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slut-problems: This is how Daddy fucks me; har…


This is how Daddy fucks me; hard and fast and full of hate. I’m just a little girl, only eighteen and oh, so dumb! I need my daddy to show me the way, to show me how to make it in this world. Daddy says that he can make it all okay. He can take away all the pain of all the bad things that everybody did to me when I was younger and I couldn’t defend myself. He says that he can make me feel good about myself again. 

I want to believe him, but it’s hard when every person I’ve ever trusted has let me down. I know that Daddy is going to let me down too but I can’t help but love him anyway. I can’t help but try to trust him anyway because I want so much to believe that this time things will be different. I let him grip me by the neck as he pounds me hard with his cock, hammering it deeper and deeper with every thrust. My innocence has been gone for so long, but somehow I still don’t see it coming, the way he chokes me harder and harder and the way it makes me feel. 

I feel my eyes go dark and blank, and the life is sucked out of me. I withdraw into myself, deep down inside the dark shell I’ve created for myself. He can fuck my body as hard as he wants, and it can’t hurt me. It can’t touch me. I can’t see. I can’t feel. I can’t breathe. I exist somewhere deep down inside, where I hide from the truth. I hide from the lies. 

I can’t stop myself from cumming on his cock, and for me this is the only part that’s worth anything. I don’t like all the other parts, the way they make me feel used, discarded and tossed away. But here in these moments where I’m cumming I can pretend that he loves me and that I love him too. I can pretend this isn’t a relationship of convenience, the meeting of his kinks and my baggage. 

The sadistic look on his face as he chokes me out, as he cums deep inside of me is almost as scary as the glassy, vacancy of my eyes. I know they are blank, staring off into space, staring into nothing. He chokes me tighter, until I can feel the pressure building behind my glassy stare. He fucks me harder, deeper, loving the way I’m checked out, knowing he can use my body even harder, even more completely. He can do anything to me when I go vacant, and he does. I let it happen, unable to come out of my trance to tell him to stop. I don’t want him to stop. I love the abuse. It’s all I’ve ever known of love, and I like to be of use. 

Ash was the perverted one. She talked me into …

Ash was the perverted one. She talked me into doing all kinds of fucked up things from the time I was born until this very day. She was the naughty twin, the one that concocted the risky plans. I was the sweet twin, the one who always gave in to her sister. I let Ash decide where we went and when we went there. I let her dictate who our friends would be and when we were old enough she even chose what guys we would date. 

“Why do we always share guys. I’ve met other sets of twins and they all date their own guys?” I asked her. It had been like this for ages. We were waiting for Alexander to come over. He was a boy Ash had met in her chemistry class. 

“We’re different than other sets of twins. We share everything, silly. Don’t you want to share with me?” she asked. For a moment her eyes teared up and I could tell it hurt her feelings that I even thought about not sharing a guy with her. She’d been like this a long time, and part of me understood it, but part of me knew it was wrong. “Come here,” she said, pulling me to her and kissing me deeply. That’s right. She had been fucking me for a long time now. 

Ash had been my first everything. She was my first kiss, the first person to touch my pussy, to lick me there. I remembered how we had hidden it all from everyone until one day Ash had decided that we were old enough that we could let some other people know how close we really were. 

“He’s here!” I called as I saw his car pull up. Ash gave me an evil grin as she moved to the door and opened it. She was waiting for Alexander with her arms outstretched. She pulled him to her, and she kissed his cheek. 

“Wow, you really are twins!” Alexander looked from Ash to me, and back again. 

“This is Jessa,” Ash introduced me to him. I leaned in for a hug and I could smell his cheap body spray. I looked up at Ash, questioningly. Alexander wasn’t like most of the guys she’d brought home. He was actually more of my type. He was nerdy, but cute. He had a nice, patient smile and a sexy soul. I felt a connection to him, instantly. 

“Do you like him?” Ash asked me.

“Yes,” I said, blushing. 

“Kiss him,” she ordered me. I obeyed and I shared a nice, long kiss with Alexander. I felt the chills running through my body. They touched the tips of my toes and the top of my head. I was buzzing with happiness. “Now kiss me,” Ash said, pulling me jealously from him. She kissed me deeply and I kept my eyes on Alex. His mouth dropped as Ash slipped her tongue into my mouth and began to peel my clothing off of me. 

