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slut-problems: I was staying at my dad’s plac…


I was staying at my dad’s place that summer and I had just turned 18. He had a pool and of course that meant that there was a pool guy that came once a week  to clean it. On Monday I was lying in the back, tanning completely naked when I saw him for the first time. He was tan and he wore red shorts and no shirt. He had a large straw hat on his head and he wore black flip flop sandals. My heart skipped a beat and then my pussy began to tingle. I could feel my clit come to life and suddenly even the light breeze was stimulating me. I let out a moan and he looked over at me. 

“Hi there!” I said, eyeing him savagely. I fixed my gaze upon his cock, willing him to whip it out and fuck me with it. 

He didn’t do that. Instead he began to clean the pool and so I got up, still naked and rearranged my towel, bending over so he could see my nice ass displayed in front of him. I looked over my shoulder at him, but he couldn’t be bothered with me. It was so frustrating! What did a girl have to do to get some cock around here, anyway?

“Hi there,” I said walking up to him. “So how soon can I swim in the pool after these chemicals are put in?” I asked him. I tried my best to look sexy, sticking my tits out for him to look at. 

“You can go in anytime,” he said. “It’s just acid and chlorine. People swim in it all the time.” 

“Would you want to go in with me?” I asked. “My dad isn’t home. No one is home right now.” 

“I don’t like little girls,” he said. 

“I’m not little. I’m eighteen! I’m completely legal. Plus I’m really horny. I just want to fuck,” I said, basically throwing myself at him.

“I’ve got a girlfriend, anyway,” he told me. “You’re still too young for me,” he said. I stood there, naked and defeated. No one had really ever told me no before. I didn’t know what to do and so I went back to my towel and grabbed my phone and started reading my favorite blog, Slut-Problems. I got so into one of the stories that I forgot the pool guy was even there. I began to absentmindedly finger myself and then I was making myself cum, rubbing my clit nice and hard as I read a story about a girl who loved to fuck lots of men at once. I was so jealous. I just wanted at least one man to fuck, just one to give me what I needed. I cried out and when my orgasm was finished I looked up to see the pool guy standing over me. 

“That was quite a show,” he said smiling. “Still interested in going for a swim with me?” 

“Sure!” I said and so we jumped in together and once we were in the water he grabbed me by the shoulders and he kissed me. “Mmmmm,” he moaned. “I love how young you are.” 

“That’s funny,” I said. “You were just telling me I was too young a few minutes ago.” 

“I lied,” he said. He began to finger my pussy under the water and then he pulled me to the steps on the side of the pool. I looked at his cock as it entered my pussy. It was really long and pretty thick too. it was so long it wouldn’t quite fit all the way inside of me and so he fucked me the best he could with his huge cock and he made me cum right away. I had never fucked a cock as big as his before and the cool water mixed with the heat between us made me cum so hard that my body was shivering and shuddering. I came and came and I looked up at him. He was looking down on me, his eyes fixed on his cock moving in and out of my pussy. 

“I love your tight, young pussy,” he said and then he began to moan. He was going to cum! I watched in awe as his cock thrusted deeper than it should have. He held me tightly as he pushed his cock deeper and harder into me and it began to hit a place of pain deep within me. It fucking hurt and I cried out in pain. This only seemed to make him harder and he fucked me harder and deeper. I was screaming now, the pain taking over me and I begged him to stop. 

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” 

“You’re the one who wanted to fuck this dick, you bitch. Stick your pussy out and make me cum like a good girl.” I tried. I tried my best to stick my pussy out like a good girl for him and thankfully he came quickly. When he had finished we both got out and I ran to grab him a towel. He left shortly after that, not even bothering to apologize to me for fucking me so brutally. 

For the rest of the summer every Monday he came to clean the pool, and every Monday he used my pussy the way he wanted to. It always hurt, but I always felt like such a good, useful little slut afterward. I guess that’s why Mondays became the day I would lie out by the pool in wait, waiting to be treated like the little whore I wished I was. 

slut-problems: This is how Daddy fucks me; har…


This is how Daddy fucks me; hard and fast and full of hate. I’m just a little girl, only eighteen and oh, so dumb! I need my daddy to show me the way, to show me how to make it in this world. Daddy says that he can make it all okay. He can take away all the pain of all the bad things that everybody did to me when I was younger and I couldn’t defend myself. He says that he can make me feel good about myself again. 

