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My husband is so proud of me that I go into th…

My husband is so proud of me that I go into the office so early. He knows I’m trying to get ahead so I can snag that promotion I’ve been asking for. He is so supportive of me and my ambition, which is why I married him in the first place. But some days I feel guilty, because I know the truth. I know the real reason I go into the office early. 

I wasn’t lying about trying to snag the promotion, but I definitely left out how I was going about getting it. I’d been coming in early so that my boss could fuck me right on top of his desk. I let him pound all of my holes as hard as he wants, too. He knows I’m married, and I know he is too. Maybe that’s what makes it so fun.

“So how many times do I have to fuck you before I get the promotion?” I asked him the moment he walked in the door. I’d been waiting for him in his office wearing nothing but my stockings and heels. I draped myself over his desk as he smiled and told me good-morning. He took off his clothes while I spread my legs, baring my pussy for him. 

“I don’t know. Why don’t we fuck some more and find out,” he smiled at me and I grinned back, excited to get him inside of me again. He fucked so much better than my husband. He had a hunger for me that my husband had lost for me long ago. To him, I was a fresh, new pussy to fuck and boy did he sure fuck it! He pulled my ass to the edge of his desk and bent down to give me a passionate kiss. 

There was so much between us and I could feel the current of his lust as it flowed through me. I lived for these moments alone with him before work. I tried  not to think of my husband laying in bed alone at home while I fucked my boss each morning. I took my boss’s cock deep inside of my pussy and I let him fuck me nice and hard, in a way that I had never let my husband take me. I don’t know why I let my boss do whatever he wanted to me, but I couldn’t help it. 

Maybe it was the way his cock made me cum in ways my husband’s never had. Maybe it was the way he dominated me, telling me what to do or how to do it. Maybe it was the promotion that I was earning with my pussy and would probably get if I just kept showing up early and letting him dump his cum in me. 

I knew he was using me. I knew I was nothing more than a cum dumpster for him. I was a hot secretary he could screw on the side. That thought made me cum so hard every time I thought about it. I was the side bitch. I was the other woman. And I was going to profit from it. I came so hard that I could feel my eyes roll so far back into my head that I was worried they wouldn’t roll back.

He fucked me harder and harder each day, drilling me into the desk until I had bruises from where the desk pushed into my skin. I let him slap me, pull my hair and choke me. I let him call me names and I did it all because I was a cheating slut. I told myself that I was doing this for the promotion, but I knew that it was much, much worse than that. I was fucking my boss because I was a slut. I liked cumming. I liked being used. The promotion would be nice, but my boss’s cock was pretty fucking perfect, promotion or not. 

I know you’re not going to tell your boyfriend…

I know you’re not going to tell your boyfriend what happened here. He trusted me with you while you were in town and he wasn’t. We both know he’ll be here tomorrow morning and that all the things that happened while he was gone will remain a juicy secret. I like my secrets juicy, just like I like my women. 

“I’m not a lesbian,” you told me that first night when I offered to fill in for your boyfriend. I definitely spiked your drink, but I’m pretty sure you could taste it. I’m pretty sure that you knew my agenda and you were looking for an excuse to be the first item on my to-do list. 

“You don’t have to be a lesbian to get fucked by a strap on cock,” I explained to you. “Come here, let me show you something.” You got up and followed me to my bedroom and I pulled out my plastic cock and watched your mouth drop open. 

“Wow, so you fuck girls with this. It’s so much bigger than Chucks,” you said, and I laughed. I knew my cock was bigger than your stupid boyfriend’s. I’d fucked him plenty of times since I’d moved in, but I didn’t tell you that. Not then, anyway. 

“Get naked and bend over and I’ll show you how much better it feels that his cock, too,” I gave you a dirty smile.

“I don’t know…” you said, but we both knew you were just playing hard to get. I knew you wanted to try it and so I grabbed you and tackled you onto my bed. I let my mouth find yours and I kissed you until you kissed me back. I know we both weren’t expecting how good those kisses felt. I love the way you made me feel as our mouths joined. I hadn’t planned on the way you made me feel, but I let my feelings for you run wild as we continued to make out. 

My fingers found your pussy and before I knew it, I had you bent over and I was pushing my plastic cock into you for the first time. Your ass and pussy looked so perfect as I fucked you nice and hard, the way I knew you liked it. Chuck had told me all about you, all about what you liked in bed. So I was prepared. I hammered your pussy as hard as I could, and sure enough, that made you cum. You liked being fucked like a slut, and I liked fucking you like one. 