“Wow, you are twins but you kiss?” he asked, stupidly. 

“Yeah, get naked dumbass!” Ash said playfully. 

“Don’t call him that!” I chastised her. She pulled me to the bedroom. 

“Come on, dumbass!” Ash yelled to Alexander. He didn’t seem upset. He quickly ran after us and watched as Ash spread my naked body all over the bed. She parted my pussy lips and licked me with the skill of a well-known lover. She knew how to make me cum better than any other person on the planet, and I loved her so much for that. 

“FUCK!” I screamed as I came. Alexander was naked now and he was at my side, his mouth on mine. We kissed as Ash licked my pussy. I looked down at her to make sure she was okay, and that she wasn’t getting jealous of the way I was making out with Alexander. She gave me a naughty, little look that told me she was having fun and that I should too. Her hand shot over to Alexander’s cock and she stroked it for a bit before she took her mouth from my pussy and wrapped it around his cock. 

Alexander twisted himself a bit until he got his head down between my legs. He licked my pussy for me, and though he didn’t have much of a clue of what he was doing, he tried his best and I used my pussy to push myself against his tongue until I made myself cum. 

“Get on top of his dick,” Ash suddenly ordered me. Before I knew it he was flat on the bed and I was on top of him, my pussy wrapped around his cock. I rocked on his dick as Ash sat on his face. She leaned in to kiss me and we made out as I rode his cock and she rode his face. It was such a beautiful moment when I came, yet again. Ash made herself cum as well.

“Uh, I came,” Alexander said as she moved off of his face. 

“Let me have that pussy!” Ash smiled at me and I knew what she wanted. This was her favorite part. She didn’t like cum straight from the cock very much, but she said when it was mixed with my pussy juices it is her favorite taste in the world. Alexander watched with interest as Ash cleaned the cum from her pussy. Before I knew it he had his semi-hard cock in my mouth and I could taste my own pussy on him as I sucked him hard again. 

Ash was enjoying my pussy, but she she saw how hard Alexander was getting she ordered him to lay back on the bed. She sucked him a bit before she motioned for me to join her. We gave him a dual blowjob. I sucked on his balls while Ash sucked his cock. 

“Get up here, he’s about to cum. I want you to get a facial!” Ash screamed at me urgently. That sounded fun and so I got my face right up near his cock. 

“This is the hottest day of my life! Twins!” Alexander yelled out right before he began to groan with pleasure. His sperm began to spray everywhere as Ash stroked him expertly. We both leaned in, instinctually and opened our mouths. His hot cum sprayed all over our faces and tongues. It got all over our long, blonde hair. Some of it even hit Ash in the tits. 

“YES!” Alexander moaned as he finished. 

“Thanks for the cum, dumbass!” Ash laughed. Then she and I began to lick his cum off of each other. I don’t know why, but the was my favorite part. The look on Alexander’s face was priceless. He looked at us like we were the hottest thing he’d ever seen in his entire life. 

Daddy loves using my puffy, little pussy and I…

Daddy loves using my puffy, little pussy and I love being used. Nothing makes me feel more useful than when he fills me up or covers me with his cum. I’m finally useful! I can help Daddy cum!

Talia was what we referred to as a “Ball Girl….

Talia was what we referred to as a “Ball Girl.” She made sure that the team always had plenty of balls ready to go during practice and games. She kept score for us, too and other things. But the real reason we called them Ball Girls was that they always kept our balls drained. 

Talia was the best Ball Girl we’d ever had. She liked for us to tie her up and gag her in the locker room. Then we would wait in line for our turn to unload our balls into Talia’s cunt. Honestly, I learned quickly that I wanted to be at the end of the line, because the more Talia got fucked and the more cum that was dumped inside of her, the sluttier she looked and felt. Her pussy felt better and better as guy after guy fucked her open and dropped loads in her. 

She took her job as Ball Girl seriously, and I think that was what we loved best about her. She was willing to suck and fuck all of our cocks, and she didn’t play favorites. She just sucked and fucked whatever cock was in front of her, whoever was in need. She let us tie her up, clamp her nipples, and smack her around. She let it get as rough as we wanted it to be, understanding that when we lost we needed a place to unload our anger and resentment. 

