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Reblog if you’ll do your part, or support, normalising sexism, sexist behaviour, objectification and discrimination of women in all spheres of society. Degrade and humiliate the women in your life. Belittle them today and every day hence; cease any opportunity you have to make them feel insignificant, dumb and helpless, and if you’re consistent about it they might just eventually start believing it. Do your part today to make them believe that their happiness and their wellbeing is dependent upon your happiness and your wellbeing. Punish any action that promotes selfishness and independence of thought or will and do it severely. Your women are here to make your cock hard, not your life. Normalise sexist behaviour in thought and actions, at home and in the public sphere, and do your part to support, encourage and promote the depiction of women as sexualised objects. Start early and get them while they’re still young, naive and impressionable, and do it today.

If this isn’t seen re-blogged everywhere than we live in a society filled with more cowards and SJW than I thought.  @patriarchy-thewayforward

I am an object, and I do require men for happiness. I’m a woman, and I’m weak because of that.

@brittanyy0829 you’re not special i wanna see you repeat her words slut

I am an object and I do require men for happiness. I’m a woman and I’m weak because of that. @takingmymoment did I do good sir! 😍

Very good little whore

I’ll support this!

Women only exist to please men anyway and we are inferior and we are weak and not as smart as men, so why “respect” us when we don’t deserve any? 😛

I am an object and I do require men for happiness. I’m a woman and I’m weak because of that.

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It is all of our duties to protect and serve the patriarchy!

A note of heartfelt thanks to all the Men who work tirelessly to normalize sexism and support the Patriarchy.

Patriarchy and misogyny are the natural ways. Why shouldn’t they be normalized?

misogyny is the reality of life, and I am so much happier because of it!

This is so important! Reblog to spread the word, and to show your support for the patriarchy. I’m a proud misogynist.

i add my thanks to Men who do this, as well. Your work is so important! Degrade a cunt today!