I want to believe him, but it’s hard when every person I’ve ever trusted has let me down. I know that Daddy is going to let me down too but I can’t help but love him anyway. I can’t help but try to trust him anyway because I want so much to believe that this time things will be different. I let him grip me by the neck as he pounds me hard with his cock, hammering it deeper and deeper with every thrust. My innocence has been gone for so long, but somehow I still don’t see it coming, the way he chokes me harder and harder and the way it makes me feel. 

I feel my eyes go dark and blank, and the life is sucked out of me. I withdraw into myself, deep down inside the dark shell I’ve created for myself. He can fuck my body as hard as he wants, and it can’t hurt me. It can’t touch me. I can’t see. I can’t feel. I can’t breathe. I exist somewhere deep down inside, where I hide from the truth. I hide from the lies. 

I can’t stop myself from cumming on his cock, and for me this is the only part that’s worth anything. I don’t like all the other parts, the way they make me feel used, discarded and tossed away. But here in these moments where I’m cumming I can pretend that he loves me and that I love him too. I can pretend this isn’t a relationship of convenience, the meeting of his kinks and my baggage. 

The sadistic look on his face as he chokes me out, as he cums deep inside of me is almost as scary as the glassy, vacancy of my eyes. I know they are blank, staring off into space, staring into nothing. He chokes me tighter, until I can feel the pressure building behind my glassy stare. He fucks me harder, deeper, loving the way I’m checked out, knowing he can use my body even harder, even more completely. He can do anything to me when I go vacant, and he does. I let it happen, unable to come out of my trance to tell him to stop. I don’t want him to stop. I love the abuse. It’s all I’ve ever known of love, and I like to be of use. 

Daddy loves using my puffy, little pussy and I…

Daddy loves using my puffy, little pussy and I love being used. Nothing makes me feel more useful than when he fills me up or covers me with his cum. I’m finally useful! I can help Daddy cum!

Reginald wasn’t the kind of guy that I normall…

Reginald wasn’t the kind of guy that I normally went for. We worked together. He was a lot older, and he was nerdy. He wore thick glasses and wore the most hideous clothes. His favorite shirt was this orange polo shirt that made him look even nerdier. He didn’t seem to care that he was nerdy or that I was the kind of girl who normally wouldn’t give a guy like him the time of day. He had an inner confidence that I found appealing, but even more alluring than that was the fact that he didn’t seem like he was into me at all. 

Normally, guys fell all over themselves trying to get to me. They fought over me and wanted my attention. They tried their best to say the right thing, but Reginald didn’t even bother trying to get me. He cooly ignored me, and I didn’t understand why he wasn’t into me. Every guy was into me. At least they had been until now. That was when I started to want him, the moment I realized that he wasn’t into me. It drove me insane, and I made it my mission to show him how interesting I was. 

I began to throw myself at him, but he ignored me. I tried my best to meet his gaze in the elevator, to engage him in conversation in the break room, I even volunteered to be a part of the car pooling program he had been trying to set up. That proved to be a smart move, because it was just he and I every morning on the way to work, and back home at the end of the day. But days went by and still he showed no interest. 

I finally pulled the car over one day on the side of the road and turned to him with a sigh. 

“I don’t get it! Why don’t you like me?” I asked him. 

“I like you. What are you talking about?” he shrugged as if he really didn’t know what I was talking about. 

“I’ve been practically throwing myself at you. I want to fuck you. Why won’t you give me what I want?” I cried, moving my hand onto his cock. He jumped a mile, throwing my hand away. 

“This is sexual harassment!” he told me, but I wasn’t going to stop until I got my cock. No man turned me down for sex, and Reginald wasn’t going to be the first. 

“If you want it, it’s not harassment. Are you telling me you don’t want a blowjob from me?” 

“Look…look Minnie I know you think you want me and all but you don’t. I’m a happily married man.” 

“I don’t care, Reginald. I will drain your cock. Give it over,” I stared into his soul and I could see his inner crisis. I pulled my shirt up, and my bra down exposing my tits for him. I wanted him to see that he could have my perky, young breasts if he wanted them. I wanted him to want them. 

