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slut-problems: I was staying at my dad’s plac…


I was staying at my dad’s place that summer and I had just turned 18. He had a pool and of course that meant that there was a pool guy that came once a week  to clean it. On Monday I was lying in the back, tanning completely naked when I saw him for the first time. He was tan and he wore red shorts and no shirt. He had a large straw hat on his head and he wore black flip flop sandals. My heart skipped a beat and then my pussy began to tingle. I could feel my clit come to life and suddenly even the light breeze was stimulating me. I let out a moan and he looked over at me. 

“Hi there!” I said, eyeing him savagely. I fixed my gaze upon his cock, willing him to whip it out and fuck me with it. 

He didn’t do that. Instead he began to clean the pool and so I got up, still naked and rearranged my towel, bending over so he could see my nice ass displayed in front of him. I looked over my shoulder at him, but he couldn’t be bothered with me. It was so frustrating! What did a girl have to do to get some cock around here, anyway?

“Hi there,” I said walking up to him. “So how soon can I swim in the pool after these chemicals are put in?” I asked him. I tried my best to look sexy, sticking my tits out for him to look at. 

“You can go in anytime,” he said. “It’s just acid and chlorine. People swim in it all the time.” 

“Would you want to go in with me?” I asked. “My dad isn’t home. No one is home right now.” 

“I don’t like little girls,” he said. 

“I’m not little. I’m eighteen! I’m completely legal. Plus I’m really horny. I just want to fuck,” I said, basically throwing myself at him.

“I’ve got a girlfriend, anyway,” he told me. “You’re still too young for me,” he said. I stood there, naked and defeated. No one had really ever told me no before. I didn’t know what to do and so I went back to my towel and grabbed my phone and started reading my favorite blog, Slut-Problems. I got so into one of the stories that I forgot the pool guy was even there. I began to absentmindedly finger myself and then I was making myself cum, rubbing my clit nice and hard as I read a story about a girl who loved to fuck lots of men at once. I was so jealous. I just wanted at least one man to fuck, just one to give me what I needed. I cried out and when my orgasm was finished I looked up to see the pool guy standing over me. 

“That was quite a show,” he said smiling. “Still interested in going for a swim with me?” 

“Sure!” I said and so we jumped in together and once we were in the water he grabbed me by the shoulders and he kissed me. “Mmmmm,” he moaned. “I love how young you are.” 

“That’s funny,” I said. “You were just telling me I was too young a few minutes ago.” 

“I lied,” he said. He began to finger my pussy under the water and then he pulled me to the steps on the side of the pool. I looked at his cock as it entered my pussy. It was really long and pretty thick too. it was so long it wouldn’t quite fit all the way inside of me and so he fucked me the best he could with his huge cock and he made me cum right away. I had never fucked a cock as big as his before and the cool water mixed with the heat between us made me cum so hard that my body was shivering and shuddering. I came and came and I looked up at him. He was looking down on me, his eyes fixed on his cock moving in and out of my pussy. 

“I love your tight, young pussy,” he said and then he began to moan. He was going to cum! I watched in awe as his cock thrusted deeper than it should have. He held me tightly as he pushed his cock deeper and harder into me and it began to hit a place of pain deep within me. It fucking hurt and I cried out in pain. This only seemed to make him harder and he fucked me harder and deeper. I was screaming now, the pain taking over me and I begged him to stop. 

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” 

“You’re the one who wanted to fuck this dick, you bitch. Stick your pussy out and make me cum like a good girl.” I tried. I tried my best to stick my pussy out like a good girl for him and thankfully he came quickly. When he had finished we both got out and I ran to grab him a towel. He left shortly after that, not even bothering to apologize to me for fucking me so brutally. 

For the rest of the summer every Monday he came to clean the pool, and every Monday he used my pussy the way he wanted to. It always hurt, but I always felt like such a good, useful little slut afterward. I guess that’s why Mondays became the day I would lie out by the pool in wait, waiting to be treated like the little whore I wished I was. 

slut-problems: Marissa and I chose our new roo…


Marissa and I chose our new roommate carefully. We had been talking about adding a guy to our mix and so when Stephie moved out it was the perfect opportunity to choose a guy that would add to our lives in a meaningful way. We knew Kyle was the right guy when he came in to interview for the room. 