I didn’t stop until I’d made you cum ten times and I was so tired I couldn’t go on. Your mouth found mine again and I’ll never forget what you said. 

“You fuck so much better than Chuck.” The words were like music to my ears. I had fucked you better than a guy, specifically your boyfriend. It made me feel so powerful, and it made you want to fuck me all the time. We fucked all over the house. We fucked in the kitchen and the living room. We fucked on the back patio, the office, and the den. We fucked in the bathroom, the guest room, and even in Chuck’s room, right on his bed. 

“This is so wrong!” you said, every single time. 

“Yes, it is slut! Now give me that pussy! Let me make you cum!” I screamed, hammering you home with my plastic cock.

I know when Chuck comes home it will all change and we will have to go back to pretending that we are nothing. Or…maybe if I play you both just right I can join both of you in bed. 

slut-problems: I want to be raped and used by…


I want to be raped and used by him more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. Every time he walks by I imagine us on my couch fucking, his hands wrapping my neck. He slaps me, back and forth across the face. 

“You cheating bitch,” he says and we both know it’s true as he pounds my pussy with his cock even harder. I cum like crazy on his dick. His cock is bigger. He’s better looking. He fucks better. My husband is great and all, but his brother Chet is the one I really want. I married the wrong brother, but it’s okay. I’m going to somehow let him know. I’m going to get him in my pussy! I’m going to drain load after load of his precious cum into my hungry, little pussy. I know he wants me. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me. I can tell he wants to devour me, to tear me apart with his cock, to choke me with his hands. 

I can sense that he likes it rough. He’s not vanilla like my fucking husband. I’m so fucking bored with the wrong brother. I wish there were a way to get rid of my husband and then take his brother instead. If there was a way I would have thought of it by now. So instead I think about Chet while I fuck my husband. I think about everything that we would do and exactly how we would do it. 

“You came so hard,” my husband says after I have an orgasm that was inspired by Chet. 

“I know,” I tell him. “I was thinking about getting choked and slapped. Maybe you should try that on me sometime.” I leave out the part about Chet. He can’t know. 

“You know I’m not into that, babe. I could never hurt you,” he says. As sweet as that is it makes me want to die. What’s a girl got to do to get manhandled around here, anyway? Every time he says something like that it just pushes me one step closer, one step further to Chet. I know Chet would choke me out until I passed out. I just fucking know it. 

I couldn’t wait to get away from my fiancé for…

I couldn’t wait to get away from my fiancé for a bit so I could have a little fun. I wasn’t quite ready to settle down completely, and luckily my fiancé understood that about me and he let me fuck other guys when I needed it. I checked into my hotel and I waited for my fuck buddy to arrive as I sipped straight from the bottle of vodka I’d brought with me. I smoked some herb while I waited, and when he arrived I immediately dropped to my knees and gave him the kind of blowjob that told him how much I’d missed him. We fucked almost all night, and fell asleep in one another’s arms. 

In the morning my fiancé wanted all the details and so I sent him a few pictures I’d taken from the sex I’d had the night before. I knew it turned him on to see the evidence that I’d been a slut. He was the first guy that had truly understood me and my need to be a slut and fuck other cocks. That was why we were engaged. I needed a man like him in my life, one that could encourage my slut behavior instead of hating me for it. I had a low tolerance for jealousy and bullshit. Having been a slut all my life, I’d dealt with plenty of jealousy. 

My fuck buddy and I headed to the festival, taking shit tons of drugs as we arrived and slipped inside. There were bodies everywhere and it was like a slut dream come true. My fuck buddy and I danced our way from one stage to another, stopping only for him to push the tiny g-string I was wearing to the side so he could stick his cock in me. I was wearing a long shirt as a dress, but it didn’t really cover much. I wanted everyone to see my ass. I wanted everyone to see what a slut I was. 

We fucked right there in the open, where anyone could see. Plenty of people were staring as I bounced on his cock, and I even invited a couple of other hot guys to join in. Before I knew it they were ganging up on me, fucking me in the ass and pussy at the same time. I took cock after cock in DP as my fuck buddy tried his best to manage the crowd of guys who wanted a turn. My fuck buddy was awesome about it. He wasn’t jealous. Instead, he pulled out his camera and took lots of photos and video of me getting gang banged in the middle of the festival. 