We probably took her for granted while she was around, but after she graduated we never found another Ball Girl quite like her. Talia was special. Talia had been happy being our whipping post, and our cum post too. I would always remember how she let us all dump in her, like a fucking slut. It was so sexy, and honestly I miss those days. It was nice having a team cum dumpster. 

slut-problems: I’d watched them working on the…


I’d watched them working on the house all week, and honestly they were all fucking hot with their jeans, work boots and tool belts. I wanted to fuck all of them, but I would have settled for just one of them. The hottest one was named Mike and he was the head contractor. He was always asking me to walk around the site and approve of things, but I was mainly just approving of his fine ass as I followed him around, nodding my head in agreement with whatever he said. 

I masturbated a lot that week, excusing myself to my bedroom and whipping out my vibrator. I didn’t hold back the screams as I came while I thought about fucking every single one of those construction workers. I walked out of my room after a particularly intense masturbation session to see Mike standing right outside of my door. Next to him was Mitch, his right-hand man. 

“I’m so sorry, Miss Webb. We were looking for you and we were just about to knock.” I smiled coyly. 

“So I’m guessing you probably heard all of that?” I might have been screaming, “Oh Mike, fuck me! Fuck me!” and I blushed as I thought about all of the other things I’d said. I had been busted! 

“Yes, but we are absolute professionals. We will never speak another word about it,” he assured me. 

“What if I want you to speak a word about it?” I taunted him. “And maybe you too,” I said to Mitch. 

“We are here to do a construction job, Miss Webb. That’s what we are doing. We aren’t trying to interfere with your, um, personal business…” he trailed off, unable to put what he was saying into words. 

“Come in here,” I ordered them. “I was thinking of putting a new room addition in here as well,” I lied. “What do you guys think about here? Oh, close the door Mitch! I don’t like the air to escape from my room.” I was stalling now, trying to find a way to get both of their cocks. 

“A room addition here?” Mike said, puzzled. 

“Yeah, you don’t think it would work?” I asked. “How about a blow job instead then?” I asked him. 

“Miss Webb! That’s highly inappropriate!” Mike said. Thats when I let my little sundress drop to the ground, baring my naked body to him. 

“Are you sure?” I asked him, raising my eyebrow at him. “Mitch?” I gave Mitch my best slut smile. Mitch began to unbuckle his pants and next thing I knew Mike was getting his cock out as well. I began to suck first Mike, then Mitch, then back to Mike, then Mitch. I was in construction worker heaven! I sucked both of their cocks until they were painting my face with their cum. I had never felt more slutty and I was having the best time. 

The rest of the week was more of the same, except from that point on they all just took turns coming into my room and letting me suck their cocks for them and I even fucked some of them that were interested. Still, Mike remained my favorite. He used me the most of all. He came early in the morning to dump a load in one of my holes and he stayed late each night so he could finish each evening by dumping another load in me. 

They gave me a lot of discounts on their work, but to be honest, I just kept adding more and more work to the job. In total they were working on my house for almost nine months. I guess most customers were probably happy when Mike and his crew finished a job for them. Not me, though. I was devastated that I was losing my fuck crew. I actually considered buying a new house just so I could have them do some more work for me. I was that desperate to continue being their little cum slut. 

“Tell us!” my friends asked as they gathered a…

“Tell us!” my friends asked as they gathered around me. 

“Okay, so we play this game. It’s called Cum Target and I hold my tits out, open my mouth and close my eyes and he tries to shoot his cum all over me.” 

“That is so demeaning!” one of my friends says. 

“That is so gross!” says another. 

“It’s not demeaning. It’s fun, and besides he lets me scoop all the cum off and eat it afterwards,” I explained. 

“That is SO gross,” my friend says. That’s when I realized that all of my friends are a bunch of babies. They don’t know anything about sex.

My mother told me not to give myself away too …

My mother told me not to give myself away too easily, not to let men have what they wanted too soon. She told me to respect myself and I listened to her with my eyes wide and my heart heavy. I told myself I would always listen to my mother and I would make men respect me. I would make them work to get my pussy, like my mother taught me. I would insist that they were in love with me first and I would make them treat me well. 