Kendra asked him, “Would you ever have a threesome with two hot girls?” and then she gestured to me, implying that she meant us. 

“I would absolutely love that,” he said, adjusting his dick in his pants as he sat before us. I looked at Marissa and indicated my desire. So it was settled. He moved in. 

All we had to do to set the ball in motion was start making out and licking each others’ pussies in our common areas and eventually he walked in on us and all the fun began. We all were having so much fun fucking each other that none of us wanted to go to work or get anything done. For weeks we barely functioned, only looking forward to the times when we could all be together fucking like wild rabbits. 

We all thought that the novelty and the fun would eventually wear off, but it’s been seven months and we are still going strong, still fucking constantly as a trio. In fact, both Marissa and I have also been sleeping with Kyle by ourselves when the other isn’t home. When all of this started I never would’ve imagined that it would play out like this, but it’s like we are all so compatible with one another. There isn’t a lot of jealousy either. It is the most perfect threesome I’ve ever heard of or seen. It’s pretty fucking awesome, actually. 

slut-problems: Pastor Rick had found Melba on …


Pastor Rick had found Melba on the streets, walking aimlessly. She was homeless and she was begging people for loose change or whatever other things they would give her. She would take food or drink, and anything else people were willing to give her. She had a glazed over, glassy look in her eyes that Pastor Rick recognized. She had given up on her life and she had lost all hope. 

He watched as Melba asked for change to each person that passed by and he waited to see if anyone was willing to give her greasy, homeless body a warm blanket, or a bit to eat but no one stopped. No one gave her anything. She crouched down on the side of the road and bowed her head. She began to cry silently, her tears shimmering like gold in the moonlight. 

Pastor Rick got out of his car and he walked to her. He held out a ten dollar bill to her and she grabbed for it and then looked up at him as if to question why he was being so kind. She said nothing as she took the ten and tucked it into a pocket. She didn’t smile or acknowledge him, and he realized then how forgone she was. She couldn’t be more than twenty-years-old, but she was covered in a layer of dirt and he wanted to help her, he really did. 

“I have a place for you to stay if you want to get out of the weather,” he told her and he offered his hand to her. She didn’t take it immediately. She paused as if she were thinking, contemplating all of her alternatives. 

“Where?” she asked. 

“I live nearby and I have a shower and a bed there for you. I may even have some fresh clothes for you if you don’t mind helping me out with something.” 

“What do you need help with?” she asked. 

“I need help with a lot of things. Maybe you can pick one to help me with?” he asked her. He reached for her hand and this time she stretched out her own to meet his and he pulled her up to standing. He helped her into his car and he began to drive back to his church. He knew that he could help her if she only would trust him. 

They arrived at the church and Pastor Rick took her back to his own quarters where he found a fresh towel and made sure there was a razor and some soap for Melba to clean herself with. 

“Here you are,” he said to her. “Just put your clothes outside the door and I will throw them in the washer for you.” 

“Okay,” she said and he waited for her to get into the shower. He went to the lost and found and pulled out a few items for Melba to wear while her clothes washed and dried. He hadn’t tried to work his magic on her yet. He wasn’t even sure if she was hot or not underneath the layers of filth and grime the streets had left on her. He wasn’t certain he even wanted to use her yet, until she emerged from the shower, her eyes bright and her cheeks rosy. Not only was she beautiful, she was stunning. She had used some of the make-up another girl had left in his bathroom earlier that week and she looked almost normal, except for the anxious way her eyes darted around the room like someone was coming for her. 

“Come sit down with me,” he said and he motioned for her to sit on his bed next to him so he could talk to her. “Listen,” he said and he turned his gaze deep inside of her. He stared into her soul, using his powers of hypnosis and suggestion to get Melba to do anything that he wanted. “You are mine now,” he told her. “You are going to help me and my congregation spread the truth about Jesus Christ now. Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said in a monotone voice. She was already under his spell. It had been too easy. Now all he needed to do was tell her what he wanted her to do. 

“You are going to serve my cock for me, emptying it as often as you can. I want you to use all of your holes. I want your pussy, your asshole and your mouth. You will want to give them to me whenever I ask you. Do you understand?” 

“Yes,” she said. 

“Good. Now come here and suck on my cock for me. I like your make-up, by the way. It looks nice on you.” 

“It was in the bathroom,” she said. 