“Hey!” A security guard came over to us and told us we couldn’t have sex here and we would be asked to leave if we didn’t stop. We nodded and moved to the next stage where we did it all over again. 

Later that night my fuck buddy and I lay exhausted on the hotel bed, our bodies sticky with sweat. We were coming down from the drugs, but that didn’t stop us from having another fuck, this time on a bed. He fucked me hard in doggy style and it felt so good to cum again on his cock. I thought about my fiancé all alone at home and I hoped he didn’t miss me too much. I still missed him, even though I was having fun. I sent him a text that said I loved him and then I fell into a deep sleep. 

The next day, we did it all again. We got high as kites and made our way back through the crowds. I was dressed even sluttier that the day before. I wore a tiny, little tube top that barely stayed up when I danced, and a tiny skirt that barely covered my ass with no panties at all. I felt hands grabbing at my ass as I walked through the crowd, and before I knew it I was getting fucked on the dance floor again. A line began to form, and my fuck buddy was trying to manage it, making sure people were still respecting me, even though I was acting like the kind of slut who didn’t deserve respect. I didn’t use condoms. I was too high to think of details like that. I didn’t tell guys they had to pull out either, so by the time the day was done I was filled with so many loads of cum that my pussy smelled like a sewer.

“Damn, your pussy smells good,” my fuck buddy told me as we entered the hotel room. “I can smell it from here. You’re such a fucking slut. It’s so fucking hot,” he leaned in and kissed me and I watched in horror as he kissed down my belly and stuck his head under my skirt. I tried to pull away but he stopped me. 

“Stop. Let me taste it. I just want to taste it,” he begged me. 

“No, it’s gross. All those guys came in me,” I tried to stop him. I tried to explain, but he shushed me and he stuck his tongue into my pussy and began to eat it. He made noises of contentment as I watched in awe. I couldn’t believe that there were men out there that appreciated a slut like me this much. I wondered where they had been my whole life. It seemed like as soon as I accepted myself as a slut, that I began to attract the kind of men that loved sluts like me. 

He fucked me nice and hard for a few more hours, until my pussy was raw and tired and I fell into a fitful sleep. By the time I woke up, it was time to check out and I kissed my fuck buddy good-bye and headed back to my fiancé. I couldn’t wait to see him. I was so tired from the festival and all of the fucking that I just wanted to be cuddled and held close. I just wanted to be loved, and I knew the only man that could make me feel that way was my fiancé. I needed him so fucking much. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him everything that happened. I loved him so much and I wasn’t sure if what I had done would be too much for him or not. So I decided just to tell him about the sex I’d had with my fuck buddy, since I’d sent him pictures of that. I would leave out the sex I’d had at the festival. I wasn’t sure if he could handle DPs, gang bangs and sewer pussy yet. I wasn’t ready to lose him over it either. 

slut-problems: My husband and I were on road t…


My husband and I were on road trip and we stopped at this rest stop in a place called Twin Peaks. Neither of us had heard of the place, but we needed a break and the sign said there was food and gas and so we took the exit and followed the stream of cars to the rest stop, which was really more like a small town. There were several gas stations, a depot, several fast food joints, some sit-down restaurants and a weird little sex shop. I eyed the sex shop as my husband pulled into the gas station. 

“Look honey! A sex shop! Maybe we can take a minute and check it out!” I got out of the car excitedly. I wonder if they had any gadgets in this little town that they didn’t have in the big city we were from. My husband didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. He wrinkled his forehead.

“A sex shop? Really? Right now? All I can think of is taking a piss and grabbing a sandwich. I can grab you a sandwich for the road if you want to go check out the sex shop. Just don’t spend too much money. We still have to get home,” he warned and I gave him a smile. 

“Okay! I’m going to go check it out. Turkey on wheat. No onions,” I told him, as if he didn’t already know what I would want. We had been married for almost twelve years by now. He knew everything there was to know. I watched him walk toward the sandwich shop and I went across the street to the little sex shop. 

I opened the glass door with a smile and as soon as I entered I saw that they got a lot of business. There were tons of people in the shop and I had to practically elbow my way down the aisles as I looked at the sex toys. Most of them were silly novelty type items like penis ice cube trays and cheap blow up dolls in the shape of midgets and things like that. I giggled as I looked at a pair of fuzzy pink hand cuffs. I had just gotten to the actual vibrator section when a man bumped into me and smiled. 

