ask her to delete it. I was nervous: what reaction would it prompt?

I put away my package and headed to the next delivery, leaving it on the porch and walking back to the truck as soon as I rang the doorbell. They didn’t need to see the tent in my uniform.

When I got back to the truck, I saw the response waiting on my phone’s screen: “WOW! BIG! 8O”

I took that as a positive reaction.

It was time to deliver her package. I had no idea how it would turn out as I drove to Bethany’s home to give it to her. Perhaps I was reading too much into her messages. I parked carefully on the street, in case I was there longer than a minute or two, and called the dispatcher to tell them I was on my lunch break after this delivery.

This one didn’t require a signature; I was to leave it on the porch. I debated doing just that until I rang the doorbell and waited.

I knew Bethany was home. She must have been tracking her packages the whole time. She sent me those pictures as an invitation each time she saw an order was out for delivery. It just took me a while to get the message. But was I now going to cheat on Brittany with her mom?

Bethany looked through the peephole, and after a short wait, opened the door. As soon as I saw her, I knew I was going to fuck my girlfriend’s mom.

She held the door open, displaying herself for me. She stood there wearing tasteful high-heels, tight jeans, and a button-up blouse that was completely unbuttoned so I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Like her daughter, she didn’t need one. Her nipples were pointing through the fabric, holding her blouse in place.

I completely forgot the official reason why I was there.

“Are those for me?” she asked innocently.

“Uh, yes,” I said as she jogged my memory.

I gave her the box, and she took it in one hand, casually brushed my growing erection through my pants with the other, and said, “I like the looks of this one.” She placed her box under her arm, knocking her blouse out of the way and exposing her breast to me.

“So,” I said, gesturing at her naked breast, “are…those for me?”

“Of course. It is lunchtime. Are you hungry?” she asked with an innocent smile, casually exposing her other breast.

“Yes!” I was barely able to reply.

“Why don’t you come in, then?” I had forgotten that I was standing in her open door, and happily walked in at her invitation.

“Why don’t we go into the back, so I can make sure you’re properly fed? And maybe you can provide me with some fresh cream?” Bethany suggested with the dirtiest smile as she placed her package on the counter, leaving her blouse next to it.

As she turned around to face me, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her against me before locking my mouth on hers. She let out a happy, and very girlish squeal when I picked her up and placed her on the counter next to her box. I put my mouth over her nipple and began to suck on it, hard.

She moaned loudly, and said, “Oh, God, yes!” as I ran my tongue over her nipples, sucking on her breasts as if feeding from her. “Can we take…Oh, God, that feels…so good! Can we take this…to the bed…room? I want you…it’s better…please, Jason! In the bed?”

I stepped back from the counter and put out my hands. She laughed, and squealing again, jumped into my waiting arms, wrapping her legs around my back, and kissing me hard on the lips, wiggling playfully against me as she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

As I carried her back to her bedroom, she looked right into my eyes, and with wet eyes and swollen lips, she said, “I’m glad you finally got the message.”

“That you wanted me to deliver your packages?”

“Well, yes, but I wasn’t waiting for the contents of the box,” she said innocently. “I wanted you to deliver…something else.”

Once in the bedroom, I set her on her feet, and she immediately knelt down to remove my pants, saying: “I wanted you to deliver your package.” She gasped as my cock sprang out of my underwear. “It’s so much bigger, and much more beautiful than I realized! The pictures don’t do it justice!”

I laughed. More beautiful? My cock? I hadn’t heard that before.

Bethany looked it over carefully. “You like?” I asked her as I took off my shirt.

“Oh, my God! I love it!” she replied before looking up at me. “Oh, wow! Would you look at those abs!” She remarked, running a hand over my stomach. “Working as a delivery-man sure works for you!”

I laughed, and said, “Thanks!” before she licked my cock from balls to tip with a devilish glean in her eye. I groaned as she took it into her wet mouth and started sucking on it like a starving woman.

She knew how to give head better than any woman I had been with. She was taking the whole thing, messily into her mouth, sucking and gulping, licking and tasting it. Brittany could learn a lot about giving head from her mother. Maybe I could get them together for some lessons, I wondered.

She was doing so well that I figured I had to warn her. “I’m getting close.”

That didn’t slow her down. If anything, she took it as a challenge to get me to blow my wad down her throat. She sped up and kept using her hand on my shaft as she sucked the head, until I finally couldn’t take any more. I grunted and started shooting my jizz into her mouth, and she swallowed it all down. And after I finished, she kept sucking on me, not as hard, but just enough to let me know she wanted more than that, and she knew I could give it.

She stood up, still tugging on my cock. “That should keep you from cumming too quickly! I want you to keep up with meeeeeeeeee!” She squealed in glee as I picked her up and threw her, giggling, onto the bed. I stripped her pants off of her, making her dodge as I tickled her.

I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs for her, and she laughed as she covered her pussy with her hand. She giggled as I kissed her from her feet, up her ankles and calves, and then she started to moan as I slowly gave her wet kisses up her inner thighs, switching from one to the other between kisses.

When I finally reached the top of her thighs, I took her hand in mine and gently moved it away from her pussy, exposing it to my view up close for the first time in person. Her lips were glistening with her juices, her clit just poking out of it’s hood, throbbing in anticipation. I looked at her face, and said, “That looks like my favorite lunch you saved for me!”

She smiled broadly, and as she started to say, “thank you!” I bent forward and licked her outer labia, sucking gently on it. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly as I licked her most intimate places, sucking on her lips, taking much of her vulva in my mouth and nibbling on it as my tongue investigated her opening, and made little circles over her clit.

“Oh, God! That’s…what I…need! Oh, fuck!” she moaned as she ground her hips on my face. She was enjoying being eaten out as much as I liked licking her pussy, and I was making a meal of her! I was wetly sucking on her, and licking her all over, from the top of one thigh to the other, and everything in between.

Her moans became more insistent, and she was breathing harder. She put a hand behind my head to hold me nearer as she ground herself on my face even faster. I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm, so I took as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could and sucked on her as I circled her clit with my tongue. I felt her tense up, arch her back, and gasp loudly before she screamed out her orgasm!

I kept her cumming on my face as long as I could, enjoying the sounds she made as she lost control!

