Maybe once upon a time you cunts were told you could be something or someone. Just remember where once upon a time came from.  It comes from a fictional fairy-tale where most pig cunts meet their prince, he saves her. and they live happily ever after.  They only way you holes can be saved is by finding a man who will show you your place

Tell you what you are

Treat you like the cum-dumpsters you are born

and invites his friends over to degrade and humiliate you until you’ve drained every last drop of cum from their balls

So get off the fantasy train and hop aboard the Patriarch Plane.  Get used and treated the way you are born to.

bimbos-are-best: sexygirlzeverywhere: She’s …



She’s probably a sold gold member of that crew

Bimbos are Best

boysproperty: koreanbimbo: bimboprincessowner…




Keep drinking. What’s the worst that could happen?

My kind of rule

I must always say thank you and drink whatever a man gives me.  Remember it’s not rape if I’m drunk. 

bethback: dollbreaker:Big tits goals for girl…



Big tits goals for girls.

Tits are so much fun to play with! <giggle>



And the week progresses.  Now…Tuesday is for tits.  If you got tits, be sure to use them in ways that a) please males and b) befit a slut.  Happy Tuesday 🙂

Normalise sexist behaviour



Make it normal and acceptable to talk disparagingly about girls in an objectifying manner. Belittle them and make fun of them if they take offence. Humiliate them publicly. Use terms such as “cunts” when talking about them, preferably when in company with other girls. Make them understand you view them as nothing but dumb little things, or eye candy at best. Talk to them, not with them. Yawn openly and often if they get carried away or try to come off as “intellectual.” Look at their tits, not their eyes. Compare their physical attributes to other girls, openly and publicly, and if you’re not impressed let them know. Compliment their attributes and not their “personality” or wit. Grab girls’ ass and tits.

This is how I deserve to be treated, this is all I am. 



crashbimbofication: The little hair-tuft tug …


The little hair-tuft tug is so ditzy and sexy. Just play with your hair, give the curls a little bounce, it makes you look cute and dumb. Just like you should be!

addicted2implants: fakerbetterforever: Have …



Have fun finding bras to fit the ridiculous retard tits I had installed.


addicted2implants: fakerbetterforever: You t…



You trying to be classy once I’ve had a chance to modify your body.

The bigger your tits get, the more you’ll have to try to look classy. And you’ll fail.