“I know. Now suck my cock,” he said and he pulled it out of his pants for her and even he was shocked at how much tenacity Melba put into her cock sucking. She worked his cock with her mouth in ways that most women were unable. She must have been a little abuse victim for the way she sucked cock and he was excited about this new find! He wanted to try using her in every possible way and in every possible hole, but for now he was solely focused on using her mouth, on fucking it as brutally as she would let him. 

She was so hypnotized by him that her eyes kept rolling back into her head as he used her face. He worked his cock in and out of her mouth, pushing it down her throat as far as it would go. She took it without choking, confirming that she was either an abuse victim or a hooker. Either way, Pastor Rick was rejoicing on his good find! He was enjoying the way she took his cock down her throat, the way she didn’t even choke. It felt like he was fucking a pussy and he loved every second of it! 

“I’m going to cum, you slut! You want the cum all over your face?” She looked up at him with sad, used eyes and he decided that he would cum all over them. He pulled his cock out and he smiled sadistically at her. 

“Open your pretty eyes nice and wide for Pastor Rick,” he commanded her and he watched as she obeyed. Then, with great aim he shot his load all over those pretty, brown eyes. She flinched as the cum landed in her eyes and he finished himself off all over the rest of her face. “Take the Holy Semen all over your stupid face, whore. It will cleanse you of all your sins.” She touched the cum on her face and looked at him with disdain for a moment. 

“Now wipe it off of your face and eat it. This is the Holy Semen. If you ingest it, it will bring you eternal life,” he said. 

“What if I don’t want eternal life?” she asked. “What if I just want to die?” 

“That can be arranged, whore, but you’d better eat my cum before I beat the shit out of you,” he said raising his hand to her. She flinched again and then followed his orders, eating his cum obediently. 

“See, Melba. You did it! Now all you have to do is follow my orders and you’ll be just fucking fine.” 

“Are you going to rape all of my holes?” she asked. She didn’t seem afraid, or even surprised by the situation. 

“Of course I am. Isn’t that what you want?” he smiled at her sadistically. 

“I’m just happy to have a warm place to sleep,” she said. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t give me that bullshit about the Holy Semen.” 

“It’s not bullshit, Melba. My semen is fucking Godly, and to insist otherwise is blasphemous and is punishable by death.” 

“Cool,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to die for a long time.” 

“Well then, whore, I’m happy to help. I’m all about the long, slow, torturous deaths though,” he told her and he gave her a sneer he usually reserved for the mirror. He was always having to put on a front for his congregation that he was a nice guy that was just trying to help. Melba had seen through all of that and for that he was glad. Now he had a girl he could fuck with that knew all about what a heinous and horrible man he really was. He would help her die, most definitely. She would die a slow, painful death filled with brutal beatings and hard fucking from his cock in every one of her stupid, little holes. 

slut-problems: I’ve trained since I was seven…


I’ve trained since I was seven as a serious dancer. I was a cheerleader in high school and college. Now I’m a dance coach and I know it sounds weird but as soon as I started having sex when I was seventeen I realized that all of my training as a dancer wasn’t really about dancing. It’s what they call a head fake. You know, when you think you are learning one thing, but you are really learning another. 

Dancing is the biggest head fake of all. I thought I was learning dancing, but I was really learning how to be a flexible little fuck. I was learning how to be a little fuck doll for men. 

Now, it’s my turn to give back. All the little girls in my classes are learning when they are doing the splits and sticking their legs behind their heads. I know they think they are learning to dance, but someday they will think back and thank me just the way I’m thanking my old dance coach now. I can spread my legs further than all the other girls. That’s why guys love me so much. 

slut-problems: I want to be raped and used by…


I want to be raped and used by him more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. Every time he walks by I imagine us on my couch fucking, his hands wrapping my neck. He slaps me, back and forth across the face. 

“You cheating bitch,” he says and we both know it’s true as he pounds my pussy with his cock even harder. I cum like crazy on his dick. His cock is bigger. He’s better looking. He fucks better. My husband is great and all, but his brother Chet is the one I really want. I married the wrong brother, but it’s okay. I’m going to somehow let him know. I’m going to get him in my pussy! I’m going to drain load after load of his precious cum into my hungry, little pussy. I know he wants me. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me. I can tell he wants to devour me, to tear me apart with his cock, to choke me with his hands. 