She finally relaxed on the bed, and I kept licking her slowly. “Oh, God! Thank you so much!” she said in post orgasmic euphoria.

I climbed up next to her, and looked into her eyes, gently petting her as I said, “you’re welcome!” I kissed her and she opened her mouth wide, sucking on my tongue hard as she reached for my cock, and started to stroke it.

I pushed her onto her back, and climbed between her legs. We broke our kiss to watch me line my cock up with her opening. I rubbed the head all over her clit, getting it wet from her juices.

“It’s been so long! Just stick me with that huge…Oh!” Bethany said as I started to push into her. “Oh…oh, God! You’re so big!”

She was so wet I could push in all but the last inch in one slow thrust. “Wow! You really are big!” she told me with a huge smile.

“Am I, now?” I asked, knowing what was coming.

“Yeah, I’ve never had a cock as BIG…oh!” she stopped in mid-sentence, eyes rolling back, back arching to meet me as I bottomed out in her. She let out a deep, guttural moan of pure lust as I settled in.

Bethany opened her eyes wide with surprise, pleasure, and lust all trying to control her face at once. “What was…nguh!” she gasped as I pulled out just an inch and pushed back in again. She closed her eyes tight, moaning deeply. I slowly started pumping my cock in and out, just an inch or two each time, barely fucking her. She clamped her arms and legs around my back, trying to cram me deeper inside as she met my every thrust with a heave of her body.

Not all women like the feeling of a big cock massaging their cervix; however, Brittany does, and I was pretty sure she got it from her mother. Now I knew for sure that she did.

I watched the look on Bethany’s face: her eyes were unfocused, mouth open wide to breathe deeply and to grunt, groan, sob, and moan animalistically. Tears were streaming from her eyes, not from pain, but from pure pleasure. She was fucking a big cock, possibly for the first time.

I saw her open her mouth wider, her face searching, as her first cervical orgasm approached. She was losing her coordination as I pumped her a bit faster, but she met my every thrust with an enthusiastic heave. She let go with her arms and gripped the comforter with tightly closed fists, as her breath came in grunts and growls. Her head snapped back as she screamed out “OhhhaaaAHHHHH!” loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. Her legs were vibrating, and one shot up as I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock with the intensity of her orgasm!

I slowly stopped pumping her as her orgasm subsided, just to let her catch her breath and recover her wits. I had seen this before, so I knew she would recover. She finally seemed to be able to focus on my face, touching it like she had never seen me.

“What…what was…?” she asked incoherently.

“Full-body orgasm,” I answered. “Ready for another?”

“I don’t…nguhh! Yesssss!” she replied as I pumped her again, and she arched her back.

She stretched to fit me by now, and it was time to fuck, really fuck. I didn’t need to be gentle anymore, and I started to pump her harder than before.

She responded just as enthusiastically, matching my every move, grunting and growling in lust, and I started to do the same. We were like two animals, mating violently, not caring if we were caught. I kept pulling all but the head of my cock out of her, and driving it into her to the base, and she was joyously taking it. After her second orgasm, she didn’t seem to stop; she kept cumming on me, screaming and spasming, sobbing and wailing, arching her back, clamping her stretched pussy muscles around my shaft and milking me as we slammed together.

I finally felt the cum welling up inside me, and I started diving into her harder, desperately getting ready to pump my seed deep inside her, and as I slammed into her, she clamped her legs tightly around me. She was getting close to another climax, and I felt her pussy start to milk my cock hard. I erupted inside her as we screamed out lustfully, cumming together, shooting my cum deep inside her womb as her body happily milked it from me!

When I was finally able to focus, I saw Bethany’s face was streaked with tears as she gasped for breath, looking surprised at what she had just felt. I had run this marathon before, and I knew how to handle it.

The look on her face suddenly melted from surprise and exhaustion, to elation. She kissed me hard, and wrapped herself around me, making happy giggly noises as she wiggled and playfully thrust against me.

When she finally seemed to remember how to speak, she remarked, “That was wonderful! My God, that was incredible! You wonderful, perfect, young man! I’ve never felt anything like…and it’s been months! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” I said, laughing.

“Tim can’t…” she started to explain.

“That’s okay. I don’t need to know,” I said to her. She smiled, and held my face as she kissed me gently, first on my lips, then all over my face, thanking me repeatedly.

“You’re welcome!” I repeated, laughing again as I ground myself into her.

Her eyes rolled back again, and she moaned, arching her back, pushing her tits into me. I kissed each nipple playfully.

“Careful. You’ll have to stay for another round if you keep that up,” she said in warning.

“I’d love that, but I don’t think I have the time,” I explained as I pulled out of her.

“I know,” she said, and she tried to roll over to get up, and quickly gave it up with a loud exhale. “I don’t think that’s happening.”

“What’s happening,” I asked, as I buttoned up my shirt.

“You’re going to have to let yourself out. I don’t think I can get off of this bed yet,” she explained, laughing.

“I’d be disappointed if you could,” I said, and we both laughed.

She lay there grunting occasionally as I finished getting dressed, and let myself out. When I got into the truck, I noticed that it had been almost exactly an hour. Perfect timing! I called dispatch to let them know I was on my way back to load up the truck for another run.

It was over an hour later that I got another text from Bethany. “I can still feel waves! This must be why Brittany is always smiling!” she said.

I laughed, and texted back: “She insists on it every morning. She says it keeps her happy for the first half of the day, and she looks forward to seeing me in the evening for the second half of the day!”

“I get why. You left me a mess, though! ;)” she replied. A minute later she sent me a video of her red, swollen pussy dripping my cum, and her rubbing it on her clit.

I simply replied, “Damn!” and she sent back, “Looking forward to next week’s delivery! I might recover by then! ;)”

– I’m glad you took a step forward by submitting your story. You are right, sometimes you have to just go for it, and now you have. I think you’ll find that the more you share, the easier it gets. Congratulations on moving forward as a writer and I look forward to your next story, authorgarsmechant 

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Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from thecherryqueen 

Belated Halloween story because it’s my favorite holiday I can’t give it up just yet 😅

Little Red Riding Hoe

Aubrey didn’t care about the culturally appropriate age restrictions on trick or treat. She was big-titted and thic in the ass, therefore well over the age of dressing up and begging strangers for candy, in popular opinion. But Halloween had always been her favorite holiday, and a few funsuckers weren’t going to ruin it.