“You know they have glory holes in the back,” was all he said. 

“They do? I didn’t know that!” 

“That’s why I’m telling you. I just came from them and it was a lot of fun. You look like a fun kind of girl that might enjoy that sort of thing.”

“Thanks a lot!” I said as I rushed to the back of the store looking for the glory holes. 

“You looking for the glory holes?” a man asked me. 

“Yes!” I said excitedly. 

“Right over there, ma’am,” he told me pointing me toward the sign that said “GLORY HOLES” written on a piece of wood in black marker and nailed to the wall. 

“Thanks!” I said and I made my way back to the very back of the store. There was a small door and I walked through it and saw that there were many booths, all next to one another like dressing rooms. I walked into one of them and closed the door. I didn’t know what to do, but when I looked at the two holes on each wall on either side of me I wondered if someone would actually try to stick their dick through one of them. I waited a few minutes and I was just about to leave when I heard something in the booth to my right. Suddenly a cock popped through the hole. I instantly grabbed it and I could hear a moan on the other side of the wall. 

I pulled on the cock, working it with my hands the way I usually worked my husband’s cock. I knew I was cheating, but for some reason it didn’t feel like cheating. Maybe it was because it was just a random cock stuck through a hole and not an actual person that made it so easy, but I was guilt free as I bent down and gave the cock a little lick. Then I stuck the whole thing in my mouth and sucked on it. I could hear more moaning from the other side of the wall and I liked it! It made me want to do more. 

I backed my ass up to the wall and I guided the cock into my pussy and began to fuck it. I moved up and down on the cock and I could hear the man moaning from next door. I smiled to myself and then I got an even better idea! I pulled the cock out of my pussy and I shoved it slowly into my asshole. It felt really good. My husband never fucked me in the ass, even though I loved it. Now I was going to get what I wanted and my husband was never going to find out about it. He was going to think I just popped into a sex shop and didn’t buy anything. He would probably even be impressed with my restraint. 

I fucked the cock with my asshole, enjoying the sensation as I rubbed my clit with my fingers. I came hard on the cock, screaming loudly enough for everyone in the store to hear me. I could feel the cock erupt inside of my ass and I knew that I had drained it. I pulled my ass off of the cock and then I dressed, grabbed my purse and headed out of the booth. I didn’t want the person who had been in the booth next to me to see who I was and so I quickly made my way out of the store and popped into the bistro next door to use the restroom and clean myself up more completely. 

By the time I walked out I looked like nothing had ever happened. I made my way back across the street to our car. My husband was already there waiting for me with a sandwich in his hand. 

“Damn honey, what took you so long?” he asked, handing me the bag. “I got your sandwich. Wait. You didn’t buy anything?” He looked at me, puzzled. 

“It was really crowded in there,” I said. “I had a bunch of stuff I wanted but then I didn’t feel like braving the line. I’m ready to get out of this place,” I told him and I got into the passenger seat. 

“Is everything okay?” he asked me. “You look weird.” 

“I do?” I asked, guilt coursing through me. I wondered if he knew. 

“Yeah, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” He laughed and shoved the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth before turning the car on. 

“I did see some shit in that store,” I said, trying to make a joke. 

“I’ll bet,” he said as he pulled onto the road. At that very moment I could feel something erupting from my asshole. The guy from the booth’s cum was choosing that moment to leak out of my asshole and onto my panties. I felt like such a little slut, lying to my husband and cum leaking out of my asshole. I smiled to myself as I relived the whole experience in my mind again as I watched the world roll by. 

slut-problems: Cherry was forty-five, married,…


Cherry was forty-five, married, and she had grown kids of her own. She was the hottest MILF in town, but she also had a secret. Her family had fallen upon hard times and she had gone back to stripping in order to make enough money to keep them afloat. She had tried to keep it a secret, but somehow all of her son’s friends found out. They had threatened to tell her son and so she had decided that the only way to keep them quiet was to give in to their demands. They wanted her tits, pussy and ass and Cherry was accustomed to giving those things up. What the boys didn’t know is that Cherry didn’t mind fucking them. In fact, she enjoyed it. 