“I can’t. My wife -”

“She’ll never know,” I said and I pulled his cock from his pants and stroked it. 

“Ahhh fuck,” he moaned and I knew that I had him. I stroked his cock for him until he was nice and hard. Only then did I realize what a perfect cock he had. I couldn’t believe it. It had never occurred to me that nerdy guys could have perfect cocks. I had always assumed their cocks would just be pathetic and small. Now I could see that I had been wrong and I bent over the center console and took his perfect cock in my mouth. 

I showed him exactly what kind of a girl I was, sucking and slurping at his cock the way only a slut knows how. He let out moans of approval and I took him so close to cumming, stopping just before he did. 

“Wow, you really know what you’re doing, don’t you?” he admired me. 

“I sure as fuck do. Come back here and help me put the seats down. I need this perfect cock inside of me,” I cooed in the kind of voice that most men couldn’t say no to. Reginald didn’t say no now. He helped with with the seats and I got on my hands and knees for him so he could see my pussy and ass on display. 

“Your body is remarkable,” he said, as if he were thinking it over and taking it all in. 

“Fuck me,” I begged him, and he gave me what I needed. I felt his nerdy cock stab into me, nice and deep. Maybe it was because he was married, but Reginald knew how to use his perfect cock to give me perfect orgasm after perfect orgasm. I couldn’t stand how good it felt and so I let myself scream, only stopping to look back at him and his thick glasses. He stared into my eyes. 

“Keep your eyes on mine while I fuck you, Minnie,” he commanded me and I saw now that though he was a nerd, he knew his way around a woman and he knew how to take control of a girl like me. He gripped me by the neck as he pounded my pussy, shaking the whole car so much that it probably looked like we were really going at it to the passers by. We didn’t care who saw us, or who drove by. We were locked in the moment together, me with my orgasms and him with the stabbing of his cock, deep-dicking my insides with his powerful strokes. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” I screamed for him and my eyes rolled back up into my head. My body began to shake and shudder, his cock at the epicenter of my body quake. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. All I could do was hold on and cum until he was done with me. I could hear his groans of pleasure as he came inside of me and then he came to a stop. 

We paused there for a few moments, breathing heavily as we realized what we had just done, and what it meant for our daily carpool. I was thinking that I had liked what had just happened and I was hoping that this would become a regular thing. We could bang one out on the way to work, and again on the way home. 

“That was…amazing,” I said, my voice frail and weak with exhaustion. I had cum really fucking hard. 

“Yeah, it was,” he said, shaking his head. “I don’t think sex with my wife has ever been this good.” 

“Well then. Maybe we should leave a little earlier in the morning tomorrow so we can have another fuck before work?” I suggested, hoping I didn’t sound too desperate. 

“That’s a fantastic idea,” he said. “But my wife. She can’t ever know.” 

“Don’t worry,” I told him. “As long as you keep fucking me I’ll make sure she never finds out.” 

“Wait. Are you blackmailing me?” he asked with a smile that told me he thought I was kidding. 

“I am. And I’m serious. If you want your wife to not find out, you’ll need to fuck me twice a day. Once before work, once after work.” I gave him a look of superiority so he knew I was serious.


“Dead serious. Now lets get these seats put back and get you home before your wife gets suspicious.” 

“Oh. Okay,” he said and we put the seats back up in silence and got back on the road. I looked over at Reginald and saw he was freaking out. He looked terrified, and he should have been. I was going to hold him to fucking me twice a day on weekdays. Otherwise, I’d tell his wife. I felt good, like I had accomplished something. I always got my man. Always. Nothing was going to get in my way. I was hot, and the guys around me had better acknowledge, or they would be sorry. 

The power he had over me in those days was imm…

The power he had over me in those days was immeasurable. I would have walked through fire for him, followed him off of a cliff. I would have told him anything he wanted to hear, even those three little words. But he never asked. The only thing he asked for was my body, which I freely gave him. It seemed no matter what he commanded me to do, I did it without thinking. I never stopped to question why I did it or why I wanted to. I only did it in the moment, without thinking, a reflex. 

