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I love the idea of normalized behavioral control of females. This isn’t a real product, but it should be.

Subjugation and control of the female is good for the entire society.

“Oh my god that looks awful why would anyone want to wear that”

“But did you read the box? It completely moderates all compulsory or inopportune vocal disturbances. That means you talking. It also regulates your ability to breath and pacifies you.”

“Me? You don’t mean you want me to wear that do you?”

“See these are the kind of vocal disturbances this lovely shield will help prevent. Open….”

“But…. please….. I don’t….”


“Buuuu…. nngghh”

“It’s going to pacify you baby. This way you won’t annoy me with your incessant chatter. You get your mouth filled to capacity which will calm and control you in a comforting way. Focus on breathing slowly through your nose. You’ll need to stay calm at all times to regulate your breathing. Nope I can’t hear you it’s a very very muffled barely audible hum. No point in getting all het up. You have no choice but to stay relaxed. It literally forces you to placidity and silence. See it really does what it says on the box. You’re controlled and pacified and I’m so happy. I can’t wait to enjoy you struggling to control yourself when I edge you then fuck your desperately denied pussy. You’re usually so panty and noisy trying to hold it off from cumming. This way I’ll enjoy it in silence. Let’s give it a go. Mmm such pretty eyes. Good girl”

These would be a nice addition to college classrooms where silly cunts still go. That way the superior Male could have intelligent conversations without being bothered by cunts’ blather.


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