She’d always been a bit of a Cougar MILF, but now that she had so many young boys interested in fucking her pussy she spent most of her spare time taking them one by one into her bedroom and locking the door while her husband did his best to keep all of the other kids out of their bedroom. She drained their young cocks quickly and with precision. She was so fucking hot that it was difficult for any of them to last very long with her. Most of the boys she fucked had no idea she was fucking all the other ones. None of them told the others, for fear that it would upset her and she would stop fucking them. They all wanted to keep fucking her, even though it was wrong and sometimes it made them feel guilty. She would fuck them in her car, at the park, wherever and whenever she could get their cocks in her. 

None of them told her son what was happening, and for that she was grateful. Maybe that was why she continued to fuck them all, even when times got better and she didn’t have to work as a stripper anymore. If she was being honest with herself she was just as addicted to their young cocks as they were addicted to her pussy. Her husband didn’t seem to mind. He seemed to like that she was such as slut and he could tell that fucking all those hot, young guys only made Cherry hornier. He constantly covered for her, telling their kids that she had run to the bank, when she was really fucking her son’s best friend in the backseat of her SUV behind the convenience store down the block. He knew she would come home even hornier, and he looked forward to fucking in the cream pies his son’s friends left inside of his wife. Cherry would never find this out, but he had been the one that told their son’s friends. His plan had worked completely. Now his slutty Cougar MILF of a wife was getting cream pied by his son’s friends daily. It was perfect.

My husband wouldn’t do couple’s yoga with me, …

My husband wouldn’t do couple’s yoga with me, even though it was on my bucket list, and I really didn’t want to have to divorce him and marry someone else just so I could cross couple’s yoga off of the list. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” I asked him again. 

“I’m sure,” he told me with a sigh of satisfaction. His pizza sat on the coffee table and he was watching sports. 

“I paid the extra money already and I can’t get it back. Why can’t you just do this for me?” I begged. 

“Honey, yoga is for pussies. And women. It’s not for manly men like me.” He turned back to his game and grabbed another slice of pizza. He disgusted me. I couldn’t believe he was the same man that I had married. I stormed out to my car and tried to relax as I turned the car on. I put on some meditation music and did some deep breathing. My husband made me so mad sometimes. I needed to relax and forget about him. I had a private yoga session with Lionel to look forward to. 

“Namaste,” he said as I entered his private studio. I had paid a lot of money for this session, and I’d had to wait three months for it to come. Luckily, I had booked two in a row, and so I would have at least two of these glorious sessions. Maybe next time I could bring a friend to replace my husband. 

“Namaste,” I said.

“Are we waiting on your partner?” he asked me. 

“No, my partner ditched me for sports,” I said, bowing my head in shame. 

“Oh. I’m…sorry,” he said. “I’m Lionel Jennings,” he said. 

“I’m Marybeth Shannon,” I said, shaking his hand. 

“So let’s get started,” he said and I laid my mat out and we began our session. He took me through the familiar poses that I had been through with the other instructors when I noticed that Lionel was checking me out when he thought I wasn’t looking. In fact, every time I cracked my eye he was staring at my tits or my ass. Lionel was fucking hot. He was everything that my husband wasn’t. He was young, taut and tight. He was ripped and in shape. He was sensitive and kind, and most of all he was into me. I couldn’t remember the last time I had caught my husband checking me out. 

I began to show off for Lionel, letting my tits fall out of my top a bit, slipping enough to show nipple. I bent over and stuck my pussy out toward where he was bending over behind me. I wondered if he could see the wet spot in my leggings where my pussy had soaked through my pants. I let out some sexual moans, pretending that the yoga was straining me. I really just wanted him to know what I sounded like when I was moaning. I wanted him to want to make me moan with his cock. 

I turned around and stared at the bulge in his pants and I smiled at him when he caught me looking. 

“Marybeth? See something you like?” 

“Yeah. You see anything you like?” I was bent over and I knew he could see down my top. I had worn it on purpose, hoping Lionel would notice me. He was the hottest yoga instructor and I knew a few other students who would love to do 69 pose with him, or maybe have him back up her downward dog. He moved to me and wrapped his hands around my waist from behind. I turned around, facing him and we shared that sweet moment right before you kiss, when you know it’s going to happen and you can feel the pull of your lips to theirs. 

Our lips met in a sweet kiss that lasted much longer than it should have. By the time I came up for air, he was pulling down my leggings. Before I knew it I was stepping out of them and he had pulled up my sports bra. I pulled off his shirt and chucked it aside as he pulled his compression shorts off. His cock popped out, bigger than it had looked when it had been tucked into his shorts. I grabbed it and dropped to my knees, taking him in my mouth. 