I didn’t heed the warning signs, and I gave in to the waves of pleasure that he made me feel as his body met mine in a deep embrace. He filled me with his cock and what felt like love. I wasn’t really sure what love felt like, but I knew that the way I felt for him was miraculous. I knew that he was the one I wanted to give myself over to. I gave him my body, my virginity, and something more. I gave him my soul my love, and my devotion. He took it as if it had always belonged to him, as if I were a toy he could play with until he grew bored of me. 

I never occurred to me that I wasn’t his only one, and I rarely thought of his life and what he did when he wasn’t with me. I believed that the way he felt for me was similar to the way I felt for him. I didn’t know what love was, or what it felt like, but I assumed that what I felt for him was love as he fucked me, making me ride his cock as he coached and trained me to be his little cock slut. I’d never wanted to be a slut, but it seemed like whatever he wanted, I suddenly wanted. I never thought to question why. All I knew was that I waited for him with an eager lust that I could barely stand. 

When we were together I felt complete, like I was someone important, that I was loved. But he didn’t love me, not the way I thought he did. Over time I found out that he was using me, that the way he fucked me was the way he fucked a bunch of other girls. I learned that he had a way about him, a way of making girls do the things he liked, the things that he wanted them to do. He made me want to fuck him and another girl at the same time. He made me want to take his cock in my ass, and he even made me enjoy the pain.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. Maybe I didn’t want to. But whenever he came around he made demands of me in a hypnotic, commanding voice. He made me want things. He made me believe. 

“You want to ride my cock,” he ordered me, laying back on my bed and waiting for me to obey his command. 

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked, trying to challenge him, trying to see if I could make things run differently by exercising my free will. 

“You want to ride me,” he commanded me again and I watched as my body betrayed my mind. I watched as I climbed up on top of him and slid my pussy down onto his cock the way he wanted. “That’s a good girl,” he praised me as he grabbed me by the neck and pulled my head down toward his until our foreheads were touching. “You want to ride me until I fill you with cum. Move those hips for me. That’s it. That’s a good girl.” 

His praise stoked a fire inside of me, and I forgot all about my own free will and I lost myself in his commands. I lost myself in the pleasure I was feeling as I worked my pussy over his perfect cock. I didn’t care if he was manipulating my mind. It felt so good to be manipulated. It felt so good to do what he wanted me to do. I didn’t need to think for myself. I didn’t need to feel real emotion. All I needed was him, and as long as I let him use me, as long as I let him control my mind, I knew he would continue to give me what I needed. And what I needed more than anything, was him. 

Sherrie was my girlfriend’s daughter and prett…

Sherrie was my girlfriend’s daughter and pretty much the reason I started dating my girlfriend in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I loved fucking Shelly, but I was after Sherrie’s tight, younger cunt from the start. I’d done this before, dating the mom to get to the daughter and it had always worked out in my favor. I’d fucked a lot of mother and daughter sets over the years, and they never saw me coming. I knew how to play like I was a nice guy, a guy that they could both trust. 

I always played it the same, because I knew that it worked. I would wine and dine the mom, pretend to be in love with her and all the while I would keep my distance from the daughter other than to buy her a few gifts the made it look like I was trying to get to know her. Then, when both mother and daughter were comfortable, I would strike. That was what happened with Sherrie. 

Shelly was asleep, drunk from the wine I’d given her. I’d added a little something extra to her wine to make sure she fell into a nice, deep sleep, leaving me some alone time with her pretty, little daughter. Sherrie was out with some friends, but her curfew was midnight and she arrived on time to find me up and waiting for her. 

“How was your night?” I asked her with curiosity. “Come sit down. Have a drink with me,” I poured her a strong drink and she sipped at it. I had drugged her drink too. I wanted to get into her tight, little holes, but she didn’t seem like the type that would let something like that happen. She seemed like the type that would fight against it. So I made the decision for her. 

She talked to me about her night, and I could see she was getting woozy. I helped her to the couch and I waited for her to pass out. I bent her over the couch and lifted up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties, which was fucking hot. I looked at her holes, spreading her ass cheeks open and bending down to lick her pussy and asshole. She tasted heavenly and so I licked her a bit until I heard her moaning through her stupor. 

