bimbofuckmeat: Working Pimps with a reasonabl…


Working Pimps with a reasonably sizable collection of whores know the drill. Especially the ones who are picky with who gets to fuck his meat.

Some sluts you take to work with you, either because of their skills at said vocation (heck, many Pimps are only hired because of their whore) or as dress relief for yourself and your coworkers (yes, if they aren’t pimps they are legally required to pay, but it’s common courtesy to reduce the fee to a mere 1 credit formality, shoved into her slutty ass).

Others stay home and take care of the house and kids.

Others yet still have no domestic skills and are just fuckmeat, and need to stay in shape on top of that.

The Whoreshaper 6900 has you covered!

She was just gonna masturbate and watch porn anyways.