“This is called the crouching dragon pose,” he said with a flighty laugh. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, but when he grabbed my hair and used it as a fuck handle to pull my mouth up and down on his cock, I didn’t care if he was joking or not. This was the way I needed to be fucked. I needed a guy who could take control, and quite unlike my husband, Lionel was proving to be a real man, one who could dominate me. 

“Let’s try the blowjob bridge pose,” he suggested and I looked at him blankly, not sure what he meant. He helped me into a bridge position, which is a modified backbend. He lifted my arms up and anchored them on his waist. His cock found my mouth and he fucked my face this way, as if my mouth were a pussy. I was amazed at how much of his cock I could take in this position. My throat seemed to be opened up to it’s fullest capacity and he had it filled completely. 

“You are so fucking hot!” he encouraged me and it only made me want to suck him deeper. “Can we have sex, or is that too much?” 

“Sex? Oh my God. Yes!” I was practically begging for it. I couldn’t remember the last time my husband and I had fucked. I had to go even further back to the last time we had put any effort or passion into our fucking. Lionel didn’t hesitate. He grabbed me and pushed me onto my hands and knees. 

“Get into a downward dog,” he coached me, as if this were still a lesson and not a fuckfest. I got into position and I waited for him to back me up from behind. It was just like all of my fantasies about Lionel, and probably every other woman’s fantasy that had taken a lesson from him. His big cock entered me slowly, opening up my pussy the way my husband’s had never been able to. I cried out and began to cum almost instantly.

Lionel knew what he was doing, and the tool he was working with was exquisite. I could feel his emotions for me as he fucked me. There was lust and admiration, attraction and passion. The way he fucked me was brutal, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It seemed I couldn’t stop cumming. The whole time his cock was inside of me was like a continuous orgasm. It was epic in ways that my husband had never been able to deliver. It almost made me wish I wasn’t married so I could marry Lionel. I knew that was crazy, but it made my orgasms even better to think about it, to pretend that I was married to a guy like Lionel instead of my loser husband. 

“Can I cum in you?” he asked me. 

“Please!” I begged him, not caring if I got pregnant with his baby. Lionel had the kind of genes a woman wanted her baby to have. I screamed with delight as he emptied his big, fat dick into my pussy. 

“Well, that’s all for today,” he said as he fished his compression shorts off of the floor. I began to dress as well. 

“So, do you do this with all your clients?” I asked him, not jealous, just curious. I was happy for what he was willing to give me. 

“Just the really hot ones,” he said smoothly. 

“So you think I’m hot.” 

“I should hope so. I just fucked you.” He laughed. “So I see you are on the schedule for next week too?” 


“Will you be coming alone then as well? Because I have a special workout I’m going to plan just for you. A tantric workout.” 

“Did you say tantric?” I gulped. This was so exciting. My husband couldn’t even spell tantric. 

“I did. So I’ll see you then?” He smiled at me as he ushered me out. 

“Yes, I’ll be here. Alone.”

“Bye Marybeth!” 

“Thanks Lionel.” I walked to the waiting room and saw a really hot blonde girl in the waiting room with a guy that was probably her boyfriend or husband. The guy looked like he was in hell. That would have been me if my husband had come. 

“Next time, leave him at home,” I said to the girl on my way out. “You’re welcome,” I added when she looked up at me with confusion. I smiled to myself as I made my way home. Couple’s yoga could definitely get crossed off of my bucket list now. It hadn’t gone down quite the way I had planned, but Lionel and I counted as a couple now. We’d had yoga sex. That trumped couple’s yoga anyway. 

The power he had over me in those days was imm…

The power he had over me in those days was immeasurable. I would have walked through fire for him, followed him off of a cliff. I would have told him anything he wanted to hear, even those three little words. But he never asked. The only thing he asked for was my body, which I freely gave him. It seemed no matter what he commanded me to do, I did it without thinking. I never stopped to question why I did it or why I wanted to. I only did it in the moment, without thinking, a reflex. 