I can sense that he likes it rough. He’s not vanilla like my fucking husband. I’m so fucking bored with the wrong brother. I wish there were a way to get rid of my husband and then take his brother instead. If there was a way I would have thought of it by now. So instead I think about Chet while I fuck my husband. I think about everything that we would do and exactly how we would do it. 

“You came so hard,” my husband says after I have an orgasm that was inspired by Chet. 

“I know,” I tell him. “I was thinking about getting choked and slapped. Maybe you should try that on me sometime.” I leave out the part about Chet. He can’t know. 

“You know I’m not into that, babe. I could never hurt you,” he says. As sweet as that is it makes me want to die. What’s a girl got to do to get manhandled around here, anyway? Every time he says something like that it just pushes me one step closer, one step further to Chet. I know Chet would choke me out until I passed out. I just fucking know it. 

slut-problems: He may be bigger than me, but …


He may be bigger than me, but deep down I know he wants me to do this to him. He hasn’t told me straight out, but whenever I get my strap on out and I wave it around he gets naked and gets in bed with his ass up in the air. So of course I lube up my plastic cock and shove it into his ass. 

“I’m not gay,” he says like I give a fuck. Personally, I just enjoy emasculating him a bit. I think all men should take my plastic cock just for the fuck of it. Of course, finding a guy who is into being pegged isn’t exactly easy. In fact, most of the time I have to find a guy who is willing to do just about anything for me and then wearing him down over time with my suggestions and begging him to let me. With this guy I didn’t have to do any of that stuff. He has basically been a fucking pussy since the day we met. I knew right away that he was my kind of man. I knew that he would bend over and submit his asshole to my plastic cock the minute he first sat down next to me and introduced himself. 

I smiled at him and invited him back to my place and by the end of the night I had fucked him in the ass with my strap on more times than he had fucked me in my ass with his actual cock. Maybe that’s when I fell in love with him. I knew that he would be my stupid little, pussy ass bitch from then on and that made me extremely happy. I knew he was the one then, the one that would take my plastic cock and let me be in charge for the rest of our lives. 

slut-problems: I’d watched them working on the…


I’d watched them working on the house all week, and honestly they were all fucking hot with their jeans, work boots and tool belts. I wanted to fuck all of them, but I would have settled for just one of them. The hottest one was named Mike and he was the head contractor. He was always asking me to walk around the site and approve of things, but I was mainly just approving of his fine ass as I followed him around, nodding my head in agreement with whatever he said. 

I masturbated a lot that week, excusing myself to my bedroom and whipping out my vibrator. I didn’t hold back the screams as I came while I thought about fucking every single one of those construction workers. I walked out of my room after a particularly intense masturbation session to see Mike standing right outside of my door. Next to him was Mitch, his right-hand man. 

“I’m so sorry, Miss Webb. We were looking for you and we were just about to knock.” I smiled coyly. 

“So I’m guessing you probably heard all of that?” I might have been screaming, “Oh Mike, fuck me! Fuck me!” and I blushed as I thought about all of the other things I’d said. I had been busted! 

“Yes, but we are absolute professionals. We will never speak another word about it,” he assured me. 

“What if I want you to speak a word about it?” I taunted him. “And maybe you too,” I said to Mitch. 

“We are here to do a construction job, Miss Webb. That’s what we are doing. We aren’t trying to interfere with your, um, personal business…” he trailed off, unable to put what he was saying into words. 

“Come in here,” I ordered them. “I was thinking of putting a new room addition in here as well,” I lied. “What do you guys think about here? Oh, close the door Mitch! I don’t like the air to escape from my room.” I was stalling now, trying to find a way to get both of their cocks. 

“A room addition here?” Mike said, puzzled. 

“Yeah, you don’t think it would work?” I asked. “How about a blow job instead then?” I asked him. 

“Miss Webb! That’s highly inappropriate!” Mike said. Thats when I let my little sundress drop to the ground, baring my naked body to him. 

“Are you sure?” I asked him, raising my eyebrow at him. “Mitch?” I gave Mitch my best slut smile. Mitch began to unbuckle his pants and next thing I knew Mike was getting his cock out as well. I began to suck first Mike, then Mitch, then back to Mike, then Mitch. I was in construction worker heaven! I sucked both of their cocks until they were painting my face with their cum. I had never felt more slutty and I was having the best time. 

