Just downloaded your book and I’m totally excited to dive head first into this! ❤ I’m also a writer (bit amateur but been writing since pre-k) and have been considering writing an erotic novel. Any pointers to someone looking to getting into writing erotic novels? Thanks for being you and sharing this novel with us! Sluts of the world unite!

This is what I’ve learned. Outline your book first and spend some time creating your characters so when you start writing you have a clear vision of the world you are trying to create with your words. Then, as you are writing use your outline as a guide, but if you deviate from it, or get a good idea in the middle, then go for it. An outline is just a way to help you stay focused on the plot so your novel is cohesive, but it shouldn’t limit you. You are the creator. It’s your world.

Try to infuse lots of emotion into erotica. It requires strong, powerful, and emotional writing. I recommend trying to feel the feelings your characters would be feeling as you write. It tends to help me focus my emotional energy into the work. 

Also, write regularly. Have a time you sit down and write daily. Work on your novel at least a few hours each week and before you know it you’ll have a book. 

If anyone is interested in checking out my book, http://thebp.site/81524