Places women don’t belong :

  • Voting booth
  • Government positions
  • Military
  • Professional positions (outside of secretarial work)
  • Construction
  • Computer science /IT
  • School above high school
  • Management positions

Am I missing any?

Hard labour like miners, lumberjacks,… and dangerous work like on oil platforms or policemen.

This may seem like it doesn’t belong on this list, but I don’t believe women should be delivering newscasts either.  They don’t inspire my trust.

That’s also true for these 20-something pretty boys they have delivering the news these days.  An older anchorman is more likely to inspire my trust than either a woman or a young man.

Women make great weather girls, but should definitely not be news anchors.  And that goes double for sports.

Excellent list.

Girls belong in the kitchen or on their knees

I do believe however that it would be acceptable for a girl to work voluntarily in glory holes and in toilets of men’s work places. Also looking after children.


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