This year, she relied on an old classic. She donned a Little Red Riding Hood costume with a corset and fishnet tights. She got more than a few stares when she set out with her 90s plastic pumpkin and showed up behind children dressed like a fairytale stripper. But she cheerily wished everyone a happy Halloween and trick or treated with the same enthusiasm as every other child in the neighborhood.

Towards the end of the night, she came upon a house that appeared to be having a party. Their light was on, so she climbed the steps and rang the doorbell. Ready with a wide smile, Aubrey was greeted by an older, college-aged man. They were common in the neighborhood, about a mile from the state university.

“Trick or treat!”

“Oh, wow!” he responded, genuinely taken aback. “Hey guys, come check Little Red Riding Hood!” he yelled inside the house. “What’s your name?” he asked, turning back to her.

“Aubrey…” she answered slowly, uncomfortable under the wolf-like gaze of his red eyes. He was well-muscled and tall, possibly an athlete.

“Guys, this is Aubrey!” Behind him crowded about five other college-aged guys of similar build. They were all pretty cute, but definitely older than her.

“Trick or treat?” she tried again, holding out her pumpkin.

They all laughed before the door answerer replied, “Come on in, sweetheart. We have what you want.”

Aubrey was conflicted. She knew that trusting strangers was risky. But what would Little Red do?

She strutted into their living room: a pulsing, blacklit bachelor pad. They blasted pop music over a stereo, and displayed approximately 20 different liquor bottles on their pool table.

“Shot?” one of the guys offered.

Aubrey wasn’t a huge drinker. She got a glass of wine during holiday dinners, and she’d tasted her dad’s beer by accident once in grade school. She’d never tasted hard liquor, but she’d always wanted to try it.

“Um… a mixed drink please?”

She was directed to the couch, accompanied by two guys. The group introduced themselves and chatted as she drank. They were all so similar. Kyle and Jeff and Ryan, and Kyle and Ryan were twins, and Ronan or Rowland…?“

Aubrey’s thoughts ran together, as if her mind had become goo. The world slowed down and muffled. This was either straight liquor and she was the bittiest lightweight ever, or Aubrey had definitely been drugged.

She was suddenly aware of what she could only describe as a clit boner. She felt a concentration of aching pleasure between her legs. Aubrey’s pussy slowly grew moist, abound the same time her nipples had hardened to the point where they pitched an igloo in her lacy red bra.

“Do you like your drink, Aubrey?” one of the guys asked.

“I…” was all she mustered.

The next thing she knew, there was an empty beer bottle being shoved up her cunt. Her D cups were pulled out of her bodice, jiggling to the rhythm of his thrusting fist. She heard a dull mix of cheering and laughter from the guys following the illumination of a big white-silver light.

Aubrey knew she was supposed to be horrified. She was being raped by complete strangers who drugged her. They were videotaping it! But that smooth glass bottle felt so fucking good. And their jeering at Little Red Riding Hoe – it actually, in the strangest way, was a huge turn-on.

“You gonna ride me, Little Red Riding Hoe? That’s all you do, parade around looking to ride a boy’s cock!”

Aubrey began moaning with the pleasure, and the voices grew louder. She heard the words, but couldn’t process their meanings. She began to let go and follow the animalistic depths of her mind. Aubrey stuck out her wet, hungry fuckhole.

She blacked in spread across a slightly itchy, yet soft surface. Her shoes and undies were gone. And a huge, hard cock was raping her pussy. Her mind still felt lost in a thick fog; all she could do was let herself be fucked.

“Look at this fucking whore, you were trick or treating for cocks, were you? Here, have a full-sized candy bar!”

The boys passed her around, taking turns sticking their cocks up her pussy, down her throat or in her ass. A part of Aubrey was scared and disgusted and disappointed in herself for accepting a drink from a stranger in a random house. But a bigger part thought this was the single coolest thing she’d ever done. She was being passed around like a pathetic little cumdumpster, in a drugged stupor, being mocked and degraded on camera. For some reason, that really fucking turned her on. She was a nobody in school – average grades, average ex boyfriends, maybe a shade above average looks. But these strangers were fighting over her dripping pussy. She’d taken a dick in every hole and each hand, even simultaneously. And she’d never cum so hard in her entire life. She couldn’t deny it, there was video evidence. Now she was a true, bonafide slut.

“How many wolves does it take to wreck the pussy of a Little Red Riding Hoe?”

Maybe it was the drugs, but her pussy was on fire. Each and every brush of stimulation made the sweet waves of orgasm ripple through her body. She loved how sweaty, muscular bodies tossed her around, she loved how pulsating erections stretched her holes to their widest, most pleasurable maximum. She couldn’t imagine a better feeling than this, stranger cocks spitroasting her like an animal.

“God you’re such a fucking disgusting whore!”

The guys all came on Aubrey in quick succession, a shower of jizz that she welcomed like a warm summer rain. When she tried to look at the cum spread across her stomach, she realized that she was still wearing her Little Red Riding Slut dress. It was crumpled and soaked in sperm, but it somehow survived the gangbang.

When Aubrey turned up to look at her assailants, her vision was still pretty blurry. For some reason, the guys looked like they had longer snouts… furry flesh… and enormous… fangs? They actually looked a lot… like werewolves…

– Ahahahaha! Perfect story thecherryqueen! I loved it!

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Story Time With Slut ProblemsThe following sto…

Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from dreamsofbeingused 

You inspired this one, slut-problems.

These tits were the biggest mistake of my life.

I thought I was too plain and too boring to get the hunky men from my dreams into my bed so I went in to plastic surgery clinic. This wasn’t just any surgeon though, this particular clinic specialized equipping pornstars with the most important tools of their trade: big slutty tits. I was one dream surgery away from finally having what I needed to lure in my Prince Charming. If only I knew at the time that slut tits come with slut problems.

6 Months Later

“Stop! I said stop!” They never did. Her dates were short and yet her nights were still long. Every single one of her Prince Charmings treated her this way. “Please, this isn’t what I want.” The rough pounding continued unabated. “Oh god… oh fuck… no… please… don’t do this to me!” It happened, her body’s traditional date night betrayal.

