Pastor Rick had stopped feeling guilty about it a long time ago,…

Pastor Rick had stopped feeling guilty about it a long time ago, but he couldn’t shake that feeling that someone was watching and waiting to expose him. Lately his sex addiction had been burning inside of him like crazy and he couldn’t seem to get enough pussy. He’d fucked through so many of the women in his congregation that even he was disappointed in himself, but he couldn’t seem to stop the compulsion inside of him. He had already fucked four of his newest female members of the church that day and he looked in the mirror and even he could see how haggard he looked. He needed to get out of there. 

He put on his coat and headed into the cold day. It was drizzling but he somehow had a craving for ice cream. He ducked into a sweet shoppe and he realized his mistake the moment he stepped inside, but he couldn’t turn around. Not now. In front of him in line were a group of five young ladies that looked like they needed saving. He knew he looked like shit, but it didn’t matter. He knew that he could easily manipulate and hypnotize these young women. In fact, he couldn’t have stopped himself if he tried. 

“Hi ladies,” he heard himself say. Their heads all swiveled toward him simultaneously, as if he already had control over them with two words. They smiled at him. “I run a church just down the road, and we have a fantastic youth group. You ladies would love it. Want to come on over there with me and check it out after your ice cream?” he asked. 

“Oh my God! Yes,” one of the girls said. 

“Perfect,” he said smoothly, making sure to throw his voice in that perfect pitch that made all the ladies bend over for him, baring their holes and begging Pastor Rick to take them. “What about the rest of you?” he asked them, looking into each girl’s eyes to ensure that his hypnosis was working. 

“Oh yes!” another one said. 

“Sounds good,” said another and once he had three of them he knew the others would follow. They insisted on sharing a table with him and he couldn’t help but smile at the guy behind the counter at the sweet shop. He was shaking his head in disbelief. He’d probably never seen a grown man land five young sluts at once. Rick winked at the guy as he escorted the girls out of the shoppe and walked them the two blocks back to his church. 

He showed them the church first and they all gasped in awe at how beautiful it was. It had a nice view of the mountains in it’s panoramic window and they were like putty in his hands as he led them back to his quarters. 

“Wow, you actually live here?” one of the girls asked. 

“Of course. This is my home,” he told her. “Let’s go check out the bedroom,” he commanded them. He watched as their heads all snapped back at the exact same time and he knew they were already his. They were under his control. He could command them to do anything now and they would do it.

“Get naked now. It’s time to show Pastor Rick how much saving you need,” he said with his best hypnotic lilt. He watched as they obeyed, tearing their clothing off of their bodies as if their lives depended on it. He barked orders at them and found that they were definitely under his control. His hard cock was aching, but his toughest decision was which slut to shove his cock in first. He chose the brunette who had initially grabbed his attention and shoved his cock into her pussy. 

“Lick each other’s pussies,” he told the other girls. 

“I’ve never done that,” one girl said. 

“Then you should try it,” he replied. 

“You’re the strangest Pastor I’ve ever met,” the brunette told him as he fucked her. 

“Shut up and let me fuck you!” he screamed at her, and he watched as she obeyed him. He gripped her hips and fucked her for a bit.

“Next pussy. You!” he said pointing at a blonde that looked like she really needed a good fucking. She spread her legs for him and he shoved his cock roughly into her. Her pussy felt better than the brunette’s, but he was careful not to fuck her too hard. He didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to fuck the other girls. He fucked through each one of their pussies, making one of them lick his ass and another lick his balls while he fucked one of their friends. 

“Ladies, this is the Lord’s will. He wants you to serve the church and to serve God, and by serving my cock you are doing God’s work,” he told them, just to make sure that when all of this was over that they felt good about it. Happy women didn’t cause drama. He’d learned this lesson long ago. 

“I love serving God,” moaned the girl he was fucking at that moment. 

“You’re a good girl, that’s why. Are you all good girls too?” he asked. 

“YES!” they chorused and even he thought it was a little creepy how in unison their responses were. It also made his cock ache. He was going to cum soon. 

“Now we have to determine which one of you deserves to be anointed with the Holy Semen!” he cried, so close to cumming in the pussy he was fucking. 

“I want it!” they all replied in their creepy, hypnotic unison. 

“I have an idea. I want you all to lay on the bed on your stomachs with your faces right at the end of the bed,” he commanded them and he waited as they got into position. “Keep your mouths open,” he told them and they did so. He shoved his cock in the first girl’s mouth and fucked her face for a moment before moving to the next mouth, and the next mouth. He didn’t stop until he had made them all lick each other’s pussy juices from his cock. He could feel his load cumming and he began to shoot each girl in the face. His cock was like a sprinkler, and his target was each of their hypnotized faces. He absolutely covered each of them while he recited a prayer. 

“May the peace of the Lord be with you. May he lie with you in green pastures…take the Holy Semen. It will give you eternal life!” He finished as he looked down on their smiling faces. His cock was empty again, and for the moment he felt satisfied. 

“Thank you ladies. The Lord is pleased. Here is a pamphlet about the church. I hope to see you next Sunday at church. Go on and get dressed and I’ll walk you out.” The brunette took the pamphlet and smiled.

“Pastor Rick?” she asked.

“Yes?” he asked. 

“Can I stay here with you?” she asked. 

“No, but you can visit anytime you want. Maybe next time I’ll inject you with the Holy Semen. It will work better that way,” he promised. 

“Really? Wow, thanks Pastor Rick!” she exclaimed and he felt like he couldn’t get them out of there fast enough. He couldn’t shake his paranoia that someone was watching him use these stupid sluts. Plus, his sex addiction was still calling. He needed fresh pussies to fuck. He’d already fucked these pussies. He was ready to go out and find more.