I had just broken up with my boyfriend, but I decided to go on…

I had just broken up with my boyfriend, but I decided to go on the couple’s cruise I had booked for us anyway. I’d spent a lot of money on it and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I’d asked a few of my guy friends if they wanted to go with me, but no one had been free. So, I went solo and I’m so glad I did. 

As soon as I stepped onto the small yacht I could see that I was going to have a good time. The hottest guy I’d ever seen greeted me. 

“Hi, I’m your tour guide, Tom!” he greeted me. 

“I’m Leilani,” I said with a smile that I hoped Tom enjoyed. 

“So where is your plus one?” he asked. 

“We broke up,” I told him. “I’m going alone today if that’s okay.” 

“It’s more than okay. It’s preferred,” he said with a smile and I could tell hat he was flirting with me a bit and it pleased me. We took off from the dock and I smiled as we rolled out into the open ocean. 

“So, I can do the general tour I normally do, or I can take us somewhere more secluded and private,” Tom explained. “It’s up to you.”

“Definitely secluded,” I told him and our eyes locked for a moment, foreshadowing what was to cum. I remembered why I’d broken up with my boyfriend. It was because I was a virgin and I wasn’t ready to have sex with him yet. It just didn’t feel right. But in that moment with Tom, as the boat moved ever closer to seclusion, I knew that I was going to fuck Tom. I just knew it. He took us out into the ocean and it stretched endlessly in three directions, with only a little bit of the shoreline still visible from where we had started from. 

“Here we are,” he smiled. “What do you think?” 


“Yes, you are,” Tom said and he moved to me and touched his hand to my cheek and brushed it gently in a gesture of intimacy. I didn’t flinch or back away. Instead I looked up at him and I let him kiss me. Our lips met and the feel of his body against mine made me instantly wet. Tom was so fucking hot.

Our hands moved over one another’s bodies and the heat between us grew until it had reached a fever pitch. Our clothes started dropping to the floor until we were naked on the bow of the boat. He sat me down in his captain’s chair and spread my legs. He went down on me and licked my pussy until I was cumming all over his face. 

“Can I fuck you?” he asked me. I hesitated for a moment. I had always been afraid to lose my virginity. But now, here with Tom in the middle of the ocean, I wanted it. I wanted him.

“YES!” I screamed and he shoved his cock into me. I loved how spontaneous it was, how I hadn’t planned it. I loved how good his cock felt, how much better than my boyfriend he was at making me cum. I came hard on his big cock as he rocked my body like a boat on a stormy sea. I had so much sadness and rage inside of me from my recent break up, but the way Tom was stroking me with his cock seemed to melt all the anger and sadness away. All I could feel was pure pleasure as I came again and again. 

I looked up at him, his sunglasses reflecting my own face. He was focused on me and my pleasure the way that my boyfriend never had been and I realized in that moment that this was all supposed to happen. I was supposed to break up with my boyfriend so I could cum harder than I’d ever cum in my entire life on Tom’s cock. I was supposed to lose my virginity to Tom. It was my destiny.