“Whoa babe, you just gushed like a faucet!” The only thing worse than the rape was the humiliation. “You know you almost had me convinced you weren’t acting there for a second, you kinky bitch. You’re almost as good an actress as you are a lay.” I tried to bury my face in the couch but he just grabbed my hair and yanked me up. “Nah, none of that now, girly. I got you off so now you gotta do something special for me. Beg for this dick. Beg for me to put it in your ass.”

“No! I don’t do that!” I pleaded.

He laughed. “We’ll see about that.” His other hand reached around and started slapping my stupid slutty tits. The slaps are somewhat light, more humiliating than painful, an accidental reminder of what got me in this situation.

“Stop that!” Why do I even bother trying. “Please, I’m not that kinda girl. I don’t like anal!” I can feel his fat prick insistently bouncing around between my legs as I struggle against his slaps and I get an idea. “Don’t you want to fuck my pussy again? I bet I’m super wet after cumming on your cock.” It was a stupid idea, if he wanted my pussy he could just take it and I couldn’t stop him. “How about my mouth, I’ll do a good job this time I promise, please!”  I deserve this. Every degrading tittyslap is a reminder that I’m a dumb slut who thought big tits were the answer to life’s problems. “Okay, just do it. Put it in my ass” Another slap landed and my shame continues to mount. “Please, please, please fuck my ass! I want you to pound my tiny little asshole! Just fuck me already!” In one long drawn out thrust he takes my ass gives me another slap, a hard one.

And it happens again. My stupid, treasonous slit decides that this is the perfect moment for another standard date night betrayal that leaves me shaking and sobbing. “I knew you were a total anal whore the moment I saw those tits of yours.“ He gives me yet another hard slap. “Now bounce on it, slut.” 

The humiliation never ends.

– Ahahahaha! I love this story dreamsofbeingused

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Part 4- The hunter It’s been days and nothing…

Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from sweetannie96

Part 4- The hunter

It’s been days and nothing has really changed. The hunter comes, and then he goes as he pleases. Never staying for very long and avoiding eye contact with me. The first night he slept with me, and I thought that he would try to force me to have sex with him. I almost wish that he would just get it over with, because the anticipation is killing me. He comes three times a day to bring me my meals, and often times will bring me new magazines, books, or movies that I can watch on the older TV set. Sometimes I can hear him talking in the other room and I press my ear up against the door in order to hear him talk. I think that he’s talking on the phone, but the door is made of thick oak, and sound doesn’t travel through it. Often restless I pace my room to make the minutes tick by. I still don’t know why he has captured me and he doesn’t talk or look at me when he brings in the food. It’s almost as if a switch has flipped. I’m beginning to feel like I’m losing my mind as I pace, and my mind will frantically try to reanalyze the situation before I end up sobbing on the ground.

It was almost meal time, so I sat on the bed and stared at the door until I could hear the blot slide back and the door to swing open. He comes in and goes over to the table where the other food tray sits empty. He picks it up and then sets the new tray down and starts to turn around. I reach out and grab his arm. He looks down at my hand on his bicep, and then slowly raises his eyes up to mine.

“Please talk to me. You haven’t said a word to me in days and I can’t stand the silence anymore” I beg.

He grumbles at me and brushes my hand off of him. With a straight back he turns and walks out the way he came. I sit on the bed, unsure of the feelings that are churning in my body. Feeling empty and hollow I curl up on the bed and turn the TV on.

It’s a couple hours later and I have dozed off a couple of times while watching a movie. I’m awoken when I hear the bolt on the door open and I turn my head towards the door. The hunter is staring at me from the door way. He has a pained expression on his face and he is holding something in his hand. He walks over to the bed and roughly grabs me by the shoulders and drags my body up against his. He takes my face between his hands and kisses me deeply. I’m so confused, but also elated that he is touching me again. I sink into his arms and he grips me tighter. His grip on me becomes almost painful and I whimper. He breaks the kiss and gazes into my eyes. There is a mixture of sadness and anger painted on his face. I reach my hand up to his face and smooth his furrowed brow. His face relaxes for a moment, but then it hardens again and all of the emotion drains from his face. I lean back and stare at him, unsure of how I should interpret his mood swings. He cups my cheek with his hand and I nuzzle into his touch.

“I’m so sorry Princess.” He says.

Confused and scared I stare up into his face looking for answers. His face has become as still as a statue, as he brings his hand that is holding a cloth. He covers my face with the rag, as he proceeds to drugs me for a second time. As I sink back into darkness I look up into his eyes, pleading for him to help me. A look of regret washes over his face, and that is the last thing I see as I fade away.

I slowly come out of the fogginess from the drugs. My mind is spinning, and it seems that the world is turned on its axle. I try to move my arms and I realize, just like the last time that I was drugged, I am tied up. This time is different. My arms are stretched painfully out to the bed posts, my hips are thrust high in the air with the help of a cushion, and my feet are kept apart with a spreader bar. This bondage is more painful than the last, and I desperately wish the hunter was here so that I could beg him for mercy. I hear him in the other room moving things around. Overwhelmed with the situation and knowing that something bad was going to happen soon, my eye fill with tears. The tears spill over onto my cheeks and onto the mattress below me.

I heard the hunter coming into the room and stepping up to the bedside. With tears running down my face I looked up at him.

“Why are you doing this to me, Sir?” I sobbed.

His face was remorseful and he looked conflicted. I didn’t understand why I saw those emotions on his face when he decided to drug me, and tie me up again.

“It’ll all be over soon, Princess. For now, don’t speak, it’s better that way.” He said, as he kneeled on the bed and placed a red ball gag to my mouth.

I tried to fight against it, but he held my nose until I couldn’t breath and I gasped for air. He slipped it between my lips and quickly buckled it behind my head. Sobbing as my body convulsed on the bed, I wished for the night to be over. Unable to breathe through my mouth and still crying uncontrollably, I began to feel the snot run down my face. The hunter just stood there next to the bed, watching me as I struggled. He reached out a hand and stroked my hair, but his touch no longer felt comforting to me.

“I will protect you, Rosie. I give you my word that I will keep you safe.” He whispered.