My cock was hard and I got it out and pushed it into her pussy for the first time. It felt so good to sink into her tight, little hole. She felt a lot like her mother and I marveled at genetics as I fucked deeper and deeper into her wet, little cunt. She was a tighter, hotter version of her mother and I imagined fucking them both at the same time. Sure, they’d probably have to be passed out for that to happen, but I could make it happen, and I liked fucking pussy that was passed out. I liked when they couldn’t fight back and they just laid there, waiting for me to use whatever hole I wanted. 

I concentrated on my thoughts of raping them both and I felt my cock getting harder inside of Sherrie. She began to stir and watching her wake up a bit and realize she was being raped was a fun feeling. I doubted she’d remember it, but the thought of her waking up and finding me fucking her turned me on. It was so risky, and that was what I loved most about it. I fucked her harder, and she woke up more fully, realizing that something was wrong. 

“Todd?” she asked, saying my name. 

“Yes, Sherrie. Hold still and let me fuck you,” I told her. 

“Okay,” she said and then she nodded off again. She had just consented as far as I was concerned, but she had done so under duress and I had caused that duress. That made me hornier than ever and I dumped a nice, big load right up into my girlfriend’s daughter’s pussy. 

“Let me help you upstairs,” I said to Sherrie’s lifeless body and I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder, carrying her upstairs and into her mother’s room. Shelly was passed out naked on the bed where I had left her and I removed Sherrie’s clothes stacked her directly on top of her mother so their holes were right on top of one another. 

I now had four perfect fuck holes stacked in front of me. I pushed into Shelly’s pussy and then pulled out and pushed into Sherrie’s. I went back and forth between their pussies, enjoying that this was something they would never remember. I grabbed my phone and took some photos of their holes stacked up like that. I took a few with my cock in every one of their tight holes, too. 

I fucked their holes, spending equal time in each pussy and asshole until I was so close to cumming I had to make a decision which hole deserved my cum. I finally decided on Sherrie’s asshole and I plunged into it and let my cum out, filling her up with the biggest load I’d shot in a long time. This had been the hottest thing I’d ever done. I rolled Sherrie off of Shelly and I spread both of their legs open so I could look at their pussies while I waited to get hard again. I went to grab a drink and when I returned they were exactly as I left them. I was going to fuck their slutty holes all night long. I loved fucking mothers and daughters, and I had found a way to make that happen. Sure, I was a rapist, but it’s not like they knew that. And it’s not like they were ever going to find out. 

Every night he comes into my room and takes wh…

Every night he comes into my room and takes what he wants. It doesn’t matter who else is home, what I wear, or what time I go to bed. I’ve tried everything to escape him, to avoid his cock pounding my pussy and ass all night long. But he always finds his way into my room and takes what he wants, no matter what I do. He doesn’t allow me to scream. If I scream he hits me and shoves a pillow over my face so that I can’t breathe. 

“Shut the fuck up!” he hisses at me in a loud whisper as he grips my mouth, covering it with his hand. He pulls me hair, scratches me, bites me and shoves his long, hard cock in places it shouldn’t go. He opens me up with his big cock and there is nothing I can do but hold on and take it. I tried telling my grandma, and even my uncle, but they all seem to think I’m full of shit. 

“K.C. would never do that, they tell me. He’s your father,” my grandmother said when I told her. 

“I know you need more attention, but this isn’t the way to get it,” my uncle had said. But they didn’t understand. They had no idea what I was going through or how hard it was to sit down each day when my holes were always sore and swollen from him raping me in the butt. I knew he was my father and he shouldn’t be doing these things but he was and I didn’t know how to make it stop. 

“I heard you were a bad girl,” my dad said to me one night as he mounted me. He shoved his cock into my ass with no lube. He always did that when he wanted to hurt me the most. 

“Please, please don’t hurt me again,” I begged him. 

“Oh, tonight it’s going to be rough. I heard you told your grandmother and your uncle about what was happening here. I told you this was our little secret. This is between us. Don’t you dare go telling anyone what you’re for. You don’t want everyone to know what a slut you are, do you?” His cock was balls-deep in my asshole now and he began to slide it in and out of me. The pain seared through me as he raked his cock back and forth in my tightest hole. I screamed and his hand clamped over my mouth, and his other hand smacked me upside the head. I yelped in pain. 