I don’t know where I went wrong, or how. All I know is that he’s pounding my pussy as hard and fast as he wants to, and he expects me to take it. I know I promised I wouldn’t give up my pussy to any guy unless he says he loves me, but somehow he convinced me to let him stick his cock inside of me. I don’t know what possessed me to say yes, but ever since then all he wants to do to me is fuck me. He doesn’t take me out on dates anymore. He doesn’t dote on me or buy me things like he did at the beginning. 

Now all he takes is my body. As soon as I walk through his front door he grabs me and pulls all of my clothes off. Then he fucks me as hard as he wants for as long as he wants. I tried to stick up for myself. I asked him why we never went anywhere anymore and why he just fucks me all the time. 

“I thought you liked cumming, honey,” is all he had to say about that, right before he bent me over and shoved his cock into me from behind. 

“But! But, my mother told me that if a guy is only using me for sex that it’s not a real relationship,” I tried to explain as he pinned me down and shoved his cock into my pussy for round three. He’d already used me twice and I was so sore I couldn’t imagine fucking anymore. 

“Your mother is old-fashioned,” he told me. “She doesn’t know the way the world works now. Now girls like getting fucked. They like cumming. They don’t need to play stupid games. We all know you want this,” he said, his voice harsh and sadistic. 

“What if I don’t like it?” I asked him. 

“Tell me you don’t like it and I’ll stop,” he said and though he had my face pressed down into the pillow and he was hammering away at my pussy with his cock, I suspect he could still see the guilty look on my face. He had called my bluff, and he was right. I did enjoy getting my pussy fucked. I enjoyed how hard he fucked me and how much he made me cum. It just made me feel guilty somewhere, deep down. 

The thoughts of my guilt were punctuated by the thrusts of his cock, deep inside of my pussy. I let out a few screams of pleasure. Why did I love being used so much? My mother had been right. I should have stood up for myself. Then none of this would be happening. But then, I wouldn’t be cumming this hard, either. And that’s when I had to stop thinking as my orgasm peeled my mind away from the core, until there was no thought, only pleasure. Until I surrender to my true purpose, being the place he liked to dump his cum. 

I knew I shouldn’t have signed up for this, bu…

I knew I shouldn’t have signed up for this, but I couldn’t help myself. I had always fantasized about being put on display for men to fuck. I’d been to this sex club plenty of times and I’d seen the women put on display, their legs spread and their pussies open for fucking. Anyone could just walk right up to their pussies and lick or touch them. They could even fuck them. They’d signed a waiver, just like the one I had signed before they strapped me onto the little red mattress and stuck my pussy through the hole in the wall. 

They chained and strapped my legs open so they hung to either side of my open cunt. I was the only girl so far for the night. There were three spots, and on some nights that I’d been here all three spots had been filled with pussies. But tonight, it was just me and my pussy was dripping in anticipation of what was to cum. I had no way of knowing who was touching or fucking my pussy, or even my ass. I was a bit bored as I waited for some action. Just when I thought that I was about to lose my mind with the waiting, I felt someone touch my leg. 

“Look, honey! It’s a girl! Well, it’s her pussy. Look at how hot it is!” I was glad that a woman had found me first. Her fingers went into my pussy and she began to lick my clit, tentatively at first and then with increasing intensity as she heard my moans from the other side of the wall. “She likes it!” the woman told the man. 

“Should I fuck it?” he asked her, as if I weren’t even a person. I could feel my pussy dripping at the thought of being just a hole, not a real person to them. That was why I had let them strap me down like this, so I could be truly used. And it was happening. I could feel the warmth of his cock as he pressed it into me. I also felt the woman’s tongue on my clit and I came pretty hard, allowing myself to writhe around and scream. My body fought against it’s restraints as I screamed and came for them both. 

“I probably shouldn’t cum in her pussy,” the man said. 

“She can’t stop you,” the woman said and that’s when I heard him grunt and moan. I knew he was cumming and I could feel the warmth of his load as he emptied his cock into me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had been used by two people at once. I had been cum in against my will. It was so fucking hot. 

“Thanks!” the woman called to me, and she gave me two appreciative pats on one of my legs and I heard them leave. I didn’t have to wait long for more action. There were lots of cocks that stopped to fuck me, many of them fucking me without condoms and cumming directly into me. 