He stepped away and went to my dresser and pulled open the bottom two drawers. He pulled out several items and then went around behind me. I could feel the bed shift under his weight as he arranged himself between my legs. He touched me then. Running his hands up and down my back, finally dragging them back down to my waist and ass. He palmed my ass and spread my cheeks. I could feel his gaze on my intimate parts and I was trembling in fear.

“This is going to hurt Princess, but it’s better this way. You need to be prepared.” He said.

Prepared for what, I thought. What does he mean, and what is he going to do to me? That instant I felt a glob of something cold fall on my ass crack and slide down. The feeling had shivers running though my body and my heart pounding away in my chest. Please, please, don’t do it, I thought. His hand came up to the top of my crack and then stroked downwards. As his hand came back up again his finger lingered at my asshole. He stayed there and played with my puckered hole. I had sex before, but never anal. This was foreign territory and not at all something I was wanting to explore. He pressed in, and I tightened my muscles, trying to keep him out. His other hand began to rub my lower back.

“Rosie, you have to relax. This is going to hurt more if you don’t relax your muscles. You have to let me prepare you, Princess.” He said.

I choked out a sob and laid my head down on the mattress as I breathed deeply though my nose. After a moment my muscles began to loosen and the hunter began manipulating my little asshole again. This time he pressed in harder and his finger sank into my little hole. He wiggled it around and then started to push it in and out. It felt wrong. I was mortified by the feeling of having something in my ass. He pumped my ass a couple more times and then a second finger was added to the mix. He began to scissor his two finger in my ass and stretched me out. It still felt wrong, but there was something also pleasant about the feelings in my ass. Under different circumstances it might even be pleasant. He poured more lube down the crack of my ass and it dribbled down to where his fingers were in my ass. The added lube made it easier for his fingers to pump in and out of my ass. The muscles had relaxed and I felt them loosen up under his manipulations. Soon he pulled his fingers out of my ass with a “pop!” I heard him moving things around behind me and then I felt something very cold pressed up against my ass. I tightened up again. He sighed and I felt him rub my lower back once again. I tried breathing deeply but my breath kept getting caught in my throat. He waited until I was able to breath normally and then he pushed the cold object into my ass. It was bigger than his fingers and it hurt as it stretched around the widest part, but then quickly closed around the neck of what I guessed to be a butt plug. He wiggled it around a couple of times in my ass and I moaned. He sat back and I felt the bed shift with him. He then leaned forward and kissed me right behind my ear.

“You’re going to be okay, I promised you that.” He whispered in my ear.

I heard a loud bang from a door opening in the main living area of the cabin. Voices drifted into the room and the hunter quickly gathered the items and shoved them in an unorganized manner into the bottom drawer. He moved out of the room to meet the people in the other room. I was starting to panic again, now that the hunter had gone and there were newcomers. I didn’t understand or comprehend what was going on. I thought the hunter was going to fuck me himself, but now with the new arrivals I was drawing a blank. He said that he was going to protect me and keep my safe, but from who? My mind was spinning, and I tried testing my restraints again, but with no luck. I heard feet approaching and looked up. The hunter had come into the room and was carrying a tripod of some sort. I didn’t have time to puzzle over the tripod because the next thing I heard turned my blood to ice.

“Oh, look at that! You did a fine job, John. Look at her, she’s all ready for a night of fun. What do you say boys, shall we have some fun at the expense of my whorish ex-girlfriend?” Said my ex-boyfriend, Logan.

I didn’t understand why he was there, but I knew that I was scared. I was terrified of this man. The last time we talked, he said that if he ever found me sleeping around with another dude, he would make sure that I could never have kids. He had a streak of sadism that was too extreme for me, and made my life a living hell while we were together. It wasn’t until after I got away from him that I realized how fucked up he was. And now, he’s here and I’m tied up with no way of escaping. Logan bent down and picked my chin up from the bed.

“Did you miss me sweetheart?” He sneered in my face.

I tried to pull away, but it was no use. He laughed at me and then licked the side of my face. His gritty tongue felt like sandpaper against my skin and I screamed in my gag. He pulled back and then slapped my ass as he walked back over to his friends. I could hardly see from my puffy pink eyes. I turned my head and saw the hunter, or John, as Logan had called him. He was stuffing a wad of bills into his back pocket when he caught my gaze. He stopped, and just looked at me. I must have looked pathetic, but I didn’t care. He said he was going to protect me, but instead he was handing me over to the man who threatened to mutilate my uterus. His face dropped and he broke our gaze. I heard Logan behind me. He wasn’t on the bed, but standing at the foot of it.

“Are you ready, John?” He asked.

John nodded, and pressed a button on a video camera that he had set up on the tripod.

“Good. I’m ready to hear this bitch scream.”

– Wow, this story is intense. You can find the other parts on my blog under the tag “story time” or on her blog sweetannie96

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Story Time With Slut ProblemsThe following sto…

Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from @slaytanica 

The Roommate (Part 5)

Betty got up the next morning and gently kissed Tracy’s shoulder as to not wake her and then looked at them both in loving adoration, she had a busy day and there was someone she needed to see that could be the last missing piece in this interesting relationship. As she gazed at them she noticed the sheet moving, Gary was hard in his sleep and her mind wandered as to whether she should have a stiff warm breakfast at the risk of waking him but just then Tracy open her eyes to see the quivering sheet and though having just awoken she instinctively pulled the sheet down and swallowed Gary’s cock. She took almost his whole shaft right away as she moaned and her fingers tips softly raked his balls, ‘that girl just has no control when it comes to sucking cock’ Betty thought, she always ached to have it deep in her throat right away. She sucked Gary easy only being half awake but it wasn’t long after her warm moist mouth was on him that he woke up too, the familiar feel of Tracy’s mouth on him triggered his own automatic response of putting a hand on the back of her head. He moaned slightly then opened his eyes to see Betty, he then glanced down at Tracy pressing her lips to his base before looking back up to give a lazy morning smile, the sound of Tracy gorging on his cock began to arouse her. As she watched Tracy throat him and listened to her slurping combined with his moans Betty grew hard and was soon stroking her cock to the erotic show in front of her, then Tracy reached back to spread her ass cheeks as she wiggled in front of Betty. Tracy just seem to know that Betty was behind her with a hard cock watching and was tempting Betty to use it on her, ‘damn that little mynx’ she thought knowing she couldn’t resisted that tight ass of hers.