“I said, shut the fuck up, you dumbshit! You’re my cum dumpster now, and cum dumpsters don’t talk. They don’t complain. They don’t feel. Here, bite this,” he said grabbing the sheet and placing it in my mouth for me to bite down on. I did as he asked, knowing that I had no other choice. He was going to fuck me and hurt me as much as he wanted to. I had better just hold on and pray for it to be over soon. 

He hammered my asshole hard and fast, the way men do when they don’t care about you and they are just trying to get themselves off as fast as possible. He held me down as I bit the sheet and prayed for him to hurry up and cum. He leaned down and whispered something in my ear as I cried. 

“You’re such a good little fuck. That’s why I come back every night. Your mother was never this good. That’s why we’re not together anymore. But luckily I have you to use every night, and no one is going to stop me. You understand you cunt?” I nodded, biting down on the sheet as his cock grew even bigger inside of me right before he came. I could hear his muted grunts of pleasure as he filled my asshole with cum. He pulled his cock from me and I began to relax, hoping he was going to leave. 

“That was nice. But I think I’m still horny. I have some more cum in here for you.” Just as I had been afraid of. He wanted round two. Sometimes he fucked me three or four times in a row. I had been praying that this wasn’t one of those nights, but of course, it was. He climbed around to my face and made me slurp my own ass juices off of his cock. By now, I was used to the taste and the way he fucked my throat like it was my pussy. I learned not to choke, to just take it. So I took it, just like I did every night. He was my real daddy, and though he hadn’t been around when I was growing up, he was around now, and I wanted to love him, I really did. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t love him the way a girl would love her father because he didn’t act like a dad. He acted like a rapist. But he was all I’d ever known of a father, and so I took it, hoping that I could get some of what I needed from him, but knowing all I would get was sore holes and a broken heart. 

Wednesday was the hottest girl in his class, a…

Wednesday was the hottest girl in his class, and Mr. Taylor knew that he shouldn’t fuck her, just like he knew that he shouldn’t have fucked any of the other students his dick had “accidentally” slipped into. It seemed there were a lot of young students tripping and falling pussy-first onto his cock. It was uncanny how they flocked to him, with their mouths open, ready to get stuffed full of his big teacher cock. 

He knew their types. He’d seen every one of them before. There was the overachiever, who wanted to ensure that A+ with her pussy. There was the nerdy cosplay girl that liked to wear no panties and taunt him with her brazenness until he did something about it. There was the outgoing girl that couldn’t quite keep her shit together, but she made up for that by not being able to keep her legs together. And then there was Wednesday. She was the quiet type, and the type he liked the best. She left him subtle hints that he was interested and then she went in for the kill. 

Mr. Taylor’s office hours were usually spent reading quality erotic media such as Slut-Problems on Tumblr, and sometimes possibly some @brutal-whore-degrader when he was looking for something a little shorter. He would stroke his cock reading the stories about stupid, little sluts that fucked their teacher’s dicks for As. He hadn’t planned on anyone walking in, and he usually locked the door, but on that day he had forgotten for some reason. 

It was kismet. 

At that moment, Wednesday opened the door, walking right in on Mr. Taylor, his cock in his hand and an incriminating gif of a male teacher fucking the shit out of a female student displayed on his computer. Wednesday made a squeak, unable to form an actual word, but trying to say something anyway. She looked at the screen and saw the obnoxiously bright mint-colored background and a tiny, little pony icon that she recognized. 

“Is that…” she looked back and forth between his cock and the screen. Her mouth opened and shut and she blinked several times. “Is that Slut-Problems?” 

Mr. Taylor had frozen, his cock still in his hand. He knew he should have moved to put his cock away, but he couldn’t stop staring at Wednesday and his cock was growing harder. He had wanted her for a while now, and this could have been his chance. Instead, she’d caught him with his cock in his hand and she fucking knew the name of his favorite porn blog. 

“Yeah. It is,” he said. He continued to stroke his cock. “Are you a follower too?” 

“Yeah,” she whispered. “This is one of my favorite stories. Mr. Hemingway and the book of poems! ‘This is my book of poems bitch!’” she said in a sadistic voice, quoting the story. 

“Wow, you mean you’ve read this exact story? What are the odds?” 