The rest of the week was more of the same, except from that point on they all just took turns coming into my room and letting me suck their cocks for them and I even fucked some of them that were interested. Still, Mike remained my favorite. He used me the most of all. He came early in the morning to dump a load in one of my holes and he stayed late each night so he could finish each evening by dumping another load in me. 

They gave me a lot of discounts on their work, but to be honest, I just kept adding more and more work to the job. In total they were working on my house for almost nine months. I guess most customers were probably happy when Mike and his crew finished a job for them. Not me, though. I was devastated that I was losing my fuck crew. I actually considered buying a new house just so I could have them do some more work for me. I was that desperate to continue being their little cum slut. 

slut-problems: Bernadette and I have been toge…


Bernadette and I have been together for almost three years. We’ve both been lesbians as long as I can remember, which is why the other night has us so confused. We had gone out to the party at our friend Shayna’s house and we got a little drunk. Okay, we got a lot drunk or this never would have happened. We were drinking tequila shots and singing the lyrics to “Pumped Up Kicks” when a strange guy walked over to us with a bottle of Patron. 

“You ladies want to try some real tequila?” he asked. I was hesitant. I’ve never trusted men and so I began to tell him to fuck off when Bernadette piped up with her answer before I could get mine out. 

“Hell yeah!” she said and she smiled at the guy as she danced and sang the chorus. “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks…” she sang and he took the bottle and poured it right into her mouth. She stopped, mid-lyric and drank from the bottle and then she raised her arms in a victory stance. “Patron is better, motherfuckers!” she screamed. I knew she was drunk, but I hadn’t seen her this drunk since her mother’s holiday party last Christmas, after which she’d sworn she’d never drink again. 

“Come with me, ladies,” the guy said and he pulled Bernadette behind him down the hall. I followed, mostly to make sure this guy wasn’t about to try anything. We hadn’t filled him in on the fact that we were lesbians yet and I wanted to be the one to tell him. I loved rejecting men. It was one of my pastimes. I must have lost my focus. I was just as drunk as they were! By the time he led her into the bedroom and shut the door I was upset. I pounded on the door. 

“Let me in! That’s my girlfriend you have in there!” I screamed and pounded.

“Oh fuck,” came his voice. “Hold on.” I heard him fumble with the lock on the door and he let me in. “I didn’t know this was a two for…” he smiled and I saw that he already had Bernadette’s top off. Her tits were covered with tequila, which was dripping down from her face. 

“A two for? Oh hell no! We are lesbians,” I said proudly and I waited for his shocked reaction. 

“Yeah, Bernadette told me. She also told me you owe her one threesome with a guy and she wants to collect. Isn’t that right, Bernadette?”

“Yup!” she said and then she let out a disgusting burp. 

“She obviously can’t think clearly,” I told the guy. 

“Yes I can! You owe me this!” she screamed at me and I thought back to the time when she had asked me if I would ever help her hook up with a guy. She had this morbid curiosity about cocks, even though she’d never taken one. She wanted to try it at least once before she died and I had promised her that if the opportunity arose that I would help her with it. I guess I just never figured it would actually happen. 

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s do this, Bern,” I said. “What do I need to do?” I asked the guy. 

“Just be here and help me make her cum. She wants to take my cock in all of her holes,” he explained. 

“All of them?” I marveled at this. 

“Let’s start with the mouth hole,” the guy said as he touched her lips with his fingers and pulled his cock out. “Why don’t you finger or lick her pussy while I fuck her mouth,” the guy suggested, and so I did as he asked me, getting down between her legs and fingering her while he shoved his cock down her lesbian throat. I watched with great interest as my girlfriend, who had never sucked a cock in her life sucked on this guy’s cock. It was pretty interesting and part of me was disgusted but the other part of me? Well, the other part of me was turned on that my girlfriend was such a drunk, little slut. I licked her pussy, tasting her horny juices. This was turning her on! 

She sucked him like a champion and I was starting to doubt Bernadette’s story. She was sucking his cock like a pro, leaving only one conclusion. She’d done this before. I wasn’t necessarily jealous. I was angry that she had lied to me. The guy pulled his cock from her mouth. 

“Wow, great cock sucking! You sure you’re a lesbian?” he asked her. 

“I’m sure! I did it!” she looked at me and stuck her hand up. I gave her a little high-five of support. 