She knelt behind Tracy and as Gary watched she pushed her swollen cock head in to Tracy’s ass, she moaned and whimpered on Gary’s cock and Betty couldn’t help but think of how hot and tight it was on her. Gary put his other hand on Tracy’s head saying… “Great way to start the morning” as he began to take control of Tracy’s mouth heaving it hard in to her face but Tracy love it when he did that. Betty’s breath grew heavy as she steadily fucked Tracy’s ass harder and faster as she watched Gary do the same with her moaning mouth until they were both pounding her hard at both ends. Gary came first pushing Tracy’s face in to his cock as his load gushed in to her mouth and down her throat while she choke on it, as he relaxed Betty grabbed Tracy’s hair pulling her off his cock and back in to her. Betty blistered her hot tight ass for a few more minutes before cumming to Tracy’s gasping whimpers at being pumped full of thick cum at the other end. Tracy collapsed on to Gary as Betty followed laying on her slowly rotating her hips as the last of her orgasm emptied in to Tracy’s ass, she glanced at the bedside clock and cursed Tracy for seducing her with that cute little ass… “Damn you both, I’m going to be so late for work” she said half jokingly. Tracy was insatiable, even as Betty got off her leaving her ass gaped and oozing cum she already had Gary back in her mouth, she could only shake her head and smile as she went to the bathroom for a quick clean up.

As Betty left the bathroom she heard Tracy crying… “Yes, oh god yes baby… harder, fuck me harder” and sure enough Gary had spun her around and was fucking her cum lubed ass in deep driving thrusts. She felt herself getting aroused again but Tracy had that effect on people the way she whimpered and moaned as she talked dirty begging to be used harder and deeper, but no… no, she had to go yet even as she went out the front door Tracy’s sexual sounds had her hard in her sweats. It was a thirty minute drive to her first client which gave her time to soften, ninety percent of her clients had no idea she was a t-girl and she preferred to keep it that way. Some knew, almost all female who were happy to keep her secret in exchange for getting to suck her good sized cock as part of their workout, Betty was bigger then most of their husbands so they got to cheat without really cheating taking a nice t-girl cock down their throats. There were two guys who knew she was but they were gay and weren’t going to say shit as they too enjoyed sucking her cock as well as her sucking them, but today it was three straight guys so no on the side shit. Besides, pounding Tracy’s ass and dumping a load of cum in to her this morning had her sexual appetite satisfied… for now, and she still had Grace to talk to. Grace was a girl she’d met in college and was really the first person that knew about her being a t-girl, they were roommates in the dorm and she played she was a regular girl until Grace walked in on her while she was showering.

Betty was terrified at first thinking Grace would freakout at seeing she had a cock, but she just stood there looking at it before asking… “So… how big does it get?” Betty played with and stroked it as Grace just watched in erotic amazement as it grew to a tad over eight inches. “Wow” she told Betty… “Can I suck it?” Grace added and with a nod of yes with a surprised… “Sure” Grace was on her knees, she licked and teased it for a few minutes before taking it down her throat. Grace had been quite the slut in high school so her cocksucking skills were well developed by the time they met, she drained Betty right there in the bathroom then again later that night. Grace was delighted to have her own secret cock in the dorm and within days they were fucking too, they stayed roommates for three years until Grace married some older rich guy and left college. They had stayed in touch over the years and even hooked up a couple times, Grace had just recently moved in to the area and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After her first client she called from her car, Grace answered happy to hear her dear friends voice and after a bit of banter asked Grace if they could meet for lunch. “Of course I would doll” she said and Betty told her they’d meet between her second and third client, Betty hung up and bounced with giddy anticipation at seeing her sexy friend again. A couple hours later Betty was waiting for her in a nice cafe sipping on tea, when Grace walked in they screeched at each other and hugged. They talked catching up on what had happened in their lives, Grace informed Betty that she wasn’t married anymore telling her… “I put up with the old fuck and his small dick for six years and then I was just done, but, I stayed with him long enough to get a good settlement. Enough I don’t need to worry about working for quite a while. (scoots closer, puts her hand on Betty’s cock under the table) So… when was this thing last drained cutie pie?”

Betty gasped in surprise as she looked in Grace’s hungry eyes… “Really? You’re trying to get me hard now?” she said in a low voice, Grace replied… “Mmmmm.. by what I’m feeling we’re past trying” and licked her lips. Even though it had been almost three years since they last saw each other Grace’s touch never failed to get her stiff… “Grraccce…. I still, have a client, to… mmm, see today. I can’t, go there… hard”. Grace looked at her with flirtatious concern saying… “Oh, poor baby, maybe you should follow me to the ladies room and I’ll give you… a reason to not be hard” then winked at Betty as she got up and strutted her ass to the bathroom. ‘Teasing bitch’ Betty thought but client or no client she knew one of Grace’s cocksuckings was nothing to pass on, after a heavy sigh she followed to find Grace sitting in a stall waiting for her. A come here finger gesture was all it took for Betty to join her and close the door, Grace eagerly pulled her sweats down letting her hard spring out, Grace caressed it with both hands saying… “Mmmmm, looks as tasty as ever” and spent the next fifteen minutes sucking, throating, and finally swallowing as Betty blew a massive load down her talented throat. Tracy would have some serious competition as far as throating cock was concerned if Grace was interested in her offer to become part of their little sex clan. After licking her lips and fingers clean Grace said she had some business to tend to but that Betty should come see her place when they were both done… Betty gave her an excited yes and after getting instructions on how to get there they agreed they’d meet in a few hours.