“I’m sorry I barged in on you,” she said, looking at his cock. “But I have to say you have a very nice cock. If I wasn’t your student I would want to touch it.” She lifted her hand up, as if she were about to touch it, then pulled it away.

“Touch it,” he begged her and the tension in his voice pulled at her. She didn’t want to get in trouble, but she really wanted to fuck him. She had always wanted to fuck a teacher. It was a hot fantasy and he was a handsome man. His cock was calling to her and so she reached up again, this time grabbing it from him. She stroked it slowly at first, but then she got greedy and without thinking she dropped to her knees, letting her book bag fall off of her shoulder to the ground. She wrapped her mouth around his cock and began to suck him, her eyes open and trained on the computer, where her favorite story on her favorite blog was displayed on the screen. 

He pulled his polo shirt off, revealing that he was a heavy gym user. His body made her pussy wet and ready. That’s how sexy he was. She sucked on his cock, working the shaft with her hand. She acted so timid and shy in class, but now she was coming out of her shell with him. Now she was slurping and sucking his cock so well that he let out a deep sigh of relief. He’d needed her mouth on his cock all quarter, and now he was finally finding relief. He stood up, fucking her face harder and faster. 

He pulled her tits out of her mini dress and fondled them as she sucked him. She moaned on his cock and he realized that he needed to fuck her. He grabbed her, suddenly by the shoulder, pulled his cock from her mouth, grabbed her and threw her on the small sofa. He bent her over and without asking, he shoved his cock into her with one swift thrust. She made a sound that came from deep within her and as he began to fuck her she made that same sound every time his cock hit her cervix. It felt so good to finally be inside of her. Her pussy was so young and tight compared to his wife’s, and the best part was that he was getting paid to fuck her. He was on the clock as he pounded her tight, little cunt. 

He gripped Wednesday by the hair and whispered in her ear, “So you like it rough, don’t you, you little slut?” 

“Yes, Sir!” she said between moans of pleasure. He had her ass cheeks spread apart in his hands and his cock was hitting bottom inside of her. She was wincing and that guttural growl she was making was so fucking sexy. He had to hold back his cum as he continued to fuck her. She was cumming now and he didn’t want her to stop. He wanted her to get addicted to his teacher cock and want to fuck him every single fucking day. 

“You want to earn your grade with your pussy, don’t you?” he asked with a snarl, and just the question made her pussy spasm and she had to wait to answer until that orgasm had passed. 

“Yes! Make me earn it with my pussy! Make me your student slut! Please! Give me slut problems!” 

“I’ll give you a fucking slut problem!” he screamed a little too loudly. He fucked her even harder as he grabbed her neck and choked the living shit out of Wednesday, the quiet girl. She wasn’t so quiet now as she came all over his cock. He muted her screams with his hand squeezing her windpipe. The harder he gripped her neck, the tighter her pussy gripped his cock. She felt so fucking good that he just let go. He didn’t think about it. He just did it. He came deep and hard in Wednesday’s pussy. 

“FUCK YES! FUCK!” he grunted as the last of his cum squirted into his student.

“Are you done with my pussy Sir? Or should I suck your cock under your desk for you while you read me a story?” she suggested. She was still horny and he could see it in her eyes and her rosy cheeks that she had cum well. She had cum so well that it had left her hungry for more, and so he took her up on her offer. 

“Get under my desk then, Wednesday. It’s going to take a lot of pussy to earn your C.” 

“My C? I thought I would get an A for this!” 

“You’ll have to work a lot harder for an A, Wednesday.” 

“You can fuck me as hard as you want, whenever you want. I want my A so much.” 

“You are such a slut,” he said with a smile. She knew it was a compliment. 

“Thank you Sir. So what exactly do I have to do for an A?” 

“Get under my desk and I’ll show you,” he smiled and he pushed her under his desk and went back to the beginning of her favorite story. He began to read her the words and her mouth found his balls. She sucked on them and licked them as she read, and by the time he had gotten to the good part, his cock was already rock solid again. He could do anything to her now, and the possibilities began to dance through his head. 

