Take me to heaven, baby! Take me there! Take me with with your…

Take me to heaven, baby! Take me there! Take me with with your cock, fucking deep inside my pussy! Take me with your hands choking tightly around my neck. Drain the life from my eyes as I shudder and writhe, my body in motion from orgasms rocking my core. I need fucking more! 

Fuck me harder! 
Choke me harder!
Use me harder! 

I want you to squeeze so tight that I can’t breathe. I want you to fuck so hard that I can’t believe how hard I’m cumming, those mind-bending, head-numbing orgasms that only your elicit. You’re so delicious that I fucking love you. I can’t stop screaming empty screams, your hands so tight the can’t escape from inside of me, where I’m bubbling within, ready to erupt. 

Take me that much further, over the edge until I’m 


toward the unknown. I will explode when I get there, anticipating that moment as I climb and climb toward the apex of all that is divine. I erupt from within, my juices flowing hot as my pussy spasms from the deepest of chasms inside. I’m already satisfied, but you’re not through. You’re looking down on me, and I know it’s true.

You’re only getting started. You still have to cum too.