It was half way through her last client’s session when Betty’s phone chimed with ‘it’s raining men’, a favorite of hers for obvious reasons, and she picked it up thinking it was Grace telling her to hurry but instead it was a text from Tracy. She was a gasp when she read it… “BETTY! PLEASE CALL ME!” a second text said… “There’s been an explosion at the hospital and Gary doesn’t answer his phone. I’M SCARED!” Betty immediately called Gary’s number and as Tracy said there was no answer, then she called the hospital but got a recording saying ‘all lines are currently unavailable’. She then called Tracy who was crying as she answered… “BETTY?!” she tried to calm her… “Yes baby, it’s me. Now try to calm down and tell me what’s happened…ok?” there was sniffling and gasps through the phone but hearing Betty’s voice did get her to settle down a little. Tracy told her… “I was cleaning up for you guys, and…. umm, listening to the news, then a special bulletin came on, and… and it said, there had been an, explosion, at the… Center Town.. Hospital.. where Gary works”. Betty felt a chill of fear and worry run down her spine, Tracy continued… “It’s on the tv now.. live. Oh my God, there’s fire trucks and cops.. and, debris and hurt people, and smoke, but I… I don’t see Gary, and… he hasn’t called, and, oh god… what if…” Betty stopped her right there, she kept her voice level as told Tracy… “No Tracy.. don’t go there, don’t even think that. Look, I’m finished with my last client today and his house is close to the hospital. I’m going there right now and I’ll find him… I promise”.

Tracy was still sniffling yet silent for a moment but then replied… “Promise?” Betty reiterated… “Yes baby, I promise. I’ll call you back as soon as I get there.. ok?” Tracy meekly eked out… “ok” and Betty hung up and told her client she had to go, as she got in her car she called Grace to let her know what had happened and that she might no be there for a while. “Oh my god” Grace texted back… “What can I do to help?” she asked, Betty thought for a moment then text… “Could you go sit with Tracy?” then sent her the address. “Oh course sweetie, on my way” Grace answered which made Betty feel better that Tracy wouldn’t be alone, she got on the freeway and accelerated as she could see the smoke in the air coming from the hospital. She turned on the radio finding a station talking about it, the mention of fatalities made Betty more nervous as she sped there faster not caring if she got a ticket. When she arrived a few minutes later it was a horrendous scene, there were four bodies covered as she reached the police line and yelled Gary’s name, she tried to cross it but a cop stopped her saying she needed to stay back. “I have a dear friend that works here” she told him… “He’s a doctor, can you at least tell me if he’s ok?” Betty pleaded, he thought for a moment then said she could look at the bodies to see if he was one of them. Her stomach was in nauseous knots as she walked with him to look, one by one he lifted the sheets covering them and to her relief Gary wasn’t among them… “Then he should be a survivor, although… there are three people still unaccounted for” he told Betty, he asked his full name then said he’d be back in a moment.

The wait was agonizing as it seemed to take forever for the cop to come back but eventually he did, the look on his face concerned her as he walked up to Betty and said… “Well, he is alive.. but…. he was close to the explosion. They’re working on him now, he has a severe concussion and shrapnel damage that caused a sucking chest wound”. Despite her pleas he said he couldn’t let her pass the line but that he would let her know as soon as there was something new about his condition, Betty was hit hard by the news and her eyes welled yet now she still had to call Tracy as she had promised. She nervously dialed the phone and listened to it ring, then…”Hello… Betty?” Betty swallowed hard then answered… “Hi, it’s me” Tracy immediately asked about Gary, Betty said… “Well, he’s alive, but…. he is hurt, they’re operating on him now and I’m going to stay here until I know more” Tracy semi panicked asking how bad Gary was hurt, Betty didn’t want her to worry too much so she downplayed his condition… “Well he has a concussion and some lacerations they are stitching up so he should be fine, we’ll just need to take extra good care of him for a while.. ok?” Tracy sounded a bit more relieved but still concerned asked… “You’re sure?” Betty held her phone down so Tracy didn’t hear her heavy sigh, then said… “Yes… I’m sure cutie. So.. is Grace there?” Tracy said she was saying… “She says she knows you from college, and… she knows we’re t-girls” Betty told her of they’re special relationship but then said… “We can talk about that later, first… I’ll wait to hear more about Gary then I’ll come home” Tracy said ok then told Betty she loved her for being there for Gary.

Betty hung up feeling horrible about not being completely honest with Tracy but having her in an emotional frenzy wasn’t going to help the situation, as things settled down people with friends and loved ones were allowed in to a side exit. Betty soon found Gary, they had finished his surgery and he was recovering in a small room still unconscious with oxygen and an iv of antibiotics and fluids running in to him. She shuddered thinking that this was the strong and caring man that had pleased her and Tracy so, now as she sat next to him and held his hand he seemed so frail feeling the tears run down her worried face. Betty sat with him for fifteen minutes before a nurse came in, she said hello then checked his vitals… “Is he going to make it? Is he going to be ok?” Betty asked in an anxious voice, the nurse said she couldn’t answer that but that she would have his doctor come talk to her. It took another twenty minutes before the doctor came in, there was an exchange of pleasantries before Betty again ask about Gary’s condition, the doctor shrugged and told her… “I can’t say for sure yet, but… his vitals are holding and he has a strong heart, if no infections occur he should make a full recovery. Honestly, the next 24 hours will tell us for sure…. I, know that’s not what you really wanted to hear but it would be irresponsible of me to tell you otherwise”. After a few more minutes of discussion he told Betty… “You are free to stay with him all night if you wish but, he won’t come around for a while. If you give the nurse your number and my name I’ll be sure to call if there’s a change, or… a need for you to come back right away”.

…. to be continued.  

– And the saga continues! Is this part 5? I can’t remember. To see the other parts go to my main blog page and search for slaytanica. Thanks @slaytanica for the story! 

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Story Time With Slut Problems

The following story is a submission from dominant-rayne

A promise is a promise

I was laying in bed trying to get back to sleep when I felt her warm weight settle upon my lap, I felt her soft lips kissing my neck and something warm and wet grinding against my bare shaft.


“Go back to bed, Princess…” I grumbled sleepily.

“Hmph.” A soft feminine voice whimpered softly next to my ear, “But, Daddy you promised to take me shopping today..” her hips rolling grinding her wet cunt harder against my shaft.

I opened one eye with a small growl and propped myself up on my elbows causing her to sit up away from me, her palms flat against my chest nails digging in, her hips still moving.

I took a moment to admire her beauty. Sunlight seeped through the curtains, bathing her long dark slightly curled hair fell down to her waist, her soft skin healthily tan, her dark eyes sparkled with intelligence as she never stopped her hips, she wore a small tight t-shirt that barely covered the swell of her breasts, the fabric straining to contain modesty, I could see her nipples against the fabric, she had her lower lip between her teeth, a look she knew drove me crazy, she wore no panties her smooth sex sliding up and down the length of my cock.