“You ready for the pussy?” he asked her. 

“Okay!” she said excitedly. 

“Why don’t you sit on her face,” he instructed me, and it pissed me off to take orders from a man, but I was here to help my girlfriend and so I tried my best not to be full of hate. It was hard though, with a man in the room about to fuck my girlfriend. I situated myself on Bern’s face, but I faced the guy so I could watch him fuck her. A part of me didn’t want to watch, but the other part of me couldn’t bear to look away. Still, I kept my eyes fixed on her pussy as he pushed his cock in. 

I could feel her mouth stiffen as his cock plowed into her. She was screaming into my pussy as I rode her face and I could tell that she was really enjoying this. This was something that she had always wanted to try and I felt threatened, like now that she had cock she might not want to go back to me with my mouth and fingers. Would I need to buy a strap on and fuck her with it now? Everything was confusing. I watched her body shake and shudder as she came all over his dick. I ground my pussy into her face and I loved how good her mouth felt. I couldn’t help it. I began to cum all over her face and she was screaming, straining to breathe as he fucked her. 

Suddenly, he pulled his cock from her. “It’s time for anal! Let me find my lube, hold up,” he said and he disappeared into the bathroom. I dismounted from Bern’s face and I smiled down on her. 

“You okay?” I asked. “You having fun?” 

“Yeah! Wow, this is so much fun! Thank you for doing this with me. I know how hard it must be for you,” she said, a smile plastered on her face. 

“You think you can handle anal?” I asked her, remembering how she had reacted to just one of my fingers in her ass. She could barely take it. Now she was about to take a thick cock in there. 

“I’m going to try!” she said. At that moment, the guy returned with his lube. 

“I’m going to get under you,” he told Bernadette and he helped her slide her ass down on his cock. “Now you lick and finger fuck her pussy while I fuck her ass, okay?” He looked at me and I smiled back and gave him a thumbs up. I got to work on her clit and shoved two fingers in her pussy as he fucked her ass. 

Bernadette’s screams were intense, and getting more intense by the minute. I could tell she was in pain and so I tried desperately to lick her clit and give her some pleasure. I was licking her when all of a sudden I felt something weird happening. It was like she was about to erupt. I moved my mouth from her pussy and I fingered her g-spot hard. That’s when all hell broke loose. 

He was pounding her asshole hard when she began to cum, screaming harder and louder than I had ever heard her scream. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” she screamed and suddenly her pussy began to squirt. I hadn’t been aware that Bernadette was a squirter. In all the three years we had been together she had never squirted once. Now, here with a guy in her ass and me fingering her, her pussy was shooting cum like she was a fucking geyser! I marveled at how far it shot into the air, and just how much liquid there was. It landed on her and on me, and all over the bed. He was still fucking her asshole and so I fingered her g-spot again and she began to squirt another geyser of cum up into the air. I was so amazed by this that I got out my phone and tried to make her do it again so I could film it! 

Sure enough, Bern came like a fountain, yet again. I got it on video for her to watch back later. It was extraordinary! 

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” the guy moaned and so I stuck my fingers back in my girlfriend and I fingered her as he blew his load into her asshole. When he was done he lifted her ass off of his cock and she went to the bathroom to clean up. He smiled at me. 

“Thank you for letting me fuck her. I know you weren’t exactly thrilled about this. You’re awesome!” he told me. 

“Thanks for saying that,” I said. 

“Do you want to try taking some cock too?” he asked me. “I’m happy to help you out if you’re curious too,” he told me. 

“Yeah, well, I’ve never thought about it,” I said. 

“Well, think about it now. I mean, I’ve fucked a lot of lesbians in my life,” he explained. “It doesn’t have to mean anything. I think sometimes they just want to try a cock just for the fuck of it. It can be fun if you let it be,” he said. By the time Bernadette came back from the bathroom the guy had me bent over and his cock was in my pussy. Bernadette held me and kissed me while I came on his cock. He came inside of me and when he was through I looked up at my girlfriend and smiled. 

“Wow. Maybe we’re not lesbians after all,” I told her. “I never thought I would enjoy cock so fucking much.” I had been resistant for so long, but the truth was now apparent. I had fucked a cock and I had enjoyed it. It flipped my whole sexuality on it’s head. 