“I hope you like this, you slut!” one man said as he pumped his cock into me and let him cum loose inside of me. “Good cum dumpster,” he praised me before he left. 

“Oooh, a cream pie!” one man exclaimed when he saw my pussy. I could feel his tongue up inside of my hole as he licked all the cum clean. I shuddered a bit as I thought of how many loads he was licking up, but I suppose it probably turned him on or he wouldn’t be doing it. 

By the time my shift was over, the staff came to unlock me from my restraints. I was happy to be in a different position for a few minutes. 

“The girl for the next shift cancelled,” the staff guy told me. “You want to stay for another shift, or are you done?” I thought about this. My body was a bit sore from being in the same position for the past two hours, but I kind of wanted to do it again. 

“Let me just go pee and I’d be happy to do another shift. I went to the bathroom and looked at my pussy. It was so full of cum and looked so used and stretched out. It turned me on so much that I had to rub my clit right there in the restroom until I came. By the time I made it back to my post I was ready for more, and as the staff strapped me up and got me ready I knew there was a line forming. The club was going off now, and my pussy was ready to be used. I sent up a prayer to God to give me the strength to endure all of the orgasms I was about to have. It was about to be the wildest night of my life. 

Ride my ass. Go ahead. I know I look like a sw…

Ride my ass. Go ahead. I know I look like a sweet and innocent girl, but I have a secret I keep hidden deep inside, almost as deep as I want your cock in my ass. That’s right, I said I want your cock in my ass. I want you to lift my skirt so you can see that I’m such a slut I don’t even bother to wear panties. They only get in the way, anyway. I don’t want anything between my ass and your cock. 

So go ahead, push it inside. Normally I’d say you should lube up first but sometimes I like the pain of a man going in raw and dry. I want to feel the burn as you rip into me, as you hurt me on the deepest level imaginable. I need the pain. I crave it. I know I’m a sick slut, but I know you won’t tell anyone because you’re just as sick as me. Sick recognizes sick, and we both have the same sickness. We are both perverts of the disgusting kind. You’re the kind that likes to hurt women, and I’m the kind that likes to be hurt by big, strong men. I like to be brutalized, tenderized and tortured. I like to bleed and cry. It’s the only way I can really cum. 

Please don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen here, that you know the truth about me. I don’t want anyone to know how I take your cock nice and deep, how I let you use me in ways I’d never let one of my stupid boyfriends use me. With my boyfriends I’m a “pussy only” kind of girl, the kind that they can trust and love. But here, in the shadows with you I’m something else. I’m a disgusting girl with her ass open, getting it pounded by a near stranger over his kitchen table. I grab the edge, bracing myself as I take your cock as deep as you can sink it into my tightest hole. I’m opened up in ways that make me feel the pain of who and what I am. I’m a sick, twisted little slut, the kind that every man secretly dreams of fucking, but also the kind that no man wants to admit they fucked. 

So go ahead ride me hard and dump your cum in me. I know what I’m for. I’m just an anal slut. I’m your fucking cum dump. 

It was no walk in the park, taking his cum lik…

It was no walk in the park, taking his cum like that in public where anyone could just walk by and see. He had lured me out into the park with the promise of a picnic and spending some time getting to know one another. It wasn’t our first date, but we hadn’t had sex yet. He was still on his best behavior the way that guys were before they’d slept with you. He spread the blanket he’d brought onto the grass and allowed me to set the picnic basket he’d prepared down. I opened it up as I knelt down and saw that there was a bottle of wine and some plastic cups, and what looked like a few containers of food. 

“Wine? How nice,” I said, and I pulled the bottle out and smiled. Pinot Noir? Hmmm. I wasn’t a wine person, but whatever it was it would probably get me drunk. He fished a bottle opener out of the basket and opened the wine for me, pouring it into a red cup for me. He poured one for himself. 

“A toast, to new friends!” he said, holding up his cup. I tapped my cup to his and smiled. 

“To new friends!” We drank as he pulled out the food. We nibbled a bit before he pulled me to him for a kiss. Before I knew it, his hand was up my skirt and he had two fingers in my pussy, The wine made my face feel hot, and as I kissed him I realized I was ready, He had seduced me. I wanted to fuck him. It really was too bad we were in the middle of a park. 

