You know what I like best about you? I like that you know your…

You know what I like best about you? I like that you know your place. I like that you understand when I sit on your face that you had better perform well. I use you only because you make me cum, and that’s the only reason. You’re not even my type other than you’re a desperate slut that thrives on attention. I can literally get you to do anything I like as long as I pay you a little mind. Am I right, slut? 

You’d literally do any and every degrading act that I require of you just to hear me tell you that you’re a good girl and that I’m pleased with your progress as my little slave bitch. Well guess what slut? I’m almost impossible to please, but if you work hard and you try, then maybe you’ll be able to keep up with my needs. So far, you’ve shown great promise. I might even adopt you permanently if you keep eating my pussy like this. I love how eager you are to please and how much you enjoy eating my pussy. It’s nice to see a little slave bitch like you having a good time while I use you. I’m sorry to say though, it’s not going to last. I’ll find something wrong with what you’re doing and I’ll use it as an excuse to punish you. 

Let’s see what kinds of punishments you deserve, shall we? Should I tie you up and force you to watch me fuck one of your hotter friends? Should I spank you with my newest paddle and see how red I can turn your little ass cheeks? Or should I flog your pussy until you cry and then lick it better with my tongue? Hmmm, so many possibilities. Oh fuck. You’re going to – Holy Shit! You’re making me cum! Oh my fucking God!

“Yes! You’re a good girl! You’re a good girl!” 

I can see you smiling with your eyes. Are you proud of yourself just because you made me cum? Do you really think that’s enough to make me want to keep you? Maybe if you do that a million more times, you little slut. I’m not done cumming yet! Keep licking!