“You two wouldn’t be the first lesbian conversion stories to happen on my cock,” the guy said proudly. We looked at each other. Had we been converted?

slut-problems: I didn’t even make it into the…


I didn’t even make it into the garage. He had me pinned down and most of my clothing was off of me already. My panties were still in place, but he had me pinned down by the neck with one arm and his hand was touching my pussy through my panties. 

“This is it, bitch,” he told me. “The fight ends here. If you stop fighting now I might still go easy on you. Keep fighting and this might just be your last fight.” His hand found it’s way into my panties. I began to hyperventilate. I can’t believe I ever thought that rape was something sexy, something I got off to. I’d scroll through porn where women were being attacked and my pussy would get so wet. I’d cum so easily. But now, here with the real thing happening, with a near stranger pulling my white, cotton panties off of my body with a sickening ripping sound. He managed to get his cock out while still holding me down. 

“Open your legs nice and wide for me, bitch,” he told me. I thought about fighting, but there was no way I was going to try. He had a gun within his arms reach and I was relatively certain he would enjoy using it to kill me. I opened my legs. 

“See, that’s better. Look at this delicious cunt,” he said sneering. He poised his cock at the entrance to my pussy. “Mmmmm,” he said as he sunk it into me. His cock was big and very hard. Tears began to fall from the corners of my eyes and I could feel them fall down my cheeks and toward my ears.

“Please, don’t,” I whimpered. 

“DON’T?” he yelled laughing at me. “DON’T WHAT? Don’t fuck your pussy the way you’ve always wanted it fucked? You wanted this. You begged for this. Now I’m giving it to you, you stupid little bitch. You don’t want to be raped now that it’s really happening? Well too fucking bad!” He began to fuck my pussy forcefully as he choked my neck. 




“You’re stupid. You’re so fucking stupid for letting me do this to you. Stupid little idiot cunt. Take my dick. Take my cum.” 

He grunted and came inside me. Then he pulled his cock out, spit right in my face, then gathered his belongings. 

“You were a great piece of ass, you stupid cunt,” he said as he walked out the door and shut it behind him 

I looked down at my body. It looked used. It was really hot. Then I got an incoming text. It was him. “I hope you liked that. That was my first time raping someone. Was it good?” 

I smiled. He had done a good job. I texted him, “Yeah. I loved it. Thanks. You can come back now.”

“Be right there,” he texted. 

slut-problems: Our naughty book club meeting g…


Our naughty book club meeting got a little out of control! We had decided to read this book called Hollow Girl by Slut Problems, which Pamela had suggested. She said it was way better than those 50 shades books and so we all agreed to it. I did my part, reading the book in two days. It was so fucking hot that I had to fuck myself in the bathroom at work several times, and I definitely had to re-red some of the good parts back at home with the strongest vibrator I owned. My husband had been getting a lot more sex from me as well. So much so that he asked me what was going on. 

“Are you having an affair?” he accused me. 

“No. It’s just this book I’ve been reading and this blog…” I grabbed the book from my nightstand, the earmarked pages for the good parts folded at the corners. I handed it to him and watched his eyes light up as he read the description on the back. 

“You’re reading porn?” he asked. 

“It’s for my book club. Pamela suggested it!” I explained. 

“I always knew that Pamela was a fucking slut!” he said and he grabbed me and kissed me. It was on! We tore each other’s clothes off and I let him fuck me just the way Allison lets Roger fuck her in the book. I let him tie me up and use me and I loved every second of it! I imagined I was Allison, young and afraid as an older man ravaged my body. I came so fucking hard on my husband’s cock that I milked every last drop from him. 

“Wow, I love what this book has done to you,” he said when we were cuddling afterwards. 

“You should see this girl’s blog, too,” I said and I pulled it up on my phone and handed it to my husband. Let’s just say we fucked the rest of the night and even a few times the next morning. 

By the time I got to my book club the next evening my pussy was so sore from all the fucking we had done. I was certain I couldn’t possibly cum any more that day. Pamela had decorated the house tastefully for the event, with a table full of snacks, including a white cake that was delicious. I took my seat in the living room in one of the chairs and waited for Pamela to start our meeting. Eight of us were in attendance that evening, each of us with our Hollow Girl copies in our laps. 

“So, what did you think of the book, ladies?” Pamela asked eagerly. 

“Fuck this book,” Barbara said as she crossed her legs. “This was seriously disturbing!” 