I didn’t heed the warning signs, and I gave in to the waves of pleasure that he made me feel as his body met mine in a deep embrace. He filled me with his cock and what felt like love. I wasn’t really sure what love felt like, but I knew that the way I felt for him was miraculous. I knew that he was the one I wanted to give myself over to. I gave him my body, my virginity, and something more. I gave him my soul my love, and my devotion. He took it as if it had always belonged to him, as if I were a toy he could play with until he grew bored of me. 

I never occurred to me that I wasn’t his only one, and I rarely thought of his life and what he did when he wasn’t with me. I believed that the way he felt for me was similar to the way I felt for him. I didn’t know what love was, or what it felt like, but I assumed that what I felt for him was love as he fucked me, making me ride his cock as he coached and trained me to be his little cock slut. I’d never wanted to be a slut, but it seemed like whatever he wanted, I suddenly wanted. I never thought to question why. All I knew was that I waited for him with an eager lust that I could barely stand. 

When we were together I felt complete, like I was someone important, that I was loved. But he didn’t love me, not the way I thought he did. Over time I found out that he was using me, that the way he fucked me was the way he fucked a bunch of other girls. I learned that he had a way about him, a way of making girls do the things he liked, the things that he wanted them to do. He made me want to fuck him and another girl at the same time. He made me want to take his cock in my ass, and he even made me enjoy the pain.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. Maybe I didn’t want to. But whenever he came around he made demands of me in a hypnotic, commanding voice. He made me want things. He made me believe. 

“You want to ride my cock,” he ordered me, laying back on my bed and waiting for me to obey his command. 

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked, trying to challenge him, trying to see if I could make things run differently by exercising my free will. 

“You want to ride me,” he commanded me again and I watched as my body betrayed my mind. I watched as I climbed up on top of him and slid my pussy down onto his cock the way he wanted. “That’s a good girl,” he praised me as he grabbed me by the neck and pulled my head down toward his until our foreheads were touching. “You want to ride me until I fill you with cum. Move those hips for me. That’s it. That’s a good girl.” 

His praise stoked a fire inside of me, and I forgot all about my own free will and I lost myself in his commands. I lost myself in the pleasure I was feeling as I worked my pussy over his perfect cock. I didn’t care if he was manipulating my mind. It felt so good to be manipulated. It felt so good to do what he wanted me to do. I didn’t need to think for myself. I didn’t need to feel real emotion. All I needed was him, and as long as I let him use me, as long as I let him control my mind, I knew he would continue to give me what I needed. And what I needed more than anything, was him. 

slut-problems: I was super excited when I got …


I was super excited when I got the secretary job at the real estate office. These were people that could help me to move up in the world a bit. I had no official degree, but I was taking community college classes at night to better myself. I thought I dressed professionally, but looking back I can see that my outfits were rather “trailer trash” back then. 

Maybe that’s why my nickname became “Pass Around Patty” after the time I let Sean McMannis bend me over the bathroom counter and pound the shit out of my pussy. I tried my best to be quiet and not scream too loudly, but after that everyone knew I was a slut. 

They all started taking turns on me, taking me to the bathroom or to their private offices. The other women basically hated me, but I knew they didn’t matter. All that mattered was that my bosses loved me and I spent a significant amount of time on my boss’s cocks so that they would love me. I was having more fun than I’d even had in college. There were just so many horny cocks to fuck and suck and they were all into using me. They were all married cocks, too and I don’t know why that made it hotter for me, but it sure did. I loved being the little temptress that they couldn’t resist.

I loved sucking and fucking cocks, so it was no surprise when I got promoted. Kendra, one of the other secretaries was pissed off because she probably deserved the promotion more than me if it were based on actual merit as an employee. But Kendra was just going to have to learn that office politics aren’t always based on merit. In fact, most of the time they are based entirely on pussy.

slut-problems: I’d never even thought of fucki…


I’d never even thought of fucking around with any of my son’s girlfriends before until he started dating Angela. She was different than the other girls, in that she was a slut. I’m a slut too, so it wasn’t hard to spot. Angela flirted with everyone around her and I could see why my son liked her so much. She had a lot of energy and she was full of life. She enjoyed helping people and I really found myself attracted to her. We spent a lot of time talking and hanging out while my son was busy at work or with his friends. In fact, it seemed like Angela was always around. 

“One of my friends is a lesbian,” she told me, “and the other day she asked me if I was into eating pussy.” I nodded. “So I told her I was in the right situation and I did some stuff with her and now I’m not sure if I’m a lesbian or bisexual or what. What do you think?” she asked me. 