“Feel me,” he grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his hardness through his shorts and I enjoyed the way it felt in my hand. I wanted him to do more to me and so I opened my legs to let him know that it was okay to do whatever he wanted. He stopped to pull his cock out and he placed my hand on it. 

“Wow, your cock is big,” I said simply, knowing that I’d never fucked a guy with a cock as big as his. I was excited, and I realized that I didn’t care that we were at a park. I didn’t care that we were in public. No one was out here. I could fuck him right here and no one would even see. I stroked his cock as he continued to work his fingers in and out of me. I could feel my own pussy juices dripping and they made a wet, squishing sound as he worked his fingers in me. “I want to fuck you. Please. Fuck me,” I begged him. I sounded desperate, but I didn’t care. 

“I thought you’d never ask,” he smiled as he lifted my skirt a bit and replaced his fingers with his thickness. His cock pushed deep and it felt so good inside of me that I let out a tentative moan. I looked around, worried that we were being watched, but we were alone in the park and there was not a soul in sight. He fucked me harder with every thrust and before I knew it I was screaming as I came for him. We were really going at it now, and I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but it sure felt good. I’d never fucked in such a public place, and doing so was making me cum so much harder than I’d ever cum. 

I had never known that I had it in me to be an exhibitionist, but I was finding out new things about myself! I was extremely happy that I had come on this picnic. I was cumming my ass off and I wasn’t bothering to be quiet. My screams were so loud that they filled the large park and I was certain if anyone walked by they would think that I was being raped or murdered. It sure sounded like it, but I was in a glorious euphoria. I was in the perfect rapture of a series of orgasms that trumped all the times I’d cum before this. 

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” he asked me, and I froze for a moment. He had asked if I was a slut. I wasn’t sure if I was one or not, to be honest. I didn’t do things like this every day, but right now I was feeling pretty slutty and so I said what he wanted to hear. 

“YES! I’M A SLUT! I’M A SLUT!” I screamed for him. 

“Good! Then take my cum, you slut!’ he screamed, and he stood up behind me and pulled me up so his cock was right over my face. “Look up at me. I want to see your eyes while I cum all over your slutty face!” 

I lifted my eyes up and found his. Our eyes locked as he stroked his cock fervently. He knew that I was a slut now. We were done pretending. Gone was the nice guy who had been respectful. In his place was a man who was about to dump a load of cum all over my slutty, little face. I opened my mouth and listened as he let out a slow moan. 

“Take my cum, slut!” he screamed as his cum began to release. He rested his cock on my forehead and his cum squirted out, flowing down my face in a waterfall of lust that coated my features. I felt like the biggest cum slut as he ruined my make-up with his orgasm. I shut my eyes to keep the cum from hitting them, and I could feel the eruption of his cum as it traveled down my face like hot lava from a volcano. 

“How do you feel?” he asked me, the last of his cum dripping from his cock. 

“I feel…like a slut.”

“You are a slut,” he told me. “I’ve gone on a lot of picnics. Most girls don’t let me fuck them and cum all over their faces. Only you. You’re a slut.” 

“Is that a good thing?” I asked, not really sure if it was. “I mean, I don’t do things like this all the time. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this.” 

“That’s what all sluts say,” he said, but I could tell he was teasing. 

“I can’t believe no one saw us!” I confided, with excitement. “I’ve never done public sex like this. It was a rush!” I could feel the cum running into my eyes and I wiped at them. 

“Well, I hate to break this to you, but we have a bit of an audience.” He pointed off in the distance and I saw a couple of guys who had been playing baseball. I hadn’t seen them before. 

“Oh my God! You mean they were watching?” 

“Yeah.” The guys on the baseball diamond saw me looking their way and they began to clap, as if I had just done a performance. One of them did a fist pump in the air, too. 

“Well, looks like they enjoyed the show. Should we give them more?” I asked my picnic buddy. 

“Sure,” he said with a laugh. “You’re not doing a good job of pretending to not be a slut, though. I’m on to you.” 

“Maybe I am a slut,” I said with a shrug, and then I grabbed his cock, bent down and took it in my mouth. I made sure to face the direction of the baseball diamond. I wanted my audience to see every slutty second of what was about to happen.