When I made the life choice to be a call girl I never thought…

When I made the life choice to be a call girl I never thought about the types of things that men would pay me to do. I’d been fairly naive when I’d moved to New York and I hadn’t anticipated the kind of sick fucks I would encounter. The worst one I came across was this guy that went by the name Larry. It wasn’t his real name, but it’s not I like I used my real name either. 

He came to the hotel room I would eventually rent out daily for my work. It was a fairly decent hotel and cost about $200 a day, so I needed to make sure I made enough money to cover the cost of the room and still leave me with enough cash to survive. He arrived wearing a full suit, which he carefully removed and hung up on the strange metal hotel hangers, the kind you can’t steal. 

“I want to fuck you in the ass. That’s it. How much?” he asked. We’d already negotiated a rate via text but I told him the number again and I collected his money. I took off my dress, leaving my thigh-high, patent leather red boots on at his request. I got onto the bed but he shook his head. 

“No honey, I need you over here on the floor. It was an awkward position he placed me in with my whole body twisted, my ass up in the air, my legs folded back over my shoulders and resting on the floor. He lubed his cock up and shoved it into me, without even bothering to warm up my hole first. I yelped with pain. His cock was thicker than most and it really hurt the way he was fucking my ass, but I was new at being a hooker and I didn’t know that I could say no or tell him that it was too rough. I thought that I had to do anything and everything that he wanted me to because he had paid for it. 

I endured his rough, brutal fucking, fighting back tears. I cried out, my voice sounding pained and pinched. My screams of pain seemed to only make him harder! His cock ripped through the sensitive tissue of my anus and I was certain I was bleeding when he pulled his cock out and smiled. 

“Destiny! This is the most beautiful thing in the world! You have to see it, but you have to see it from this angle. Hold on,” he said grabbing for his phone. He snapped a photo and then lowered his phone down to my line of vision so I could see my gaping asshole. It was so stretched out into a wide, gaping “O” and I thought it looked magnificent. I was innocent enough that I’d never seen anything like it and I smiled up at him. 

“I can’t believe my asshole can do that!” I cried. 

“This is the hottest gape I’ve ever seen! This is what I’ve been searching for!” He shoved his cock back into my ass and fucked me more brutally than anyone had ever fucked me. It felt better after I’d see my ass gape and I rubbed my pussy as he fucked me until I had a pretty magnificent orgasm. I could feel the world washing away as the waves of pleasure spread from my clit and to my asshole, the pleasure merging with the pain. It was the first time I had ever cum in the presence of pain, and I realized I had a lot to learn about being a whore. 

Larry was heaving over me and I realized he had cum and he was done when he pulled his cock from my ass and cum began to spurt from my asshole.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “That’s so gross! I’m so sorry!” 

“There is nothing gross about you and your asshole. You have the hottest gape I’ve ever seen. You’ve just earned yourself a regular client, Destiny. And I’m telling all my friends too,” he promised. 

“Great,” I said, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted more clients or if I even wanted to continue with Larry. But once a week I continued to meet Larry at the hotel and let him pay me for anal sex, and over time I started fucking many of his friends, neighbors and relatives. Without Larry, I never would have made it as a hooker. I don’t know whether to thank him or hate him.