He felt like a kid in a candy store trying to decide what to do to her first. He ran mentally through all the possibilities as she moved her mouth onto his cock and slobbered all over it before she began to suck. She was so fucking perfect. He was going to fuck every one of her holes. He was going to degrade her and use her, and though he knew it was a risk, he didn’t really care. Wednesday’s pussy was absolutely worth getting fired over. And he was certain her ass was going to be worth it, too. 

Little Heather didn’t know why she was so stup…

Little Heather didn’t know why she was so stupid, only that she was. She couldn’t stop going back to the man that hurt her. In fact, she found herself looking forward to those moments when he would take control of her, using her face until she choked, until her mascara was running down her eyes and she was snotting all over the place. He fucked her face in ways that weren’t pretty, in ways that were so brutal they far surpassed the brutality she saw in porn. 

Heather always swore she would never go back to him again. She would limp away from his house and climb into her car, her holes so sore she could barely sit down to drive herself home. The cum gushed from her pussy and threatened to fart out of her ass at any moment. She hated herself in these moments, when she realized how weak and powerless she was to stop the situation from escalating. 

Because no matter how many times Heather would swear to herself that she wasn’t going back, she knew in her heart that she would only be able to resist for so long. She knew that craving inside of her would grow until it was the kind of aching need that couldn’t be ignored, until she found herself agreeing to go back. 

“I promise I’ll go easier on you this time,” he always promised. She always hoped that this would be the time that things would be different, that this time he would go easier on her and it would all be okay. But every time she showed up at his door and he let her inside, she realized that she didn’t really want him to go easy on her. She liked that he went hard on her. In fact, it was what she craved more than anything. She craved the pain and abuse. She craved the way he fucked her face like she didn’t matter. 

She knew she was sick and twisted inside and it made her sad, but she didn’t know what else to do. So she opened her mouth wide and let him skull fuck her while he called her a stupid whore and a slut. It made her mad that he called her names, but her pussy was slick with wetness when he did and that alarmed her. Why was she so fucked up that she craved being called a slut? What was it about him that made her pussy so wild and crazy? Why did she enjoy it when he brutalized her ass? 

These questions swam around in her head as she took his cock in her asshole, letting him pound it with a fierce hatred that spread through her body, a twisted pleasure she knew she shouldn’t indulge in. But she couldn’t help it. She was enjoying this, and as he battered her asshole nice and hard, she could feel the pain and torment of his brutality. She reached her hand down to rub her clit and found her pussy dripping. It seemed the harder he pounded her ass, the wetter she became. She couldn’t deny it. There was something wrong with her, and now she was pretty sure she knew what it was. 

She was a slut. She liked getting fucked hard and fast. She liked emotionless sex in which a man took what he wanted from her, and hurt her with his cock. She liked to be called names and to be made to do unspeakable things. It was in this moment, that Heather finally faced the truth. She was stupid for liking this, stupid for wanting it. She was nothing more than a brainless, little slut. 

I promised myself I would never fuck around wi…

I promised myself I would never fuck around with a married man, and I wouldn’t have done it, except John lied. He didn’t tell me he was married until I was far too addicted to his cock to give it up. He showed me things I would never have believed were real before I met him. 

He fucked me with a force and intensity that shook earthquakes into my body, jiggling my tits, ass and thighs as he pounded me. I screamed with all my might as I clung to him, limply, trying not to pass out from the pleasure. I couldn’t believe that a man could make me feel the things John was making me feel. 

He showed me how strong a man could be as he held me in place with his two hands and pounded his cock into my center, hammering into the heart of me, into the depths of my body until my core was shaking. I would tremble and tremor, my screams like sirens, warning anyone and everyone that John was a force to be reckoned with. 

I was possessed by his lust, captivated by his breath, his voice, his heart. I knew I was falling for him. How could a girl like me not fall? He was making my body bend into pretzels, and then coating me with his dipping sauce. I wanted to bathe in his cum, bask in his presence, let him fill me with his love and his loads.

I thought that I had a chance back then, back before I knew the truth. I let myself dream. I let myself think that maybe, if I played things right that John might actually love me. I’m sure you can imagine how it broke my tender, little heart to hear him say those words I never thought I’d hear him say. Instead of, “I love you” he said, 

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m actually…married.” 

Now I’m THAT girl. I’m in love with a married man, and I can’t stop fucking him.