“Get up, Daddy.. You promised..” She said the edge of her whine dulled slightly from the moan that slipped passed her lips.

I let out an exhausted breath in a huff and fell back to my pillow, I kept my eyes on hers reaching out grabbing her hips causing her to shift herself a bit forward at the waist, the head of my cock slipping into her eager cunt slowly, forcing her to only take an inch at a time. Her nails dug into my chest a little more as she felt my thickness stretch her tight pussy open.

“I did promise, baby girl.” I said softly.

My right hand traveled up along her feminine curves to the base of her skull, my fingers twirled around her thick dark hair pulling back sharply as I pressed the last few inches of my cock into her pussy, she let out a hiss of pain that melted into a long low mewling sound, her hips pushing down and back against my motion as if trying to force more of my cock inside her.

She writhed astride me, her hips bucking, I could feel her wetness running down my shaft as her hips moved masterfully. Her movement has caused the fabric of her tight top to shift her breasts coming free bouncing with her motions.

“Turn around baby girl, Daddy wants to watch your ass.” I growled lightly.

Without pulling free of me, she brought her knees under her and slowly turned until she was facing away from me, she leaned forward her palms to the bed, hips rolling forward and pushing back against me.

“Fuck! Daddy, I love how your cock stretches my tiny pussy.” She cried out looking back towards me, her eyes blazing with sensual desire.

I smiled gripping her hips pulling her down harder against my cock, eliciting a silken cry of pleasure to glide though her delicate lips. I repeated the motion over and over again until I felt her pussy tighten on my shaft.

“Daddy!” she said hurriedly, “Please, may I cum?”

“No.” I said simply, “Do not stop.”

She bit down on her lower lip and nodded with a whimper, her motions slowing a bit but, I swiftly brought my open palm down against her bare ass on one cheek, there was sharp sound of impact and I felt her cunt tighten, her pace quickening, I felt a wolfish grin spread across my lips as I felt a rush of sadistic pleasure as I watched her move, I knew my girl. I knew the pressure was unbearable, I knew from the way her cunt tightened, from the pitch of her cries, I knew right now in her head she was telling herself over and over again not to cum unless Daddy says so and I knew she would explode at any minute.

Her cries grew louder, more desperate, her legs began to tremble from the strain of holding back her orgasm for so long, she was about to cum, hard.

I felt her each the shuddering edge!

I swiftly sat up pulling myself free of her smirking wickedly as I watched her collapse to her stomach, she lay perfectly still getting her breathing under control and she huffed out a breath,

“That was really really close, Daddy!” she complained, “I almost came!”

“I know kitten.. Lay down, your head off the bed, you know what I want.” I said softly as I stood from the bed moving around to stand at the foot of the bed.

She moved with languid grace her lips still pouting as she got into position. She arched her lower back slipping her hands under before resting her weight back onto them. She let her head fall back dark ringlets of her hair cascading down towards to the floor, her lips parted as she opened her mouth waiting for me, her legs parted knees up and spread wide.

“I need you to remember something, Princess,” I said softly “I need you to remember that Daddy loves you very much because, I’m about to fuck you like I hate you..” and with that I slide the head of my cock into her warm waiting mouth, I felt the head slip into her throat as I forced more of it inside her, I saw her throat distend as I did.


I reached down grabbing two fistfuls of her hair and began to pull her forward as I thrust into her. The effect was immediate, she began to gag loudly, legs spasming, saliva poured from her mouth, down her cheeks, I didn’t stop or hold back, I forced every inch I could down her throat.

“That’s my good little whore!” I said, my voice coming out in a deep rumbling basso growl.

I pulled away from her, her face flushed dark red from the lack of oxygen and a small flood of messy saliva poured from her mouth to the floor as she quickly gasped in for a breath, I didn’t give her long, I quickly shoved myself back into her throat resuming my pace, her hips coming off the bed, a small puddle forming between her legs. I felt myself reach the height of my climax, my cock throbbing and without giving her warning I held her at the base of my shaft as I exploded down her throat, I pulled away slowly looking down at her as I did. Her face flushed darker with effort, her eyes completely out of focus but, a wicked smile graced her lips and she let out a ragged little laugh that was full of naughty intentions.

“Th..Than,” she tried to say but, swallowed softly before trying again, “Thank you, Daddy..”

In response I released my grip on her hair, stalked over to the side of the bed grabbed her legs and yanked her cunt to the edge of the bed roughly I took a moment to position myself correctly by placing my arms under the bend on her knees rolling her hips up lifting her legs into the air so one leg rested on each of my shoulders, I felt soft warm flesh graze my hardened member and I drove myself into her cunt with ease, she let out a deep guttural moan as I repeated the motion over and over, slowly building speed, she let out a string of curses, oaths and encouragement as I did. I felt her get hotter and wetter as I took her with little remorse for my roughness, soon her cunt was dripping in a steady stream,


“Daddy, I’m so close please may I cum?” she asked her voice pleading, urgency flavoring every word.

That was enough to drive me closer to the edge, I let out a deep growl without answering her moving harder.

“Cum with Daddy, you little cunt..” I managed to growl out, “Cum my little whore, cum with me, now!”

She let out a long cry as she fell over to edge, her legs and hips bucking wildly and I followed shortly after, her pussy gushed with a sudden flood of her juices as I exploded deep inside her, my legs buckled but, I managed to keep up right. I stood breathing hard watching her, her face graced with a look of pure bliss. I withdrew from her slowly, thick white cum began to trickle from her, I gathered her up in my arms and stood carrying her into the living room placing her gently onto the couch. I kissed her forehead gently and made my way into the bedroom gathering up a blanket and her stuffed animal when I came back into the room she had her eyes open and smiled at me,

“Thank you Daddy..” she said beaming up at me sleepily, “Are we going shopping now?”

I pressed a finger to my lips and hushed her quietly, giving her the stuffed animal and sitting down on the couch next to her, she moved closer as I draped the blanket over both of us, I kissed the top of her head running my fingers through her hair, she grabbed the remote and turned on a Disney movie and wiggled around a bit getting even more comfortable.

“We will go after the movie.” I said softly, “I promise.”

-To be continued-

– Your writing gets better all the time dominant-rayne! Beautiful job. Great story.

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