“I don’t think it matters what you are if you are having a good time. I’m into girls and guys, myself,” I heard myself say. Even as I said it I knew it came off like I was flirting with her. I instantly wished I could take it back, but Angela was already smiling with satisfaction. 

“Can I ask you something?” she smiled wickedly. 


“Have you ever thought about hooking up with a younger girl? By that I mean me,” she said. She was gutsy, and it was a turn on. This girl was flirting with me so hard I almost didn’t know what to do. I thought of my son and how wrong it would be for me to fuck her, but then I thought of myself and how I didn’t get to fuck girls very often and I couldn’t just pass up the opportunity. 

“I’ve definitely thought about it,” I told her. 

“I have this mommy fantasy,” Angela went on. “And ever since I met you I just wanted you to be my Mommy and fuck me and make me do bad things. Is that wrong?” she asked me. 

“Yes, it’s wrong, but that’s probably why it sounds like so much fun,” I said laughing. 

“Let’s go to the bedroom and play?” Angela asked me. “He won’t be home for a few hours.” She was referring to my son and so I smiled and we stood up and walked to the bedroom. My heart was pounding as I watched her walk ahead of me, her hot, little ass shaking. I was going to fuck my son’s girlfriend. It was happening!

“Mommy, I’m horny. My pussy needs love,” Angela said in a little girl voice. 

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed!” I ordered her and she did as I asked. Her legs were spread for me by the time I was naked and I climbed in between them and began to lick her pussy. 

“Mommy, this is so wrong!” she moaned as I licked her. 

“Shhhh,” I told her, but she kept right on moaning. I worked my fingers in her as I rapidly licked her clit until she came. Making Angela cum was easy and so I did it again and again. “Lay down here,” I told her pointing to a spot. I climbed on top of her face. 

“Lick my pussy, little girl. Mommy needs to cum!” I began to grind my pussy on her face and to her credit she was licking my pussy hungrily. I could tell that she was enjoying this. “Lick Mommy’s pussy!” I screamed and her tongue went fucking nuts on my clit. I came on her face, using her. “Good girl! Good girl! Good fucking girl!” I screamed as I came. When I was done cumming I smiled down at her. 

“You’re a useful little girl. I’ll probably keep you for a while,” I smiled and commanded her to lick again. I used her that way, riding her face and using her to make myself cum. 

“I have a strap on,” I told her. “Hold on.” I went to my closet and fished the harness out of my toy box and strapped it to myself. “Mommy has a big dick,” I announced as I walked toward her and hopped on the bed. I shoved the plastic cock into Angela’s mouth. “Suck Mommy’s plastic cock and get it wet for your pussy, you little slut!” 

“Yes Mommy!” she screamed before I shoved it down her throat. Nothing showcased Angela’s sluttiness more than this moment, where she sucked down that huge plastic cock as if it were a real cock. I pulled it out of her mouth and spread her legs. “Open your legs wide for Mommy like the slut that you are!” 

“Yes Mommy! I’m your slut! Fuck me!” she screamed with joy. 

“Yeah you are you little slut!” I plunged the plastic cock into her and I fucked her. It had been a while since I’d fucked a girl like this, but it was like riding a bike. I remembered all the right moves. I pushed her legs back over her head and I pushed that cock nice and deep inside of her. She was really cumming hard now and watching her cum like that was one of the best highlights of my life. 

“Cum for Mommy!” I screamed

“YES! YES YES YES! MOMMMMMYYY! YES!” Her screams were so beautiful. I loved that I was doing this to her and I looked down at her and watched her fall apart all over my plastic dick. She was such a little slut, and I fucking loved it. I slowed down to a stop when I had made her cum for the fifth time. She looked tired. 

“How was that? Did that scratch your mommy fantasy itch?” I asked her. 

“A little,” she said. “I think I might have to fuck you more often, though,” she told me. “I mean, we are alone together a lot. We might as well use the time wisely, right?” She did have a point. 

“Don’t you feel bad, though?” I asked her. 

“About what?” she asked. 

“About my son. You know, your boyfriend?” I smiled. 

“I don’t feel bad,” she said. “You’re my Mommy too.” She pulled me to her and kissed me. “Mommy, I want to lick your pussy again,” she smirked and it was so fucking cute that I opened my legs for her. We still had time before my son got home, and she was right. I was her Mommy too, now. I needed to take care of her.