‘What was disturbing about it Barbara?” Pamela asked her. Barbara sighed. 

“Well, I can’t tell you how turned on I was at the beginning of the book, but then…well, those gang rape scenes were just so brutal. I couldn’t stop reading it, but it was so awful for Allison.” 

“I had more orgasms from reading this book than all of the 50 shades books combined,” Kelly chimed in. “Yeah the rape scenes were fucked up but all those lesbian scenes were hot!” 

“I liked where she gets tied up by Roger! Both times!” I said. “I thought that was super hot, I love bondage! Plus, my husband and I had so much sex after I read it. It was awesome” 

“Fuck the book,” Pamela said. “I love it, but have you read this girl’s blog?” 

“YES!” I chimed in. “It’s almost as good as the book!” 

Just then, Pamela’s husband Chris walked into the room. He went to the snack table and grabbed a piece of the white cake and popped a forkful into his mouth. 

“Great cake,” he said. “How are you ladies tonight,” he interrupted. 

“We are discussing Hollow Girl,” she told him. 

“This is the only book I’ve read in the past three years,” Chris said pointing to Pamela’s copy. “Amazing book choice, ladies!”

“Wait. You’ve read the book?” Pamela asked him. 

“Well, you left it in the bathroom!” he laughed. “My favorite part is big rape scene where she’s in the giant cage! So hot! Thanks for the cake,” he said to his wife. 

“Wait! Don’t go! You’ve read the book, you should stay for the discussion,” she told him. She winked at him. The rest of us shifted uncomfortably in our chairs. We’d never had a guy at our book club before. 

“Okay,” he said sitting down and shoving more cake in his mouth. 

“Let’s read excerpts of our favorite parts,” Pamela suggested. “Ellen, you go first!” 

“Okay,” Ellen said turning to her bookmarked pages. “I like this part,” she began to read out loud; 

““Allison, I’m sick of fucking
around here. You are not going to mess with me, understand?” Richie asked. He
began to touch my leg in a sexual way, moving his hand up and down and up and
down. Despite the fact that I should’ve hated him for treating me badly it felt
so good that I watched in horror as my leg lifted and pushed itself out, toward
his touch so that he would know it was okay to touch me.

took the hint and started to massage my legs, and then took off my shoe and
began to massage my foot. He went into a full body massage, taking off my pants
and shirt, in order to better massage my body, he explained. He worked his
fingers into my back, my shoulders, my buttocks, my thighs. He paid
particularly close attention to my thighs, working his fingers closer and
closer to my pussy, until they were touching me there, moving to my clit, and
then slipping slowly in and out of my vagina. I was so soaking wet and my body
was hungry to be touched, kissed, caressed, and fucked. I didn’t care at that
moment who was doing the touching and fucking, even if it was him.

like this, don’t you?” he asked softly, huskily as he let two fingers slide
into me at once and then back out. He began to work those two fingers in and
out of me, over and over until I was pushing myself out onto them, bucking
against them, creaming all over them. I wanted him to take me, to make love to
me, to kiss me,” 

Ellen looked up to see that none of us were paying attention. While she had been reading Chris had pulled his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. I saw it first and I looked to Pamela and pointed at Chris. Pamela smiled a naughty smile at me and motioned for me to join her in attacking her husband’s cock. Next thing I knew my mouth was wrapped around Chris’s hard shaft and I was choking on him. A couple of the other girls joined me and Pamela began to push my head down onto her husband’s cock. Ellen put her book down and crouched down and attacked his balls. There were four of us sucking his cock at the same time. 

“You should fuck him,” Pamela said to me and even though my pussy had been so sore from all the masturbating and fucking I had done in the past few days, I was so horny I couldn’t feel it. I hopped onto Chris’s cock and began to bounce. Pamela got underneath us and licked. 

Some of the other women began to make out and next thing we all knew the book club meeting had disintegrated into a full-on orgy. Chris was the only guy and he was absolutely loving it. He had eight women to himself, but of course he could only fuck so many of us before we had emptied all of his cum. Then he watched as we entertained each other just like Allison and Jessica do in Hollow Girl. I couldn’t believe I was still fucking! I thought I had been tapped out before the meeting, but this fucking book just got everyone going again and again. It was the best book we had chosen yet and the best book club meeting ever!